Lamarckina sp., from Todd (1965).

Belongs within: Globothalamea.
Contains: Robertinidae, Ceratobuliminidae, Epistomininae, Epistomariidae.

The Robertinida are a group of calcareous Foraminifera known from the Jurassic (possibly Triassic) to the present, in which the test wall is composed of aragonite rather than calcite (Loeblich & Tappan 1964b).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964b): Test trochospiral, chambers divided internally by partitions; wall perforate-radial in structure, of aragonite; aperture a low slit in chamber face, with secondary aperture in each septum above partition.

<==Robertinida [Robertinacea, Robertinoida]
    |--Conorboididae [Conorboidacea, Conorboidina]M13
    |    |--Stedumia Bertram & Kemper 1982HW93
    |    |--Colomia Cushman & Bermúdez 1948HW93
    |    |    |--*C. cretacea Cushman & Bermúdez 1948LT64b
    |    |    `--C. californicaM08
    |    `--Conorboides Hofker in Thalmann 1952 [=Conorbis Hofker 1951 non Swainson 1840; incl. Nanushukella Tappan 1957]LT64b
    |         |--*C. mitra (Hofker 1951) [=*Conorbis mitra]LT64b
    |         |--C. hofkeriBL79
    |         `--C. umiatensis (Tappan 1957) [=*Nanushukella umiatensis]LT64b
    |    |--RobertinidaeLT64a
    |    `--AlliatinidaeM13
    |         |--Alliatina Troelsen 1954LT64b [AlliatininaeM13]
    |         |    `--*A. excentrica (di Napoli Alliata 1952) [=Cushmanella excentrica]LT64b
    |         `--CushmanellinaeM13
    |              |--Sidebottomina Seiglie 1964M13
    |              `--Cushmanella Palmer & Bermúdez 1936LT64b
    |                   `--*C. brownii (d’Orbigny in de la Sagra 1839) [=Nonionina brownii]LT64b
    |--Ceratobuliminina [Ceratobuliminacea]M13
    |    |--CeratobuliminidaeLT64a
    |    |--Epistominoides Plummer 1934LT64b [EpistominoididaeM13]
    |    |    `--*E. wilcoxensis (Cushman & Ponton 1932) [=Saracenaria wilcoxensis]LT64b
    |    |--Reinholdella Brotzen 1948LT64b [incl. Lamarckella Kaptarenko-Chernousova 1956LT64b; ReinholdellidaeM13]
    |    |    |--*R. dreheri (Bartenstein in Bartenstein & Brand 1937) [=Discorbis dreheri, Asterigerina dreheri]LT64b
    |    |    |--R. epistominoides Hofker 1952LT64b
    |    |    `--R. media (Kaptarenko-Chernousova 1956) [=*Lamarckella media]LT64b
    |    `--EpistominidaeM13
    |         |--EpistomininaeLT64a
    |         `--Garantella Kaptarenko-Chernousova 1956LT64b [GarantellinaeM13]
    |              |--*G. rudia Kaptarenko-Chernousova 1956LT64b
    |              `--G. ornata [=Reinholdella ornata; incl. G. floscula]LT64b
    |--Duostominina [Duostominacea]M13
    |    |--OberhauserellidaeM13
    |    |    |--Krikoumbilica He 1984HW93
    |    |    `--Oberhauserella Fuchs 1967HW93
    |    |--DuostominidaeM13
    |    |    |--Duostomina Kristan-Tollmann 1960LT64b
    |    |    |    `--*D. biconvexa Kristan-Tollmann 1960LT64b
    |    |    |--Diplotremina Kristan-Tollmann 1960HW93
    |    |    |    `--*D. astrofimbriata Kristan-Tollman 1960LT64b
    |    |    `--Variostoma Kristan-Tollmann 1960HW93
    |    |         `--*V. spinosum Kristan-Tollmann 1960LT64b
    |    `--AsymmetrinidaeM13
    |         |--Asymmetrina Kristan-Tollmann 1960LT64b
    |         |    `--*A. biomphalica Kristan-Tollmann 1960LT64b
    |         |--Plagiostomella Kristan-Tollmann 1960 non Petr. 1949 (ICBN)HW93
    |         |    `--*P. inflata Kristan-Tollmann 1960LT64b
    |         `--Involvina Kristan-Tollmann 1960HW93
    |              `--*I. obliqua Kristan-Tollmann 1960LT64b
    `--Asterigerinida [Asterigerinacea]M13
         |    |--Clypeorbis Douvillé 1915LT64b [ClypeorbidaeM13]
         |    |    `--*C. mamillata (Schlumberger 1902) [=Orbitoides mamillata]LT64b
         |    `--BoreloididaeM13
         |         |--Boreloides Cole & Bermúdez 1947LT64b
         |         |    `--*B. cubensis Cole & Bermúdez 1947LT64b
         |         `--Eoconuloides Cole 1944B-F08
         |              |--*E. wellsi Cole & Bermúdez 1944LT64b
         |              `--E. lopeztrigoiB-F08
              |--Alfredina Singh & Kalia 1972HW93 [AlfredinidaeM13]
              |--Actinosiphon Vaughan 1929LT64b [ActinosiphonidaeM13]
              |    `--*A. semmesi Vaughan 1929LT64b [=Lepidocyclina (*Actinosiphon) semmesiC40]
              |    |--Asterigerinata Bermúdez 1949LT64b
              |    |    `--*A. dominicana Bermúdez 1949LT64b
              |    `--Eoeponidella Wickenden 1949HW93 [incl. Heminwayina Bermúdez 1951LT64b]
              |         |--*E. linki Wickenden 1949LT64b
              |         `--E. multisecta (Galloway & Heminway 1941) [=Discorbis multisectus, *Heminwayina multisecta]LT64b
              |    |--Tremastegina Brönnimann 1951LT64b
              |    |    `--*T. senni (Cushman in Vaughan 1945) [=Amphistegina senni]LT64b
              |    `--Amphistegina d’Orbigny 1826 [incl. Omphalophacus Ehrenberg 1840]LT64b
              |         |--*A. vulgaris d’Orbigny 1826C40
              |         |--A. lessoni d’Orbigny 1826S05
              |         `--A. radiataLT64a
                   |--Asterigerinella Bandy 1949LT64b
                   |    `--*A. gallowayi Bandy 1949LT64b
                   |--Asterigerinoides Bermúdez 1952LT64b
                   |    `--*A. guerichi (Franke 1912) [=Discorbina guerichi]LT64b
                   `--Asterigerina d’Orbigny 1839HW93
                        |--*A. carinata d’Orbigny in de la Sagra 1839C40
                        `--A. bracteataC40

*Type species of generic name indicated


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