Portuguese fire salamander Salamandra salamandra gallaica, copyright John P. Clare.

Belongs within: Diadectosalamandroidei.
Contains: Pleurodelinae.

The Salamandridae are Holarctic salamanders that are mostly periodically or completely aquatic (Frost et al. 2006).

Characters (from Frost et al. 2006): Typically with strongly keratinized skin in adults; frontosquamosal arch present; premaxillaries often fused; periotic connective tissue present; periotic cistern small; vomerine dentition medially replaced.

Salamandridae [Salamandrae]
|--Salamandrina Fitzinger 1826FG06 [SalamandrininaePW11]
| |--S. perspicillataPW11
| `--S. terdigitataPW11
|--+--Chioglossa Bocage 1864FG06
| | `--C. lusitanica Bocage 1864War08
| `--Mertensiella Wolterstorff 1925FG06
| `--M. caucasicaPW11
`--+--Lyciasalamandra Veith & Steinfartz 2004FG06
| |--L. luschani (Steindachner 1891)PW11, War08 [=Mertensiella luschaniWar08, Salamandra luschaniFG06]
| `--+--L. fazilaePW11
| |--L. helverseniPW11
| `--+--L. flavimembrisPW11
| `--+--L. atifiPW11
| `--+--L. antalyanaPW11
| `--L. billaePW11
`--Salamandra Laurenti 1768FG06
| i. s.: S. alleganiensis [=Triton alleganiensis; incl. S. gigantea]J23
| S. cinereaJ23
| S. japonica [=Lacerta japonica]B00
| S. longicaudaJ23
| S. maculosaD56
| S. palustris [incl. Lacerta cristata]B00
| S. quadrilineata [=Lacerta quadrilineata]B00
| S. rubraJ23
| S. subviolaceaJ23
| S. terdigitata Lacépède 1788War08
| S vulgaris [=Lacerta vulgaris]B00
|--+--S. atra Laurenti 1768PW11, War08
| | |--S. a. atraWar08
| | `--S. a. prenjensis Miksic 1969War08
| `--+--S. corsicaPW11
| `--S. lanzai (Nascetti et al. 1988)PW11, War08
`--+--S. infraimmaculata (Martens 1885)PW11, War08 [=S. salamandra infraimmaculataWar08]
`--+--S. algiraPW11
`--S. salamandra (Linnaeus 1758)PW11, War08 [=Lacerta salamandraK08]
|--S. s. salamandraWar08
|--S. s. gallaica Malkmus 1983War08
`--S. s. terrestris Lacépède 1788War08

Salamandridae incertae sedis:
‘Triton’ Laurenti 1768 non Linnaeus 1758FG06
|--T. lateralis Say in James 1823J23
`--T. palustrisG42
Molge Merrem 1820 [Molgidae]FG06
|--M. alpestrisW06
|--M. cristataWai08
|--M. palmataW06
|--M. pyrrhogastraWai08
|--M. torosus [=Dicmyctylus torosus]W06
|--M. viridescens [=Dicmyctylus viridescens]W06
`--M. vulgarisF09
Seiranota Barnes 1826 [Seiranotina]FG06
Bradybates Tschudi 1838 [Bradybatina]FG06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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