Lateral view (anterior to right) of Schizaster studeri, from the Natural History Museum.

Belongs within: Schizasteridae.

Schizaster is a genus of high-tested heart urchins known from the Eocene to the present (Fischer 1966).

Characters (from Fischer 1966): Test high, sloping anteriorly from posterior vertex, beaked over periproct; ambulacra sunken, frontal one deeply depressed; posterior petals 0.3 to 0.5 as long as anterior pair; apical system ethmolytic with two to four gonopores.

Schizaster Agassiz 1836 [incl. Aplospatangus Lambert 1907, Brachybrissus Pomel 1883]F66
| i. s.: S. africanusG92
| ‘Spatangus’ ambulacrum Deshayes 1831 [=*Brachybrissus ambulacrum]F66
| S. eurynotus Agassiz 1836 [=*Aplospatangus eurynotus]F66
| S. lyoniH79
| S. moseleyiD05
| S. rotundatusH79
|--*S. (Schizaster) studeri Agassiz 1836F66
`--S. (Paraster Pomel 1869) [incl. Prymnaster Koehler 1914, Rotundaster Lambert & Thiéry 1925]F66
|--S. (*P.) gibberulus Agassiz 1847F66
|--*Prymnaster’ angulatus Koehler 1914F66
|--‘Paraster’ doederleni Chesher 1972SS05
|--S. (P.) foveatus Agassiz 1889 [=*Rotundaster foveatus]F66
`--S. (P.) tatei McNamara & Philip 1980MM22

*Type species of generic name indicated


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