Blue streamgoby Sicyopterus lagocephalus, copyright Kirby Morejohn.

Belongs within: Gobionellidae.

The Sicydiinae are a group of gobies with a single row of teeth each side of the lower jaw and  fleshy lobe each side of the pelvic fraenum (Smith 1960).

Characters (from Smith 1960, as Sicydiaphiinae): Elongate body, naked, partly or fully scaly. Two dorsal fins. Pelvics cup-shaped, free or adnate to belly, fraenum with fleshy lobe each side. Single row of simple teeth in lower jaw, often labial teeth.

<==Sicydiinae [Sicydiaphiidae, Sicydiaphiinae]
    |--Sicyopus balinense (Bleeker 1856–1857) [=Sicydium balinense]M58
    |--Pleurosicyops Smith 1959S59
    |    `--*P. timidus Smith 1959S59
    |--Luposicya Smith 1959S59
    |    `--*L. lupus Smith 1959S59
    |--Bryanina Fowler 1932S59
    |    `--*B. inana Fowler 1932S59
    |--Pyosicus Smith 1960S60
    |    `--*P. niger Smith 1960S60
    |    |--S. elegans (Steindachner 1880) [=Sicydium elegans; incl. St. semoni Weber 1895]M58
    |    `--S. stevensoniT90
    |--Bryaninops Smith 1959S59
    |    |--*B. ridens Smith 1959S59
    |    `--B. natans Larson 1985MM09
    |--Pleurosicya Weber 1913S59
    |    |--*P. boldinghi Weber 1913S59
    |    |--P. annandalei Hornell & Fowler 1922S59
    |    `--P. mossambica Smith 1959S59
    `--Sicyopterus Gill 1860S59 [incl. Sicydium Günther 1861H27]
         |--*S. stimpsoni Gill 1860S59
         |--S. acutipinnis (Guichenot 1863) [=Cotylopus acutipinnis, Sicydium acutipinnis]S59
         |--S. crassus Herre 1927H27
         |--S. cynocephalus (Valenciennes 1837) [=Sicydium cynocephalum]M58
         |--S. extraneus Herre 1927H27
         |--S. fasciatus (Day 1878) [=Sicydium fasciatum]S59
         |--S. fuliag Herre 1927H27
         |--S. gymnauchen (Bleeker 1858) [=Sicydium gymnauchen]M58
         |--S. japonicusH27
         |--S. lacrymosus Herre 1927H27
         |--S. lagocephalus (Pallas 1774) [=Sicydium lagocephalus; incl. Sicydium laticeps Val. 1837]S59
         |--S. longifilisH27
         |--S. macrostetholepisT90
         |--S. ouwensi Weber 1913M58
         |--S. panayensis Herre 1927H27
         |--S. parvipinnis (Guichenot 1863) [=Cotylopus parvipinnis, Sicydium parvipinnis]S59
         |--‘Sicydium’ plumieriSWK87
         `--S. taeniurusH27 [=Sycidium taeniurumP89]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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