Sclerorinus bubalus, copyright Simon Grove.

Belongs within: Cyclominae.

Sclerorinus is a genus of amycterine weevils with a single median carina along the rostrum. Species are often variable in sculpture and many require revision (Zimmerman 1993).

<==Sclerorinus Macleay 1865 [=Sclerorhinus (l. c.), Sclerorrhinus (l. c.)]Z93
|--*S. adelaidae Macleay 1865 (see below for synonymy)Z93
|--S. albovittatus Ferguson 1914Z93
|--S. amycteroides Ferguson 1914Z93
|--S. angustior Ferguson 1916Z93
|--S. angustipennis Sloane 1893 [=Sclerorhinus angustipennis]Z93
|--S. apicalis Macleay 1865Z93
|--S. aterrimus Erichson 1916Z93
|--S. besti Ferguson 1921Z93
|--S. biordinatus Macleay 1866Z93
|--S. blackburni Ferguson 1914Z93
|--S. browni Ferguson 1916Z93
|--S. bubalus (Olivier 1807) (see below for synonymy)Z93
|--S. carteri Ferguson 1916Z93
|--S. convexus (Sloane 1893) [=Talaurinus convexus; incl. S. convexus var. spenceri Ferguson 1914]Z93
|--S. daveyi Ferguson 1921Z93
|--S. dilaticollis Macleay 1865Z93
|--S. dimidiatus Macleay 1866Z93
|--S. dixoni Ferguson 1915Z93
|--S. dolens (Boisduval 1835) [=Amycterus dolens]Z93
|--S. elderi Sloane 1893Z93
|--S. elongatus (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus elongatus]Z93
|--S. exilis Macleay 1865 [incl. S. angustus Macleay 1865, S. angustatus (l. c.)]Z93
|--S. germari Macleay 1866Z93
|--S. goudiei Ferguson 1915Z93
|--S. hopei (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus hopei, Psalidura hopei]Z93
|--S. horridus Macleay 1865Z93
|--S. inconstans Lea 1911 [incl. S. alpicola Ferguson 1914]Z93
|--S. inornatus Ferguson 1915Z93
|--S. insignis (Sloane 1893) [=Talaurinus insignis]Z93
|--S. kirbyi (Boisduval 1835) [=Amycterus kirbyi; incl. S. subcostatus Macleay 1865, S. vermiculatus Macleay 1865]Z93
|--S. laticollis Macleay 1866Z93
|--S. longus Macleay 1865Z93
|--S. mastersii Macleay 1866Z93
|--S. meliceps Pascoe 1874 [=Sclerorhinus meliceps]Z93
|--S. molestus Pascoe 1874 [=Sclerorhinus molestus]Z93
|--S. molossus (Pascoe 1874) [=Talaurinus molossus]Z93
|--S. mucronipennis Ferguson 1914Z93
|--S. neglectus Ferguson 1914Z93
|--S. nigrospinosus (Donovan 1805) (see below for synonymy)Z93
|--S. noctis (Sloane 1893) [=Talaurinus noctis]Z93
|--S. obliteratus Macleay 1865Z93
|--S. oblongatus Ferguson 1916Z93
|--S. obscurus (Sloane 1893) [=Talaurinus obscurus]Z93
|--S. occidentalis Sloane 1893Z93
|--S. parvulus Macleay 1865Z93
|--S. pilularius Macleay 1866Z93
|--S. queenslandicus Ferguson 1916Z93
|--S. regularis Ferguson 1914Z93
|--S. riverinae Macleay 1865 [incl. S. alternus Macleay 1865, S. alternans (l. c.)]Z93
|--S. sabulosus Macleay 1866 [incl. S. arenosus Macleay 1866]Z93
|--S. sloanei Ferguson 1921Z93
|--S. sordidus Macleay 1865 [incl. S. acuminatus Macleay 1865]Z93
|--S. spencei (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus spencei, Psalidura spencei]Z93
|--S. squalidus Macleay 1865Z93
|--S. stewartii Macleay 1865 [incl. S. taeniatus Pascoe 1874]Z93
|--S. stutchburyi Macleay 1865Z93
|--S. subcarinatus Ferguson 1916Z93
|--S. sublineatus (Germar 1848) [=Amycterus sublineatus; incl. S. marginatus Pascoe 1874]Z93
|--S. subsequens Macleay 1865 [incl. S. interruptus Macleay 1865]Z93
|--S. tristis (Boisduval 1835) [=Amycterus tristis; incl. S. asper Macleay 1865, S. howittii Macleay 1865]Z93
|--S. tuberculosus Macleay 1865 [incl. S. mucronatus Macleay 1885]Z93
|--S. verrucosus Macleay 1865Z93
`--S. vestitus Macleay 1866Z93

*Sclerorinus adelaidae Macleay 1865 [incl. S. angasii Macleay 1865, S. confusus Macleay 1865, S. conspersus Macleay 1865, S. divaricatus Macleay 1865, S. fuscus Macleay 1865, S. interioris Macleay 1865, S. irregularis Macleay 1865, S. nodulosus Macleay 1865, S. rugicollis Macleay 1865, S. vittatus Macleay 1865, S. waterhousei Macleay 1865]Z93

Sclerorinus bubalus (Olivier 1807) [=Curculio bubalus, Amycterus bubalus; incl. A. morosus Boisduval 1835, Cubicorrhynchus morosus]Z93

Sclerorinus nigrospinosus (Donovan 1805) [=Curculio nigrospinosus, Amycterus nigrospinosus, Brachycerus nigrospinosus, Hipporhinus nigrospinosus; incl. Amycterus carinatus Boisduval 1835, Sclerorhinus carinatus]Z93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[Z93] Zimmerman, E. C. 1993. Australian Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) vol. 3. Nanophyidae, Rhynchophoridae, Erirhinidae, Curculionidae: Amycterinae, literature consulted. CSIRO Australia.

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