Solemya parkinsoni, copyright Te Papa Tongarewa.

Belongs within: Opponobranchia.

Solemya, the razor clams, is a cosmopolitan genus of infaunal bivalves with an elongate ovate to subrectangular shell bearing a well-developed periostracum that extends past the calcareous margin.

Solemya Lamarck 1818 AJH07
    |  i. s.: S. biarmica G31
    |         S. occidentalis Deshayes 1857 S11
    |         S. pusilla Gould 1861 C64
    |         S. reidi GW02
    |         S. togata GW02
    |         S. valvulus C64
    |         S. velesiana Iredale 1931 M12
    |         S. velum Say 1822 SS07
    |–S. (Janeia) ZP86
    |    |–S. (J.) parallela (Beede & Rogers 1899) ZP86
    |    `–S. (J.) primaeva (Phillips 1836) ZP86
    `–S. (Zesolemya Iredale 1939) P61
         `–S. (*Z.) parkinsoni Smith 1874 P61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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