Scleria terrestris, copyright Mark Marathon.

Belongs within: Cyperaceae.

Scleria is a genus of sedges bearing unisexual flowers, with female flowers not surrounded by a perigynium. Members include S. pygmaea, a small annual (rarely more than five centimetres in height) found in northern Australia in which the two upper glumes of the female spikelet enclose the nut (Bentham 1878).

Characters (from Bentham 1878): Perennials or rarely annuals. Stems triquetrous, leafy, leaf-sheaths often but not always terminating in prominent ligula opposite lamina. Spikelets in clusters or small corymbose or oblong panicles, terminal and axillary, or in large compound terminal panicle. Flowers unisexual in unisexual or androgynous spikelets, female flowers always solitary in spikelet, males usually several, placed above female one in androgynous spikelets. Glumes imbricate all round, one to three outer ones empty. No hypogynous bristles or scales. Stamens 1 to 3. Style slender, deciduous, with three filiform stigmatic branches. Nut globular or ovoid, usually white, raised on a thickened entire or more or less three-lobed single or double disk.

<==Scleria [incl. S. ser. Subspicatae; Sclerieae]B78
|--S. browniiSB19 [incl. S. distansB78, S. pallidiflora Boeckel 1875B78]
`--+--+--S. lithospermaSB19 [incl. Hypoporum capillareB78, S. capillarisB78, H. sieberiB78]
| | |--S. l. var. lithospermaB78
| | `--S. l. var. linearisB78
| `--+--S. castaneaSB19
| `--+--S. pergracilisSB19
| `--+--S. bulbiferaSB19
| `--S. pantadeniaSB19
`--+--+--S. ciliataSB19
| |--S. oliganthaSB19
| `--S. triglomerataSB19
`--+--+--+--S. greigiifoliaSB19
| | `--S. ser. LaxaeB78
| | |--S. laxa [incl. S. novae-hollandiae Boeckel 1875]B78
| | `--S. rugosa Br. 1810SB19, G72 (see below for synonymy)
| `--+--S. lacustrisSB19
| `--S. poiformisSB19
`--+--+--S. melanomphalaSB19
| `--+--S. cyperinaSB19
| `--S. secansSB19
`--+--S. carphiformisSB19
`--+--+--S. bifloraSB19
| `--S. foliosaSB19
`--+--S. iostephanaSB19
`--+--+--S. ciliarisSB19
| `--+--S. levisSB19 [incl. S. zeylanicaG72]
| `--S. terrestrisSB19
`--+--+--S. flagellum-nigrorumSB19
| `--+--S. bracteataSB19
| `--S. latifoliaSB19
`--+--+--S. eggersianaSB19
| `--S. microcarpaSB19
`--+--S. mitisSB19
`--S. racemosaSB19

Scleria incertae sedis:
S. canescensSWK87
S. flagellumC55
S. lingulataLK14
S. mackaviensis Boeckel 1875B78
S. malaccensisB78
S. muehlenbergii Steudel 1841CRG03
S. paucifloraV72
S. polycarpaB00
S. psilorrhizaLK14
S. reflexaC55
S. reticularis Michaux 1803CRG03
|--S. r. var. reticularisCRG03
`--S. r. var. pubescensCRG03
S. scrobiculataB78
S. setoso-asperula Boeckel 1875B78
S. sumatrensisB00
S. thwaitesianaG72
S. verticillataV72
S. (ser. Axillares) pygmaea [=Diplacrum pygmaeum, Hypoporum pygmaeum, Sphaeropus pygmaeus]B78
S. (ser. Dioicae) sphacelataB78
S. (ser. Macrostachyae) oryzoidesB78
S. ser. PolystachyaeB78
|--S. chinensisB78
|--S. graeffeanaB78
|--S. hebecarpa [incl. S. dietrichiae Boeckel 1875]B78
|--S. margaritiferaB78
`--S. tesselata [incl. S. steudeliana, S. uliginosa]B78
|--S. t. var. tesselataB78
`--S. t. var. debilisB78

Scleria rugosa Br. 1810SB19, G72 [incl. S. flaccida Clarke 1894 non Steud. 1855G72, S. lateriflora Boeck. 1874G72]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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