Japanese angelshark Squatina japonica, copyright Ryo Sato.
Belongs within: Chondrichthyes.
Contains: Carcharhiniformes, Lamniformes, Orectolobiformes, Hexanchiformes, Squalidae.

The Selachimorpha are the clade including all modern sharks, distinguished from the rays by the pectoral fins remaining separate from the head. Most living sharks can be divided between the clades Galeomorphii and Squalomorphii with members of the latter clade being characterised by a projection into the orbit from the upper-jaw cartilage (Mallatt & Winchell 2007).

|  i. s.: Scylliodus antiquus [=Scyliorhinus antiquus, Scyllium antiquum] B18
|–Galeomorphii B96
|    |  i. s.: Synechodontiformes [Palaeospinacomorphii] D01
|    |           |  i. s.: Synechodus D01
|    |           |           |–S. enniskilleni D01
|    |           |           |–S. occultidens D01
|    |           |           |–S. pinnai Duffin 1987 D01
|    |           |           `–S. riegrafi D01
|    |           `–Palaeospinacidae CDZ93
|    |                |–Palaeospinax H72
|    |                `–Paraorthacodus D01
|    |                     |–P. arduennae Delsate 2001 D01
|    |                     |–P. clarkii (Eastman 1901) CDZ93
|    |                     |–P. eocaenus (Leriche 1902) CDZ93
|    |                     |–P. jurensis D01
|    |                     `–P. kruckowi D01
|    |–Carcharhiniformes MW07
|    `–Lamnoidei [Galeoidea] M58
|         |–Lamniformes MW07
|         `–Orectolobiformes MW07
`–+–Heterodontus [Heterodontidae, Heterodontiformes] MW07
|    |–H. duffini Thies 1983 CDZ93
|    |–H. eocaenus (Regan 1864) [=Asteracanthus eocaenus] CDZ93
|    |–H. falcifer (Wagner 1857) CDZ93
|    |–H. francisci B96
|    |–H. galeatus G75
|    |–H. japonica M96
|    `–H. portusjacksoni G75
`–Squalomorphii B96
|  i. s.: Protospinax [Protospinacidae, Protospinaciformes] B96
|           |–P. annectans Woodward 1919 CDZ93
|           `–P. planus DC02
|–Hexanchiformes MW07
`–+–Pristiophoridae [Pristiophoriformes] MW07
|    |–Pristiophorus tumidens (Woodward 1932) MW07, CDZ93
|    `–Pliotrema B96
`–+–Squatina (see below for synonymy) MW07
|    |–S. acanthoderma Fraas 1854 CDZ93
|    |–S. aculeata VF21
|    |–S. angeloides F91
|    |–S. californica C84
|    |–S. dumeril C84
|    |–S. japonica VF21
|    `–S. tergocellata KW70
`–Squaliformes [Squaloidea] MW07
|  i. s.: Zameus squamulosus VF21
|–Squalidae C84
`–Echinorhinidae CDZ93
|–Gibbechinorhinus lewyi Cappetta 1990 CDZ93
`–Echinorhinus G60
|–E. brucus (Bonnaterre 1788) [incl. E. mccoyi] G60
`–E. cookei Pitschmann 1928 G60

Squatina [Rhinae, Rhinida, Rhiniformes, Rhinoidei, Squatinae, Squatinidae, Squatiniformes, Squatinina, Squatinoidea, Squatinoidei, Squatinomorphii, Tectospondyli] MW07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 26 March 2022.

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