Scenedesmus cf. acutus, copyright Proyecto Agua.

Belongs within: Chlorococcales.

The Scenedesmaceae are freshwater, unicellular green algae forming flat or three-dimensional colonies.

Scenedesmaceae [Coelastraceae]A90
|--Crucigenia Morren 1830A90, M70
| |--C. fenestrataM70
| |--C. quadrata Morren 1830M70
| `--C. tetrapedia (Kirchner) West & West 1902M70
|--Coelastrum Nageli in Kutzing 1849A90, M70
| |--C. cambricumRA05
| | |--C. c. var. cambricumRA05
| | `--C. c. var. intermediumRA05
| `--C. microporum Nageli ex Braun 1855M70
`--Scenedesmus Meyen 1829M70
|--S. acuminatus (Lagerheim) Chodat 1902M70
|--S. acutusAH03
|--S. arcuatus Lemmermann 1899M70
|--S. armatusTBA98
|--S. diagonalis Sitzen Fang 1933M70
|--S. dimorphusG64
|--S. duplexG64
|--S. hystrix Lagerheim 1882M70
|--S. microspinaTBA98
|--S. obliquus (Turpin) Kutzing 1833M70
|--S. obtususG64
|--S. opoliensis Richter 1896M70
|--S. protuberansHJ99
|--S. quadricauda (Turpin) De Brebisson 1835M70
| |--S. q. var. quadricaudaM70
| |--S. q. var. dispar (De Brebisson) Smith 1916M70
| `--S. q. var. horridaM70
`--S. vacuolatusOV01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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