Big-headed ground beetle Scarites subterraneus, copyright Kaldari.

Belongs within: Carabidae.
Contains: Laccopterum, Scaraphites, Conopterum, Neocarenum, Monocentrum, Euryscaphus, Carenum, Dyschirius, Clivina, Dyschiriodes.

The Scaritinae are a diverse group of ground beetles with body forms commonly modified for digging. The body is pedunculate with a marked constriction between pro- and mesothorax. The fore coxal cavities are closed behind and the mid coxal cavities laterally open, partially closed by the mesepimeron (Lawrence & Britton 1991). The tribe Clivinini includes relatively small forms with a prominent, setiform unguitractor plate on the tarsus whereas members of the Scaritini have a much smaller plate and tend to be much larger in overall size (Ball & Bousquet 2001).

Scaritinae [Scarititae, Scrobifera] B14
    |–Migadopini [Migadopinae] R-JC01
    |    |–Migadops latus R-JC01
    |    `–Stichonotus Sloane 1910 LB91, LM87
    |         |–*S. leai Sloane 1910 LM87
    |         |–S. limbatus Sloane 1915 LM87
    |         `–S. piceus Sloane 1915 LM87
    |–Scaritini B90
    |    |–Euryscaphus LB91
    |    |–Carenum LB91
    |    |–Dyschirius B90
    |    |–Pasimachus Bonelli 1813 BB01
    |    |    |  i. s.: P. elongatus LeConte 1846 BB01
    |    |    |         P. subangulatus (Chaudoir 1862) B14
    |    |    `–P. (Emydopterus Lacordaire 1854) BB01
    |    `–Scarites Fabricius 1775 BB01
    |         |–S. eurytus G89
    |         |–S. gigas C74
    |         |–S. guineensis [incl. S. guineensis var. asphaltinus] G89
    |         |–S. pyracmon B35
    |         |–S. rugosus B35
    |         |–S. senegalensis B55
    |         `–S. (Scarites) subterraneus Fabricius 1775 BB01
    `–Clivinini BB01
         |–Clivina BB01
         |–Ardistomis Putzeys 1846 BB01
         |–Dyschiriodes BB01
         |–Oxydrepanus Putzeys 1866 BB01
         |    `–O. rufus (Putzeys 1846) BB01
         |–Halocoryza Alluaud 1919 BB01
         |    `–H. arenaria (Darlington 1939) BB01
         |–Aspidoglossa Putzeys 1846 BB01
         |    `–A. subangulata (Chaudoir 1843) BB01
         |–Semiardistomis Kult 1950 BB01
         |    |–S. puncticollis (Dejean 1831) BB01
         |    `–S. viridis (Say 1823) BB01
         |–Akephorus LeConte 1852 BB01
         |    |–A. marinus LeConte 1852 BB01
         |    `–A. obesus LeConte 1866 B14
         `–Schizogenius Putzeys 1846 BB01
              |  i. s.: S. freyi Baehr 1983 BB01
              `–S. (Genioschizus Whitehead 1972) BB01
                   `–S. (G.) crenulatus LeConte 1852 BB01

Scaritinae incertae sedis:
  Ochyropus gigas B55
  Taeniolobus B55
    |–T. laevipennis B55
    |–T. lucidus B55
    |    |–T. l. lucidus B55
    |    `–T. l. strigiceps B55
    `–T. vilhenai Basilewsky 1955 B55
  Trilophus congoanus B55
  Syleter Andrewes 1941 [=Psilus Putzeys 1877 nec Panzer 1806 nec Fischer de Waldheim 1813] LM87
    |–*S. paradoxus (Putzeys 1868) [=Ardistomis paradoxa] LM87
    |–S. andrewesi (Basilewsky 1931) [=Dyschirius andrewesi, Psilus andrewesi] B55
    |–S. congoensis B55
    `–S. papua Darlington 1962 LM87
  Pseudoclivina Kult 1947 B55
    `–P. grandis B55
  Rhysocara Sloane 1916 LM87
    `–*R. crassa Sloane 1916 LM87
  Platysphyrus Sloane 1905 LM87
    `–*P. tibialis Sloane 1905 LM87
  Clivinarchus Sloane 1896 LM87
    `–*C. perlongus Sloane 1896 LM87
  Laccopterum LM87
  Philoscaphus Macleay 1871 LM87
    |–*P. tuberculatus (Macleay 1863) [=Carenum tuberculatum] LM87
    |–P. barnardi Macleay 1888 LM87
    |–P. bicostatus Sloane 1905 LM87
    |–P. carinatus (Macleay 1864) [=Carenum carinatum] LM87
    |–P. costalis Macleay 1873 (see below for synonymy) LM87
    `–P. mastersii Macleay 1871 [incl. P. duboulayi Blackburn 1890] LM87
  Scaraphites LM87
  Conopterum LM87
  Neocarenum LM87
  Trichocarenum Blackburn 1892 LM87
    |–*T. elderi Blackburn 1892 LM87
    |–T. castelnaui Sloane 1905 LM87
    `–T. cylindricum Sloane 1897 LM87
  Neoscaphus Sloane 1888 LM87
    `–*N. simplex Sloane 1888 LM87
  Epilectus Blackburn 1888 [=Carenarchus Sloane 1905, Eurygnathus Blackburn 1888 non Wollaston 1854] LM87
    |–*E. fortis (Blackburn 1888) [=*Eurygnathus fortis, *Carenarchus fortis] LM87
    `–E. mastersi (Macleay 1869) [=Neocarenum mastersi] LM87
  Monocentrum LM87
  Steganomma Macleay 1887 LM87
    `–*S. porcatum Macleay 1887 LM87
  Geoscaptus Chaudoir 1855 LM87
    |–*G. laevissimus Chaudoir 1855 (see below for synonymy) LM87
    |–G. cacus (Macleay 1863) (see below for synonymy) LM87
    |–G. crassus Sloane 1895 LM87
    |–G. macleayi Chaudoir 1879 LM87
    `–G. plicatulus (Castelnau 1867) [=Scarites plicatulus] LM87
  Omoglymmius B14
    |–O. americanus (Laporte 1836) B14
    `–O. hamatus B14
  Solenogenys funkei Adis 1981 B14

Geoscaptus cacus (Macleay 1863) [=Scarites cacus; incl. S. approximatus Macleay 1865, S. bipunctatus Castelnau 1867, S. mitchellii Castelnau 1867, S. ruficornis Castelnau 1867, S. subporcatulus Macleay 1865, S. substriatus Castelnau 1867, S. waterhousei Macleay 1865] LM87

*Geoscaptus laevissimus Chaudoir 1855 [incl. Scarites bostocki Castelnau 1867, S. damastes Macleay 1863, S. geryon Macleay 1863, S. jacksoniensis Macleay 1865, S. planiusculus Macleay 1865] LM87

Philoscaphus costalis Macleay 1873 [incl. P. crassus Blackburn 1888, P. lateralis Macleay 1873, P. tepperi Blackburn 1888] LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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