Pea weevil Sitona lineatus, copyright Sam Ebdon.

Belongs within: Entiminae.

Sitona is a genus of weevils associated with herbaceous species of Fabaceae (Anderson 2002).

Characters (from Anderson 2002): Mandible large, hemispherical externally, inner surface slightly cupped; surface of mandible densely squamate except narrow median edge glabrous; mandible without deciduous process; bccal cavity large, maxillary palpus fully or mostly exposed; scrobes lateral; rostrum similar to head in length and width; anterior edge of prothorax straight laterally, not lobed beneath eye.

<==Sitona Germar 1817 (see below for synonymy)A02
    |--*S. gressorius [=Curculio gressorius]M94
    |--S. californicusBM76
    |--S. crinitusC01
    |--S. cylindricollis (Fahraeus 1840)A02
    |--S. discoideus Gyllenhal in Schoenherr 1834M94
    |--S. flavescensC01
    |--S. foedusC01
    |--S. fuscaW41
    |--S. hispidulus (Fabricius 1776)A02
    |--S. lateralisC01
    |--S. lineatus (Linnaeus 1758)A02
    |--S. ocellatus Küster 1849HF03
    |--S. suturalisC01
    `--S. tibialisC01

Sitona Germar 1817 [=Sitones Schoenherr 1840; incl. Charagmus Schoenherr 1826, Clyptus Villa & Villa 1833, Coelositona González 1971, Parasitones Sharp 1896, Sitonidius Mueller 1913]A02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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