Greater weever Trachinus draco, copyright Philippe Guillaume.

Belongs within: Percomorpharia.
Contains: Anthiidae, Epinephelidae, Serranidae, Triglimorpha, Notothenioidei, Percidae.

The Serraniformes are a clade of fishes united by molecular data, uniting the Percidae and Serranidae sensu lato with taxa historically classified as Scorpaeniformes, Gasterosteiformes, etc.

<==Serraniformes [Grammistidae, Grammistinae, Notothenioidea, Notothenioidi]LM13
    |  i. s.: TrachypomaSC07
    |         Apistus Cuvier 1828S57 [incl. Polemius Kaup 1858S57, Pterichthys Swainson 1839S57; ApistidaeB-RB13, Apistinae]
    |           `--A. carinatus (Bloch 1801) (see below for synonymy)S57
    |         EschmeyeridaeB-RB13
    |         PerryenidaeB-RB13
    |  `--EpinephelidaeLM13
       |  `--TriglimorphaLM13
          |  `--BembropidaeLM13
          |       |--BembropsLM13 [incl. HypsicometesR13]
          |       |    |--B. anatirostrisND13
          |       |    |--B. gobioidesND13
          |       |    `--B. heterurusSC07
          |       `--ChrionemaR13
          `--+--Niphon [Niphonidae]ND13
             |    `--N. spinosus Cuvier 1828LD09
                  |  i. s.: Percoideorum pseudochanda Nolf & Dockery 1990P93
                  |         Proserranus lundensis (Davis 1850)P93
                  |         Eoserranus hislopi Woodward 1908P93
                  `--Trachinidae [Trachininae]B-RB13
                       |--Echiichthys vipera (Cuvier 1829)LD09
                       |    |--C. recticaudus Agassiz 1838P93
                       |    `--C. speciosus Agassiz 1838P93
                       `--Trachinus Linnaeus 1758L58
                            |--*T. draco Linnaeus 1758L58
                            |--T. collignoniSC07
                            `--T. radiatusPP89

Apistus carinatus (Bloch 1801) [=Scorpaena carinata; incl. *A. alatus Cuvier 1829, A. evolans Jordan & Starks 1904, A. faurei Gilchrist & Thompson 1908, A. israelitarum Ehrenberg 1829, A. macrolepidotus Ogilby 1910, A. venenans Jordan & Starks 1904, A. warrahminoo Russell 1803]S57

*Type species of generic name indicated


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