Sarcophaga (Sarcorohdendorfia)

Yellow flesh fly Sarcophaga bidentata, from Brisbane Insects.

Belongs within: Sarcophaga.

Sarcorohdendorfia is a subgenus of the flesh fly genus Sarcophaga with densely hairy propleura (Lopes 1959).

Characters (Lopes 1959, as Tricholioproctia): Propleura densely hairy; four to six post-sutural dorsocentral bristles present; fifth sternite of male V-shaped; eighth sternite of female membranous, penis with well individualized theca, a large membranous and transversally folded region between theca and ventralia.

<==Sarcophaga (Sarcorohdendorfia Baranov 1938)MD13, F92 [incl. Hamimembrana Chen 1975F92, Tricholioproctia Baranov 1938F92]
|--‘Notochaeta’ indusa Curran 1936 [incl. *Sarcorohdendorfia adiscalis Baranov 1938]F92
|--‘Tricholioproctia’ alcicornisL59
|--S. (S.) alpha Johnston & Tiegs 1922MD13
|--S. (S.) antilope Boettcher 1913F92 [=*Tricholioproctia antilopeL59]
|--S. (S.) assimilis Macquart 1851MD13 (see below for synonymy)
|--S. (S.) beta Johnston & Tiegs 1921 [incl. S. delta Johnston & Tiegs 1921]MD13
|--S. (S.) bidentata (Lopes 1953) [=Tricholioproctia bidentata]MD13
|--S. (S.) bifrons Walker 1853 [incl. S. epsilon Johnston & Tiegs 1922]MD13
|--S. (S.) clavus Meiklejohn, Wallman & Pape 2013MD13
|--S. (S.) darwiniana (Kano & Lopes 1979) [=Sarcorohdendorfia darwiniana]MD13
|--S. (S.) emuensis (Lopes & Kano 1979) [=Sarcorohdendorfia emuensis]MD13
|--‘Tricholioproctia’ fergusoninaL59
|--S. (S.) froggatti Taylor 1917MD13 [=Tricholioproctia froggattiL59; incl. S. theta Johnston & Tiegs 1921MD13]
|--S. (S.) furcata Hardy 1932MD13 [incl. S. triplex Hardy 1943MD13, Tricholioproctia triplexL59]
|--‘Sarcorohdendorfia’ gracilior (Chen 1975) [=Tricholioproctia (Hamimembrana) gracilior]F92
|--S. (S.) howensis Johnston & Hardy 1923MD13 [=Tricholioproctia howensisL59]
|--S. (S.) impatiens Walker 1849MD13
|--‘Sarcorohdendorfia’ inextricata (Walker 1860)F92
|--S. (S.) irrequietaMD13
|--S. (S.) longifilia Salem 1946MD13 [=Tricholioproctia longifiliaL59]
|--S. (S.) megafilosia Pape, McKillup & McKillup 2000MD13
|--S. (S.) meiofilosia Pape, McKillup & McKillup 2000MD13
|--‘Tricholioproctia’ milleriM83
|--‘Sarcorohdendorfia’ mimobasalis (Ma 1964) [=Tricholioproctia mimobasalis]F92
|--S. (S.) omikron Johnston & Tiegs 1921MD13 [=Tricholioproctia omikronL59; incl. S. stellata Salem 1946MD13]
|--S. (S.) piva Roback 1952MD13
|--S. (S.) praedatrix Walker 1849MD13 (see below for synonymy)
|--S. (S.) seniorwhitei Ho 1938MD13 (see below for synonymy)
|--S. (S.) spinigera (Lope 1953) [=Tricholioproctia spinigera]MD13
|--S. (S.) villisterna Salem 1946MD13 [=Tricholioproctia villisternaL59]
`--S. (S.) zeta Johnston & Tiegs 1921MD13

Sarcophaga (Sarcorohdendorfia) assimilis Macquart 1851MD13 [incl. Sarcophaga hardyi Johnston & Tiegs 1922MD13, Sarcorohdendorfia hardyiCM91, Tricholioproctia hardyiCM70]

Sarcophaga (Sarcorohdendorfia) praedatrix Walker 1849MD13 [incl. S. queenslandae Parker 1922MD13, S. tryoni Johnston & Tiegs 1921MD13, Tricholioproctia tryoniL59]

Sarcophaga (Sarcorohdendorfia) seniorwhitei Ho 1938MD13 [=S. flavinervis Senior-White 1924 non R.-D. 1830MD13, Tricholioproctia flavinervisF92; incl. S. aurata Walker 1861 non Macquart 1851F92, S. basalis Walker 1859 non Walker 1853F92, *Hamimembrana basalisF92, Tricholioproctia basalisF92]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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