Healdianella darwinuloides, from Benson et al. (1961).

Belongs within: Ostracoda.

The Bairdiocyprididae are a group of ostracods known from the mid-Ordovician to the mid-Late Carboniferous (Whatley et al. 1993).

<==Sigilliocopina [Bairdiocypridacea]L05
| i. s.: Pseudorayella Neckaja 1960B94
| |--*P. scala Neckaja 1960B94
| `--P. antis Neckaja 1966B94
| Baschkirina Rozhdestvenskaya 1959B94
| |--Sigilliidae [Sigiliidacea, Sigillidae, Sigilliumidae, Sigilliuminae]MD01
| | |--Sigillium Kuznetsova 1960BB61
| | | `--*S. procerum Kuznetsova 1960BB61
| | `--Saipanetta McKenzie 1967 [Saipanettidae]DH86
| | |--S. brooksi Maddocks 1973DH86
| | |--S. cloudi McKenzie 1967DH86
| | |--S. kelloughae Maddocks 1972DH86
| | |--S. mckenziei Teeter 1975DH86
| | `--S. tumida (Brady 1890)DH86
| |--KrausellidaeL05
| | |--Krausella Ulrich 1894 [incl. Basslerites Teichert 1937 non Howe 1937, Rayella Teichert 1939]BB61
| | | |--*K. inaequalis Ulrich 1894BB61
| | | `--K. brevicornis (Keenan 1951)B94
| | |--Cooperatia Tolmachoff 1937 [=Cooperia Tolmachoff 1926 non Ransom 1907]BB61
| | | `--*C. granum (Tolmachoff 1926) [=*Cooperia granum]BB61
| | `--Janusella Roth 1929BB61
| | `--*J. biceratina Roth 1929BB61
| `--PachydomellidaeL05
| |--Hesslandites ellipsiformis (Hessland 1949)WSB93
| |--Pachydomella Ulrich 1891 [incl. Senescella Stewart & Hendrix 1945]BB61
| | `--*P. tumida Ulrich 1891BB61
| |--Phanassymetria Roth 1929 [=Phanassymetrica (l. c.), Phanasymmetrica (l. c.)]BB61
| | `--*P. triserrata Roth 1929BB61
| |--Tubulibairdia Swartz 1936BB61
| | |--*T. tubulifera Swartz 1936BB61
| | `--T. punctulataBB61
| |--Aboilia Becker & Adamczak 1993B94
| | `--*A. blessi Becker & Adamczak 1993B94
| |--Elliptocyprites Swain 1962B94
| | |--*E. parallela Swain 1962B94
| | |--E. lindstroemi [=Bythocypris lindstroemi]B94
| | `--E. rectangulatus (Kraft 1962) [=Bythocypris rectangulatus]B94
| |--Microchelinella Geis 1933B94
| |--Shenandoia Kraft 1962B94
| | `--*S. acuminulata Kraft 1962B94
| `--Wenlockiella Lundin 1992B94
`--Bairdiocyprididae [Bairdiocypridoidea]L05
|--Praepilatina homosibirica Becker 1991WSB93
|--Bairdites Coryell & Malkin 1936BB61
| `--*B. deltasulcata Coryell & Malkin 1936BB61
|--Bekena Gibson 1955BB61
| `--*B. diaphrovalvis Gibson 1955BB61
|--Coryellites Kellett 1936 [=Coryellina Kellett 1935 non Bradfield 1935]BB61
| `--*C. firma (Kellett 1935) [=*Coryellina firma]BB61
|--Pseudobythocypris Shaver 1958BB61
| `--*P. pediformis (Knight 1928) [=Bythocypris pediformis]BB61
|--Silenis Neckaja 1958BB61
| `--*S. subtriangulatus Neckaja 1958BB61
|--Arcuaria Neckaja 1958WSB93, BB61
| `--*A. sineclivula Neckaja 1958BB61
|--Bairdiocypris Kegel 1932BB61
| |--*B. gerolsteinensis (Kegel 1932) [=Bythocypris (*Bairdiocypris) gerolsteinensis]BB61
| |--B. homolibraNU83
| `--B. nexheimensisBB61
|--Condracypris Roth 1929BB61
| |--*C. binoda Roth 1929BB61
| `--C. circumvallataBB61
|--Reversocypris Přibyl 1955BB61
| |--*R. regularis Přibyl 1955BB61
| `--R. klukovicensisBB61
|--Healdianella Posner 1951CB86
| |--*H. darwinulinoides Posner 1951BB61
| |--H. miaohuangensis Wang 1983CB86
| `--H. subcuneola Posner 1951S82
`--Uthoernia Schallreuter 1986B94
|--*U. lunata Schallreuter 1986B94
`--U. longofrenatorum Schallreuter 1990B94

*Type species of generic name indicated


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