Sigalphus irrorator, copyright Karol Ox.

Belongs within: Ichneumonoidea.

The Sigalphinae are a cosmopolitan group of braconid wasps that develop as endoparasites of Lepidoptera (Achterberg 1993). The first metasomal tergite is immovably joined to the second in the Afrotropical genus Minanga but free in other genera.

Characters (from Achterberg 1993): Scutellum with medio-posterior depression; fore wing with marginal cell short, acute apically, vein 2m-cu absent; hind wing with vein 2-CU sclerotised, situated above bulla near lower level of vein 2A, far below middle of vein cu-a; hind spurs cylindrical; basal half of first metasomal tergite open ventrally, dorsal carinae of this tergite usually strongly developed; fourth and following tergites largely or completely retracted below third tergite; second and third metasomal sternites separated and weakly sclerotised.

|--Minanga [Minangini]A93
| `--M. serrataA93
|--Acampsis [Acampsini]A93
| |--A. alternipesA93
| `--A. chinensisA93
`--Sigalphus Latreille 1802L02 [SigalphiniA93]
|--S. ambiguusMS01
|--S. gravidator (Linnaeus 1758)L02, L58 [=Ichneumon gravidatorL02]
|--S. irroratorA93 [=Ichneumon irroratorL02]
|--S. obscurellusMS01
|--S. oculator [=Ichneumon oculator]L02
|--S. rufescensR26
|--S. rufipesR26
|--S. semirugosus [=Alysia (Sigalphus) semirugosus]G20
`--S. sulcatusR26

*Type species of generic name indicated


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