Tropical fire ants Solenopsis geminata, from here.

Belongs within: Myrmicinae.

The Solenopsidini is a group of mostly very small ants, including the notorious fire ants of the genus Solenopsis. Species of Solenopsis have ten-segmented antennae with a two-segmented club, and a single median apical seta on the clypeus (Heterick 2009).

    |--Adlerzia Forel 1902H09, TB85 [incl. Stenothorax McAreavey 1949 non Harris 1827TB85]
    |    `--*A. froggatti (Forel 1902) (see below for synonymy)TB85
    |--Anisopheidole Forel 1914 H09,TB85
    |    `--A. antipodum (Smith 1858) (see below for synonymy)TB85
    |--Carebara Westwood 1841H09, B03
    |    |--*C. lignata Westwood 1841B03
    |    |--C. atomusH09
    |    |--C. castaneaE89
    |    `--C. cornigerH09
    `--Solenopsis Westwood 1840 (see below for synonymy)Z01
         |  i. s.: S. aurea Wheeler 1906NT01
         |         S. carolinensisES12
         |         S. froggatti Forel 1913TB85
         |         S. fugaxES12
         |         S. fusciventris Clark 1934TB85
         |         S. insculpta Clark 1938TB85
         |         S. invicta Buren 1972FT08
         |         S. molestaBS06
         |         S. nitens Bingham 1903B03
         |         S. quinquecuspisS09
         |         S. richteriS09
         |         S. wroughtoni Forel 1902B03
         |         S. xyloniBS06
         |--*S. (Solenopsis) geminata (Fabricius 1804)Z01 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--S. g. geminataE14
         |    `--S. g. rufaE14
         `--S. (Diplorhoptrum Mayr 1855)H09, Z01
              |--S. (D.) belisarius Forel 1907H09, TB85 [=S. belisariaTB85]
              `--S. (D.) clarki Crawley 1922H09, TB85

*Adlerzia froggatti (Forel 1902) [=Monomorium (*Adlerzia) froggatti; incl. *Stenothorax katerinae McAreavey 1949, Machomyrma silvestrii Emery 1914]TB85

Anisopheidole antipodum (Smith 1858) [=Atta antipodum; incl. Pheidole froggatti Forel 1902, P. (*Anisopheidole) froggatti, Monomorium lippulum Wheeler 1927, P. myops Forel 1902]TB85

Solenopsis Westwood 1840 [incl. Diagyne Santschi 1923, Disolenopsis Kusnezov 1953, Euophthalma Creighton 1930, Granisolenopsis Kusnezov 1957, Labauchena Santschi 1930, Lilidris Kusnezov 1957, Oedaleocerus Creighton 1930, Paranamyrmex Kusnezov 1954, Synsolenopsis Forel 1918]Z01

*Solenopsis (Solenopsis) geminata (Fabricius 1804)Z01 [=Atta geminataTB85, Formica geminataZ01; incl. Myrmica bidentata Smith 1858B03, Solenopsis cephalotes Smith 1858Z01, A. clypeata Smith 1858Z01, A. coloradensis Buckley 1867Z01, Dilorhoptrum drewseni Mayr 1861Z01, M. gayi Spinola 1851Z01, M. glaber Smith 1862Z01, Crematogaster laboriosus Smith 1860Z01, Solenopsis mandibularis Westwood 1841TB85, Myrmica paleata Lund 1831Z01, Atta rufa Jerdon 1851Z01, M. saevissima Smith 1855Z01, Solenopsis saevissimusZ01, M. vireulens Smith 1858Z01]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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