Salticus cingulatus, copyright James K. Lindsey.

Belongs within: Salticoida.

Salticus is a primarily Palaearctic genus of jumping spiders, commonly marked with a black and white pattern formed by white hairs on a black cuticle. Members include the the zebra spider S. scenicus which is widespread in Europe and has also been introduced to North America. This species has a pattern of white transverse stripes on the opisthosoma. Another Palaearctic species, S. cingulatus, is more extensively covered by white hairs resulting in overall white appearance with black spots.

Salticus Latreille 1804 [=Attus Walckenaer 1805]PL73
|--*S. scenicus (Clerck 1757)PL73 (see below for synonymy)
|--‘Attus’ abbreviatus Walckenaer 1837 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. affinis Lucas 1846E12
|--S. albifrons Lucas 1846E12
|--S. albobarbatus Powell 1873 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. albobimaculatus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. albopalpis Urquhart 1885 (n. d.)PVD10
|--‘Attus’ albopilosus Rainbow 1898M72
|--S. albotrimaculatus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. albovittatus Lucas 1846E12
|--‘Attus’ alfurus Doleschall 1857D57
|--S. algerinus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. alpinus Urquhart 1885 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. amplectens Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. angustatus Lucas 1846E12
|--‘Attus’ aquilus Urquhart 1886 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. arenarius Lucas 1846E12
|--S. ater Risso 1826R26
|--S. atratus Powell 1873 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. atricapillus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. auricapillus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. basseletii Lucas 1846E12
|--S. berbruggeri Lucas 1846E12
|--S. bicolor [=Aranea bicolor, Attus bicolor]C01
|--S. bleekeri Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. boryi Lucas 1846E12
|--S. bovaei Lucas 1846E12
|--S. brenieri Lucas 1846E12
|--S. bufo Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. callidus [=Aranea callida, Attus callidus]C01
|--S. cephalotes Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. chalybeius [=Aranea chalybeia, Attus chalybeius]C01
|--S. cingulatus (Panz. 1797)S06 [=Epiblemum cingulatumV09]
|--S. cirtanus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. coeruleostriatus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. confusus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. conjonctus (Simon 1868)K55
|--‘Attus’ cooki Walckenaer 1837 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. cornutus (Doleschall 1857)D59, D57 [=Attus cornutusD57]
|--S. coronatus [=Aranea coronata, Attus coronatus]C01
|--S. cupreus [=Aranea cuprea, Attus cupreus]C01
|--S. curvus Urquhart 1885 (n. d.)PVD10
|--‘Attus’ darwinii White 1849W49
|--S. duriaei Lucas 1846E12
|--S. durvilleiD59
|--‘Attus’ dzieduszyckiiK01
|--S. erraticus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. erythrogaster Lucas 1846E12
|--S. fallax Lucas 1846E12
|--S. flavescentemaculatus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. flavipalpus Risso 1826R26
|--S. flavobilineatus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. floricola Doleschall 1859D59 [=Attus floricolaK01]
|--S. fontalis [=Aranea fontalis, Attus fontalis]C01
|--S. forceps Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. formica Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. formicarius [=Aranea formicaria, Attus formicarius]C01
|--S. fulviventris Lucas 1846E12
|--S. fulvopilosus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. fulvotrilineatus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. fulvolineatus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. fulvovittatus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. fumosus Powell 1873 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. furvus Urquhart 1885 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. gesticulator Lucas 1846E12
|--S. guichenotii Lucas 1846E12
|--S. guyonii Lucas 1846E12
|--S. janthinus [=Plexippus janthinus]D59
|--S. jucundus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. latidens Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. leptognathusT94
|--S. levaillantii Lucas 1846E12
|--S. lilliputanus Lucas 1846E12
|--‘Attus’ lineatus Grube 1862S06
|--S. litteratus [=Aranea litterata, Attus litteratus]C01
|--S. luctuosus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. lunulatus [=Aranea lunulata, Attus lunulatus]C01
|--S. macrognathus Thorell 1894T94
|--S. maestus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. mauritanicus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. meticulosus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. monardi Lucas 1846E12
|--‘Attus’ monticolus Urquhart 1891 (n. d.)PVD10
|--‘Attus’ montinus Urquhart 1891 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. moreletii Lucas 1846E12
|--S. muscorum [=Aranea muscorum, Attus muscorum]C01
|--S. mutabilis Lucas 1846E12
|--S. mutilloides Lucas 1846E12
|--S. nicoletii Lucas 1846E12
|--S. nidicolens [=Aranea nidicolens, Attus nidicolens]C01
|--S. niger [=Aranea nigra, Attus niger]C01
|--S. nigrifrons Lucas 1846E12
|--S. nigripes Risso 1826R26
|--S. nigromaculatus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. nitidiventris Lucas 1846E12
|--S. nitidus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. nivoyi Lucas 1846E12
|--S. numidicus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. obisioides (Doleschall 1857)D59, D57 [=Attus obisioidesD57]
|--S. olivaceus (Koch 1867)PO08
|--S. oraniensis Lucas 1846E12
|--S. paludivagus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. pavo Doleschall 1859D59
|--‘Attus’ phrinoidesD57
|--S. plataloidesB03
|--S. pomatius [=Aranea pomatia, Attus pomatius]C01
|--S. propinquus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. psyllus [=Aranea psylla, Attus psyllus]C01
|--‘Attus’ pullus Urquhart 1890 (n. d.)PVD10
|--‘Attus’ quadrifasciatus Grube 1862S06
|--S. quadripunctatus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. ravoisiaei Lucas 1846E12
|--S. regulus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. roseofasciatus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. ruficapillus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. rufifrons Lucas 1846E12
|--S. rufolimbatus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. rufolineatus Lucas 1846E12
|--‘Attus’ scindus Urquhart 1890 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. semiater Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. sexpunctatus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. sinuatus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. sloani Risso 1826R26
|--‘Attus’ splendens Rainbow 1897R97
|--‘Attus’ subfuscus Urquhart 1887 (n. d.)PVD10
|--‘Attus’ succinctusD57
|--S. tabinus Urquhart 1885 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. tardigradus [=Aranea tardigrada, Attus tardigradus]C01
|--S. tenebricus Urquhart 1885 (n. d.)PVD10
|--‘Attus’ tenebrosus Urquhart 1893 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. testaceolineatus Lucas 1846E12
|--S. theisii Lucas 1846E12
|--S. tripunctatus [=Aranea tripunctata, Attus tripunctatus]C01
|--S. trochilus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. unifasciatus Risso 1826R26
|--S. vaillanti Lucas 1846E12
|--‘Attus’ valentulus Urquhart 1891 (n. d.)PVD10
|--S. variegatus Risso 1826R26
|--S. venustus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. virgulatus [=Aranea virgulata, Attus virgulatus]C01
|--S. viridifaciatus Doleschall 1859D59
|--S. v-notatus Powell 1873 (n. d.)PVD10
|--‘Attus’ volans Cambridge 1874R97
|--S. zanthrofrontalis Urquhart 1885 (n. d.)PVD10
`--S. zosterifer Doleschall 1859D59

*Salticus scenicus (Clerck 1757)PL73 [=Araneus scenicusPL73, Aranea scenicaC01, *Attus scenicusPL73, Epiblemum scenicumV09, Lycosa (Salticus) scenicaG20]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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