Silpha tristis, copyright Wim Rubers.

Belongs within: Silphidae.

Silpha is a genus of scavenging beetles native to the Old World.

Characters (from Peck 2001): Antennal club relatively slender; antennomere 2 as long
as 3, 8 as long as 9; labrum broadly, shallowly emarginate; pronotum widest toward base; pronotal postcoxal lobe well-developed, projecting, pointed; mesocoxae widely separated.

Silpha Linnaeus 1758 [incl. Ablattaria Reitter 1884]P01
|--S. tristis Illiger 1798LC20, P01
`--+--S. longicornisLC20
`--S. perforataLC20

Silpha incertae sedis:
S. aestiva Linnaeus 1758L58
S. agaricina Linnaeus 1758L58
S. americana Linnaeus 1758L58
S. aquatica Linnaeus 1758L58
S. beutenmuelleriLC20
S. bipunctata Linnaeus 1758L58
S. carinataC01
S. colon Linnaeus 1758L58
S. depressa Linaeus 1758L58
S. ferruginea Linnaeus 1758L58
S. germanica Linnaeus 1758L58
S. granulataR26
S. grisea Linnaeus 1758L58
S. grossa Linnaeus 1758L58
S. indica Linnaeus 1758L58
S. levigataR26
S. littoralis Linnaeus 1758L58
S. maura Linnaeus 1758L58
S. noveboracensisY96
S. oblonga Linnaeus 1758L58
S. obscura Linnaeus 1758L58
S. opaca Linnaeus 1758L58
S. pedicularis Linnaeus 1758L58
S. puncticollis Lucas 1846E12
S. quadripunctata Linnaeus 1758L58
S. rugosa Linnaeus 1758L58
S. sabulosa Linnaeus 1758L58
S. seminulum Linnaeus 1758L58
S. sinuataL02
S. thoracica Linnaeus 1758L58
S. tuberculata Lucas 1846E12
S. vespillo Linnaeus 1758L58

*Type species of generic name indicated


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