Sidama abessinica, from Roewer (1935).

Belongs within: Assamiidae.

The Sidaminae are a group of assamiid harvestmen found in Africa with large ventral spines on the pedipalp. They have been distinguished from the Maruinae by the absence of a median spine on the anterior margin of the carapace (Kauri 1985) but the significance of this distinction is questionable.

Characters (from Santos & Prieto 2010): Femur of pedipalp with large ventral spines; distitarsus I two-segmented; metatarsus II undivided; tarsi III and IV with smooth claws.

    |--Eusidama Roewer 1913R35
    |    `--*E. minima Roewer 1913S92
    |--Edeala Roewer 1927R35
    |    `--*E. palpiplus Roewer 1927S92
    |--Blantyrea Roewer 1912R35
    |    `--*B. armata Roewer 1912S92
    |--Congolla Roewer 1935R35
    |    `--*C. hispidipalpus Roewer 1935R35
    |--Neosidama Roewer 1915R35
    |    `--*N. longipes Roewer 1915S92
    |--Congonia Roewer 1935R35
    |    `--*C. spinifrons Roewer 1935R35
    |--Vilhena Lawrence 1949L49
    |    `--*V. delicata Lawrence 1949L49
    |--Scabrosidama Lawrence 1962L62
    |    `--*S. serratichelis Lawrence 1962S92
    |--Lisposidama Lawrence 1962L62
    |    `--*L. filipes Lawrence 1962S92
    |--Abanatus Roewer 1950K85, S92
    |    `--*A. beloti Roewer 1950S92
    |--Celimba Roewer 1940K85, S92
    |    `--*C. parvula Roewer 1940S92
    |--Fizibius Roewer 1961L62, S92
    |    `--*F. proprius Roewer 1961S92
    |--Mwenga Kauri 1985K85
    |    `--*M. setosa Kauri 1985S92
    |--Kituvia Kauri 1985K85
    |    `--*K. spinifera Kauri 1985S92
    |--Katangania Kauri 1985K85
    |    `--*K. monticola Kauri 1985S92
    |--Orsimonia Roewer 1935R35 [incl. Othmar Roewer 1935S92]
    |    |--*O. filipes Roewer 1935S92
    |    `--O. gracillima (Roewer 1935)S92 [=*Othmar gracillimusR35]
    |--Amhara Pavesi 1897SP10 [incl. Argobba Roewer 1935S92, Harsadia Roewer 1935S92; Harsadiinae]
    |    |--*A. grata Pavesi 1897S92 [incl. *Harsadia spinosa Roewer 1935R35, S92]
    |    `--A. nigrescens (Roewer 1935)S92 [=*Argobba nigrescensR35]
    |--Metasidama Roewer 1915R35
    |    |--*M. ephippiata Roewer 1915S92
    |    `--M. gracilis Lawrence 1962S92
    `--Sidama Pavesi 1895R35 [incl. Phezilbus Roewer 1935S92]
         |--*S. moesta Pavesi 1895S92
         `--S. abessinica Roewer 1912R35 [incl. *Phezilbus spiniger Roewer 1935R35, S92]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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