Sarcophaga (Liosarcophaga)

Sarcophaga dux, copyright Jean and Fred Hort.

Belongs within: Sarcophaga.

The subgenus Liosarcophaga of the genus Sarcophaga is a group of flesh flies characterised by the presence of two long lateral arms, usually bifid, on the apical plates of the paraphallus (Lopes 1959).

<==Sarcophaga (Liosarcophaga Enderlein 1928)MD13, L59
|--‘Parasarcophaga’ (*L.) madeirensis (Schiner 1868) [=Cynomyia madeirensis]L59
|--S. (L.) aegyptica Salem 1935 [=Parasarcophaga (L.) aegyptica; incl. P. parkeri Rohdendorf 1937]F92
|--‘Parasarcophaga’ (L.) angarosinica Rohdendorf 1937F92
|--S. (L.) brevicornis Ho 1934 [=Parasarcophaga (L.) brevicornis]F92
|--S. (L.) dux Thomson 1869MD13 [=Parasarcophaga (L.) duxF92, S. misera duxL59]
|--S. (L.) eta Johnston & Tiegs 1921MD13 [=Parasarcophaga (L.) etaL59]
|--‘Parasarcophaga’ (L.) fedtshenkoi Rohdendorf 1969F92
|--S. (L.) harpax Pandellé 1896F92 [=Parasarcophaga (L.) harpaxF92, S. misera var. harpaxH38]
|--‘Parasarcophaga’ (L.) hui (Ho 1936)F92
|--S. (L.) idmais Séguy 1934 [=Parasarcophaga (L.) idmais]F92
|--‘Parasarcophaga’ (L.) jacobsoni Rohdendorf 1937F92
|--‘Parasarcophaga’ (L.) jaroschevskyi Rohdendorf 1937F92
|--S. (L.) kitaharai Miyazaki 1958 [=Parasarcophaga (L.) kitaharai; incl. P. apiciscissa Fan 1964]F92
|--S. (L.) kobayashii Hori 1954 [=Parasarcophaga (L.) kobayashii]F92
|--S. (L.) kohla Johnston & Tiegs 1921MD13 [=Parasarcophaga (L.) kohlaL59]
|--‘Parasarcophaga’ (L.) nanpingensis Ye 1980F92
|--‘Parasarcophaga’ (L.) pleskei Rohdendorf 1937F92
|--‘Parasarcophaga’ (L.) portschinskyi Rohdendorf 1937F92
|--S. (L.) sigma Johnston & Tiegs 1921MD13
`--S. (L.) tuberosa (Pandellé 1896) [=Parasarcophaga (L.) tuberosa]F92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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