Dorsal view of Paraselenca marginata, from Roewer (1935).

Belongs within: Assamiidae.

The Selencinae are a group of assamiid harvestmen found in Africa with distitarsus I two-segmented, metatarsus II undivided and pectinate claws on tarsi III and IV (Santos & Prieto 2010).

    |--Selenca Sørensen 1896SP10
    |    `--*S. maculata Sørensen 1896S92
    |--Selencula Roewer 1935SP10
    |    `--*S. filipes (Roewer 1927) [=Selenca filipes]R35
    |--Selencasta Roewer 1935SP10
    |    `--*S. minuscula (Roewer 1927) [=Selenca minuscula]R35
    |--Jaundea Roewer 1935SP10
    |    `--*J. spinulata (Roewer 1912) [=Selenca spinulata, Euselenca spinulata]R35
    |--Metaselenca Roewer 1912SP10
    |    `--*M. h-album (Loman 1910) [=Selenca h-album]S92
    |--Humbea Roewer 1935SP10
    |    `--*H. bimaculata Roewer 1935R35
    |--Cassinia Roewer 1927 non Brown 1817 (ICBN)SP10
    |    `--*C. macrochelis Roewer 1927S92
    |--Bolama Roewer 1927SP10
    |    `--*B. spinosa Roewer 1927S92
    |--Umbonimba Roewer 1953SP10
    |    `--*U. acanthops Roewer 1953S92
    |--Seuthesplus Roewer 1935SP10
    |    |--*S. nigeriensis Roewer 1935R35
    |    `--S. perarmatus Lawrence 1965S92
    |--Sassandria Roewer 1912SP10 [incl. Aburitius Roewer 1935S92, Assiniana Roewer 1914S92]
    |    |--*S. bicolor Roewer 1912S92 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--S. tenuipes Lawrence 1965S92
    |--Euselenca Roewer 1923SP10
    |    |--*E. gracilis (Sørensen 1896) [=Selenca gracilis]R35
    |    `--E. feae Roewer 1927R35
    |--Seuthes Roewer 1935SP10
    |    |--*S. simonis (Sørensen in Henriksen 1932)SP10, KM20 [=Paraselenca simonisKM20]
    |    `--S. inermis Santos & Prieto 2010SP10
    |--Binderia Roewer 1935SP10
    |    |--*B. spinarmata Roewer 1935SP10
    |    `--B. longipes Santos & Prieto 2010SP10
    |--Seuthessus Kauri 1985SP10
    |    |--*S. pustulatus Kauri 1985SP10
    |    `--S. coriscanus Santos & Prieto 2010SP10
    `--Paraselenca Roewer 1923R35
         |--*P. aculeata (Roewer 1912) [=Selenca aculeata]S92
         |--P. hispida (Roewer 1912) [=Selenca hispida]R35
         `--P. marginata Roewer 1935R35

*Sassandria bicolor Roewer 1912S92 [incl. *Aburitius inermis Roewer 1935R35, S92, Assiniana reticulata Roewer 1914S92, Ab. yapo Roewer 1935S92]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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