Scissurella laevigata, from Vayssière 1894.
Belongs within: Vetigastropoda.

The Scissurellidae are a group of marine gastropods bearing a trochoid shell that usually has a slit present above the periphery (Zelaya & Geiger 2007).

Characters (from Zelaya & Geiger 2007): Shell 0.6–3 mm, trochoid, more or less depressed; protoconch sculpture variable; slit above periphery, open, closed or absent; radula with lateral tooth 5 enlarged by broadening.

<==Scissurellidae [Scissurellina, Scissurellinae]
|–Sukashitrochus BR05
|–Satondella tabulata Watson 1886 ZG07
|–Temnozaga parilis McLean 1989 ZG07
|–Scissurona Iredale 1924 P61
|    `–*S. rosea (Hedley 1904) P61 [=Scissurella rosea P61, Incisura (*Scissurona) rosea KC60]
|–Depressizona Geiger 2003 [Depressizonidae, Depressizoninae] BR05
|    `–*D. exorum Geiger 2003 BR17
|–Ariella Bandel 1998 non Gilbert 1941 (ICBN) ZG07
|    |–*A. haliotimorpha Bandel 1998 ZG07
|    `–A. subantarctica (Hedley 1916) [=Schismope subantarctica, Sinezona subantarctica] ZG07
|–Sinezona Finlay 1926 ZG07
|    |–*S. brevis (Hedley 1904) ZG07 [=Schismope brevis ZG07, Scissurella brevis P61]
|    |–S. cingulata Costa 1861 ZG07
|    |–S. confusa Rolán & Luque 1994 ZG07
|    |–S. laevigata (Iredale 1908) P61 [=Schismope brevis laevigata F27]
|    |–S. mouchezi (Vélain 1876) [=Schismope mouchezi] ZG07
|    |–S. pauperata Powell 1933 P61
|    |–S. plicata ZG07
|    |–S. redferni Rolán 1996 BC01
|    `–S. rimuloides Carpenter 1865 ZG07
|–Schismope Jeffreys 1856 P61
|    |–*S. cingulata [=Scissurella cingulata] P61
|    |–S. atkinsoni (Ten.-Woods 1877) [=Scissurella atkinsoni] H09
|    |–S. beddomei F27
|    |–S. caliana Dall 1919 O27
|    |–S. carinata F27
|    |–S. iota Finlay 1927 P61
|    |–S. lacuniformis F27
|    |–S. laqueus Finlay 1927 P61
|    |–S. lyallensis Finlay 1927 P61
|    |–S. rimuloides Carpenter 1865 O27
|    `–S. tasmanica Petterd 1879 P79
`–Scissurella d’Orbigny 1824 ZG07 [incl. Woodwardia Crosse & Fischer 1861 KC60]
|–*S. laevigata d’Orbigny 1824 BR17
|–S. annulata Ravn 1933 TTE93
|–S. bountyensis Powell 1933 P61
|–S. chiricova Dall 1919 O27
|–S. clathrata Strebel 1908 (see below for synonymy) ZG07
|–S. costata d’Orbigny 1824 ZG07
|–S. dalli Bartsch 1903 (n. d.) [=Schizotrochus dalli] ZG07
|–S. fairchildi Powell 1933 P61
|–S. georgica Davolos & Moolenbeek 2005 ZG07
|–S. kaiserae Geiger 2006 ZG07
|–S. kelseyi Dall 1905 O27
|–S. malvinarum Zelaya & Geiger 2007 ZG07
|–S. manawatawhia Powell 1937 P61
|–S. obliqua Watson 1886 [=Incisura obliqua, Scissurona obliqua] ZG07
|–S. petermannensis Lamy 1910 (see below for synonymy) ZG07
|–S. prendrevillei Powell 1933 P61
|–S. rimuloides C64
|–S. staminea (Adams 1862) ZG07
|–S. stellae Flenming 1948 P61
`–S. supraplicata Smith 1875 [=Schizotrochus supraplicata, Sch. supraplicatus] ZG07

Scissurella clathrata Strebel 1908 [=Anatoma clathrata, Schizotrochus clathrata; incl. Sci. eucharista Melvill & Standen 1912, Sch. eucharista] ZG07

Scissurella petermannensis Lamy 1910 [=Schizotrochus petermanensis; incl. Sci. medioplicata Thiele 1925, Sci. timora Melvill & Standen 1912, Schizotrochus timora] ZG07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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