Siphonina bradyana, copyright Renata Moura.

Belongs within: Rotaliida.
Contains: Anomalinidae, Trichohyalidae, Gavelinella, Parrelloididae, Discorbinellidae, Cancrisidae, Eponididae, Rosalinidae.

The Siphoninidae are a group of Foraminifera known from the Eocene to the present, commonly bearing a frilled keel around the outer edge of the test (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

| |--AnomalinidaeM13
| |--TrichohyalidaeM13
| |--GavelinellidaeM13
| | |--GavelinellaM13
| | |--Brotzenella Vasilenko in Bykova et al. 1958LT64b [BrotzenellinaeM13]
| | `--PseudogavelinellinaeM13
| |--LingulogavelinellidaeM13
| | |--OrithostellinaeM13
| | `--Lingulogavelinella Malapris 1965BL79 [LingulogavelinellinaeM13]
| | `--L. albiensisRC02
| `--KarreriidaeM13
| |--Simionescella Neagu 1975HW93
| `--Karreria Rzehak 1891 [incl. Vagocibicides Finlay 1939]LT64b
| |--*K. fallax Rzehak 1891LT64b
| `--K. maoria (Finlay 1939) [=*Vagocibicides maoria]LT64b
|--Siphoninidae [Siphoninacea, Siphoninidoidea]M13
| |--Siphonides Feray 1941 [Siphonidinae]LT64b
| | `--*S. biserialis Feray 1941LT64b
| |--Pulsiphonina Brotzen 1948HW93
| | `--*P. prima (Plummer 1927) [=Siphonina prima]LT64b
| |--Siphoninoides Cushman 1927 [Siphoninoidinae]C40
| | |--*S. echinata (Brady 1879) [=Planorbulina echinata]C40
| | `--S. laevigatusS05
| |--Siphoninella Cushman 1927C40
| | |--*S. soluta (Brady 1881) [=Truncatulina soluta]C40
| | `--S. claibornensisC40
| `--Siphonina Reuss 1850 [Siphonininae]C40
| |--S. reticulata (Cžjžek 1848) [=Rotalina reticulata; incl. *S. fimbriata Reuss 1850]LT64b
| |--S. australisB49
| |--S. bradyanaJW99
| |--S. howeiC40
| `--S. tubulosaC40
|--Discorbinelloidea [Discorbinellacea]M13
| |--ParrelloididaeHW93
| |--Planulinoides Parr 1941LT64b [incl. Discotruncana Shirai 1960LT64b; PlanuloididaeM13]
| | |--*P. biconcava (Jones & Parker in Carpenter, Parker & Jones 1862) [=Discorbina biconcava]LT64b
| | `--P. japonica (Shirai 1960) [=*Discotruncana japonica]LT64b
| |--Svratkina Pokorný 1956LT64b [SvratkinidaeM13]
| | |--*S. australiensis (Chapman, Parr & Collins 1934) [=Discorbis tuberculata var. australiensis]LT64b
| | `--S. sanmiguelensisS05
| |--DiscorbinellidaeM13
| `--PseudoparrellidaeM13
| | i. s.: Alabaminoides Gudina & Saidova 1967HW93
| |--ConcavellinaeM13
| |--Stetsonia Parker 1954LT64b [StetsoniinaeM13]
| | `--*S. minuta Parker 1954LT64b
| `--Epistominella Husezima & Maruhasi 1944LT64b (see below for synonymy)
| |--E. pacifica (Cushman 1927)H03 (see below for synonymy)
| |--E. exiguaJW99
| |--E. rugosaJW99
| `--E. subperuviana (Cushman 1926) [=*Pulvinulinella subperuviana, *Pseudoparrella subperuviana]LT64b
|--Neoeponides Reiss 1960LT64b [=Cyclospira Eimer & Fickert 1899 non Hall & Clarke 1893LT64b; NeoeponididaeM13]
| `--*N. schreibersii (d’Orbigny 1846) [=Rotalina schreibersii, *Cyclospira schreibersii]LT64b
|--Bronnimannia Bermúdez 1952LT64b [BronnimanniidaeM13]
| `--*B. palmerae (Bermúdez 1935) [=Discorbis palmerae]LT64b
| |--Hyderia Haque 1962HW93
| `--Helenina Saunders 1961 [=Helenia Saunders 1957 non Walcott 1889]LT64b
| `--*H. anderseni (Warren 1957) [=Pseudoeponides anderseni, *Helenia anderseni]LT64b
| |--Mississippina Howe 1930LT64b [MississippininaeM13]
| | `--*M. monsouri Howe 1930LT64b
| |--Schlosserina Hagn 1954HW93
| | `--*S. asterites (Gümbel 1870) [=Rosalina asterites]LT64b
| `--Stomatorbina Dorreen 1948LT64b [StomatorbininaeM13]
| |--*S. torrei (Cushman & Bermúdez 1937) [=Lamarckina torrei]LT64b
| `--‘Pulvinulina’ concentricaLT64b
|--Serovaina Sliter 1968HW93 [SerovaininaeM13]
|--Physalidia Heron-Allen & Earland 1928LT64b
| `--*P. simplex Heron-Allen & Earland 1928LT64b
|--Rugidia Heron-Allen & Earland 1928LT64b
| `--*R. corticata (Heron-Allen & Earland 1915) [=Sphaeroidina corticata]LT64b
`--Baggina Cushman 1926C40
|--*B. californica Cushman 1926C40
`--B. philippinensis (Cushman 1921)A68

Epistominella Husezima & Maruhasi 1944LT64b [incl. Pseudoparrella Cushman & Ten Dam 1948LT64b, Pulvinulinella Cushman 1926 non Eimer & Fickert 1899LT64b; Epistominellidae, PseudoparrellinaeM13]

Epistominella pacifica (Cushman 1927)H03 [=Pulvulinella pacificaH03; incl. *E. pulchella Husezima & Maruhasi 1944LT64b, H03]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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