Sagra buqueti, copyright Jiro Iguchi.

Belongs within: Chrysomelidae.

The Sagrinae are a group of leaf beetles characterised by enlarged hind femora bearing teeth or spines. They are most diverse in Australia with the genus Sagra also found in Africa and Asia (Lawrence & Britton 1991).

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Length more than 8 mm; head somewhat rostrate, with genae and frontoclypeus extending well in front of antennal insertions; head between antennal insertions with paired, subtriangular elevations bounded by deep grooves; pronotum much narrower than bases of elytra, without lateral carinae; fore coxae globular to transverse, not or only slightly projecting, well separated by complete prosternal process and usually with exposed trochantins; femora more or less inflated, those of hind legs with a tooth or angular prominence on inner edge; tarsi 5-segmented, with minute penultimate segment more or less concealed at base of segment 3 (pseudotetramerous); ventrite 1 as long as or longer than remaining ventrites taken together.

<==Sagrinae [Sagridae]B14
|--Carpophagus banksiae MacLeay in Boisduval 1835LB91, B35
|--Mecynodera coxalgicaLB91
|--Brachyscelis vellereaLC40
| |--M. kingiB70
| `--M. prionesthis Boisduval 1835B35
|--S. amethystinaB14
|--S. boisduvalii Laporte de Castelnau 1840LC40
|--S. brevipes Jacoby 1889J89
|--S. buqueti (Lesson 1831)B14
|--S. chrysochloraB90
|--S. femorata [=Megalopus (Sagra) femoratus]G20
|--S. fulgida [incl. S. petelii, S. pygmaea]B90
|--S. mouhotiJ89
|--S. multipunctata Jacoby 1889J89
|--S. papuanaLB91
`--S. purpurea Lichtenst. 1796 (see below for synonymy)B90

Sagra purpurea Lichtenst. 1796 [incl. S. formosa, S. ignita, S. mutabilis Baley 1864, S. splendida Weber 1801, S. purpurea var. tridentata Weber 1801]B90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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