Yellowfin tuna Thunnus albacares, copyright Elias Levy.

Belongs within: Scombrimorpharia.

The Scombridae, mackerels and tunas, are fast-swimming predatory fishes inhabiting the open ocean.

Characters (from Collette 2002): Streamlined form tapering to snout and tail, scales absent or very small, two dorsal fins, one spiny and one soft, 5–12 small finlets behind soft dorsal fin and behind anal fin, very slender caudal peduncle with two small keels at base, deeply forked or lunate caudal fin. Pectoral fins place high on body, with 19–36 rays; pelvic fins I, 5; vertebrae 31–64; hypural plate mostly covered by caudal fin rays; caudal fin rays supported by three to five centra.

    |  i. s.: RastrelligerM58
    |           |--R. brachysoma (Bleeker 1851) [=Scomber brachysoma]M58
    |           `--R. kanagurta (Cuvier 1829)M58 (see below for synonymy)
    |         Nesogrammus piersoni Evermann & Seale 1906JR10
    |--GasterochismaB96 [GasterochismatinaeC02, Gasterochismatini]
    |    `--G. melampusB96
    `--Scombrinae [Katsuwonidae]C02
         |  i. s.: Cybiosarda elegansG75
         |         Grammatorcynus [Grammatorcynini]P93
         |           |--G. bicarinatus (Quoy & Gaimard 1824) [=Thynnus bicarinatus]M58
         |           |--G. bilineatus (Rüppell 1836)MM09
         |           `--G. scomberoides Arambourg 1967P93
         |    |--ScombrosardaP93
         |    |    |--S. decipiens (Casier 1966)P93
         |    |    `--S. turkmenica Danil’chenko 1968P93
         |    `--Scomber Linnaeus 1758ND13, L58
         |         |--S. amia Linnaeus 1758L58
         |         |--S. australasicus Cuvier 1831M58
         |         |--S. colias Gmelin 1789 [=Pneumatophorus colias]C02
         |         |--S. glaucus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |         |--S. japonicus Houttuyn 1782 [incl. S. uam Thiollière 1857]M58
         |         |--S. kanaguntaP61
         |         |--S. pelagicus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |         |--S. scombrus Linnaeus 1758C02
         |         `--S. thynnus Linnaeus 1758L58
         `--+--Scomberomorini [Scomberomoridae]C02
            |    |--Sawara niphoniaG75
            |    |--Indocybium semifasciatumG75
            |    |--SphyraenodusP93
            |    |    |--S. multidentatus Dartevelle & Casier 1959P93
            |    |    `--S. rupeliensis (Dollo & Storms 1888)F91
            |    |--CybiumM58
            |    |    |--C. guttatusP61
            |    |    `--C. queenslandicusG75
            |    |--LandanichthysP93
            |    |    |--L. lusitanicus Dartevelle & Casier 1949P93
            |    |    `--L. moutai Dartevelle & Casier 1949P93
            |    `--ScomberomorusND13
            |         |--S. cavalla (Cuvier 1829)C02
            |         |--S. commerson (Lacépède 1800)OC03, M58 [=Scomber commersonM58, Scomberomorus (Cybium) commersonM58]
            |         |--S. konamJR10
            |         |--S. maculatus (Mitchill 1815)C02
            |         |--S. niphoniusLN10
            |         |--S. regalis (Bloch 1793)C02
            |         `--S. tritorEA03
               |    |--Palaeothunnus parvidentatus Danil’chenko 1968P93
               |    `--SardaND13
               |         |--S. chiliensisG75
               |         |    |--S. c. chiliensisG75
               |         |    `--S. c. australisG75
               |         |--S. lineolataW81
               |         |--S. palaeocaena (Leriche 1909)P93
               |         `--S. sarda (Bloch 1793)C02
               `--Thunnini [Thunnidae]C02
                    |--Kishinoella tonggolG75
                    |--Neothunnus macropterus (Schlegel 1844) [=Thynnus macropterus]M58
                    |--Parathunnus mebachi (Kishinouye 1915) [=Thunnus mebachi; incl. P. sibi Nakamura 1954]M58
                    |--Euthynnus alletteratus (Rafinesque 1810)C02 (see below for synonymy)
                    |    |--K. pelamis (Linnaeus 1758)C02 [=Scomber pelamisM58, Euthynnus pelamisM58]
                    |    `--K. vagansP62 (see below for synonymy)
                    |    |--G. nuda (Günther 1860) [=Pelamys nuda]M58
                    |    `--G. unicolor (Rüppell 1836)MM09
                    |    |--A. rochei (Risso 1810)C02
                    |    |    |--A. r. rocheiC02
                    |    |    `--A. r. eudoraxC02
                    |    `--A. thazard (Lacépède 1802) [=Scomber thazard; incl. S. taso Cuvier & Valenciennes 1831]M58
                         |--T. alalunga Bonnaterre 1788C02
                         |    |--T. a. alalungaG75
                         |    `--T. a. germoG75
                         |--T. albacares (Bonnaterre 1788)MM09
                         |--T. maccoyiB96
                         |--T. macropterusNM72
                         |--T. obesusC02
                         |--T. orientalis [=T. thynnus orientalis]C02
                         |--T. secundodorsalisD56
                         `--T. thynnus (Linnaeus 1758)C02

Euthynnus alletteratus (Rafinesque 1810)C02 [=Scomber alletteratusM58; incl. Thynnus thunnina Günther 1889M58]

Katsuwonus vagansP62 [incl. Thynnus affinis de Beaufort & Chapman 1951 non Guér. 1839 (not preoc. as in homonym. gen.)P62, M58, E. alletteratus affinisP62, M58]

Rastrelliger kanagurta (Cuvier 1829)M58 [=Scomber kanagurtaM58; incl. S. chrysozonus Peters 1876M58, S. loo Lesson 1829M58, Rastrelliger looJR10, S. microlepidotus Meyer 1885M58, R. serventyiM58]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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