Sarothrocrepis inquinata, from Insects of Tasmania.

Belongs within: Tetragonoderus.

Sarothrocrepis is a genus of arboreal carabid beetles found in insular south-east Asia and Australasia, characterised by long, serrulate tibial spurs and bilobate fourth tarsomeres.

Sarothrocrepis Chaudoir 1850BB01 (see below for synonymy)
|--*S. corticalis (Fabricius 1801)LM87 (see below for synonymy)
|--S. benefica (Newman 1842)LM87 (see below for synonymy)
|--S. civica (Newman 1840) [=Lebia civica, Ectroma civicum, Lebiomorpha civica]LM87
|--S. dimidiata Macleay 1888LM87
|--S. elegans (Blackburn 1901) [=Ectroma elegans]LM87
|--S. fasciata Macleay 1871LM87
|--S. fragilis (Blackburn 1901) [=Ectroma fragile]LM87
|--S. gravis (Blackburn 1901) [=Ectroma grave]LM87
|--S. humerata Sloane 1900 [=S. humeratus]LM87
|--S. inquinata (Erichson 1842) [=Cymindis inquinata, Ectroma inquinatum]LM87
|--S. liturata Macleay 1888LM87
|--S. luctuosa (Newman 1842) [=Lebia luctuosa]LM87
|--S. mastersii Macleay 1871LM87
|--S. mucronata Sloane 1907LM87
|--S. notabilis Macleay 1888LM87
|--S. notata Macleay 1888LM87
|--S. obsoleta (Blackburn 1892) [=Ectroma obsoletum; incl. S. blackburni Sloane 1911]LM87
|--S. obtusa Sloane 1917LM87
|--S. pallida Macleay 1871LM87
|--S. parvicollis (Blackburn 1894) [=Ectroma parvicolle]LM87
|--S. posticalis (Guérin-Méneville 1830) [=Lebia posticalis]LM87
|--S. setulosa Sloane 1911LM87
|--S. suavis Blackburn 1890LM87
`--S. tridens (Newman 1840) [=Dromius tridens, Ectroma tridens]LM87

Sarothrocrepis Chaudoir 1850BB01 [incl. Ectroma Blackburn 1890 non Westwood 1833LM87, Lebiomorpha Chaudoir 1876LM87; Sarothrocrepidini]

Sarothrocrepis benefica (Newman 1842)LM87 [=Lebia beneficaLM87, Ectroma beneficumB90, Lebiomorpha beneficaLM87; incl. Lebia duponti Putzeys 1845LM87]

*Sarothrocrepis corticalis (Fabricius 1801)LM87 [=Carabus corticalisLM87, Lebia corticalisB35; incl. L. callida Newman 1842LM87, Sarothrocrepis corticalis infuscata Sloane 1916LM87]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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