Atlantic salmon Salmo salar, copyright Hans-Petter Fjeld.

Belongs within: Salmonidae.

The Salmoninae, trout and salmon, are salmonids with small scales, teeth on the maxilla, and less than sixteen rays in the dorsal fin.

|--+--Salmothymus obtusirostrisB96, B50b
| `--PlatysalmoB96
| | |--H. hucho (Linnaeus 1758)SE08
| | `--H. perryi (Brevoort 1856)I92
| `--SalvelinusB96
| |--S. alpinusF16
| | |--S. a. alpinusF16
| | |--S. a. erythinusB50a
| | `--S. a. marstoni (Garman 1893) [=Salmo marstoni]F16
| |--S. confluentusB96
| |--S. fontinalis (Mitchill 1814)KF02
| |--S. leucomaenisI92
| | |--S. l. leucomaenisI92
| | |--S. l. imbrius Jordan & McGregor 1925I92
| | |--S. l. japonicus Oshima 1961I92
| | `--S. l. pluviusI92
| |--S. malmaB96
| | |--S. m. malmaI92
| | |--S. m. krascheninnikovi Taranetz 1933I92
| | `--S. m. miyabei Oshima 1938I92
| `--S. namaycushB96
| | i. s.: O. apacheS92
| | O. gilaeS92
| |--O. mykiss (Walbaum 1792)B96, SE08 [=Salmo mykissB96; incl. S. gairdneriKF02]
| `--+--O. masou (Brevoort 1856)B96, I92
| | |--O. m. masouI92
| | `--O. m. ishikawai Jordan & McGregor 1925I92
| `--+--O. kisutch (Walbaum 1792)B96, KF02
| `--+--O. tshawytschaB96
| `--+--O. ketaB96
| `--+--O. gorbuscha (Walbaum 1792)B96, KF02
| |--O. nerkaB96
| | |--O. n. nerkaI92
| | `--O. n. kawamurae Jordan & McGregor 1925I92
| `--O. salaxS92
`--Salmo Linnaeus 1758B96, L58
|--S. albula Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. alpinus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. anostomus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. apacheUSDI77
|--S. bimaculatus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. carpio Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. clarkiLG80 [=Oncorhynchus clarkiB96]
| |--S. c. clarkiLG80
| |--S. c. bouvieriLG80
| |--S. c. henshawiLG80
| |--S. c. lewisiLG80
| |--S. c. pleuriticusLG80
| |--S. c. selenirisUSDI77
| |--S. c. stomiasUSDI77
| `--S. c. utahLG80
|--S. eperlanus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. eriox Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. gibbosus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. gilaeUSDI77
|--S. gloverii Girard 1854DS89
|--S. hucho Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. immaculatus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. irideusGC79
|--S. lacustris Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. lavaretus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. malmaMR76
|--S. niloticus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. oxyrinchus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. platycephalusUSDI77
|--S. pulverulentus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. salar Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. salmarinus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. salvelinus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. saurus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. thymallus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--S. trutta Linnaeus 1758SE08
| |--S. t. truttaSE08
| `--S. t. fario Linnaeus 1758SE08
|--S. umbla Linnaeus 1758L58
`--S. vimba Linnaeus 1758L58

*Type species of generic name indicated


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