Solenosternus oblongulus (=Linoma oblongula), photographed by Juan Enrique Barriga-Tuñón.

Belongs within: Conoderinae.

Linoma was established by Casey (1922) as a genus of weevils from South America. It was later synonymised with Solenosternus by Kuschel (1983).

<==Solenosternus Schönherr 1825 [incl. Heterothorax Marshall 1945, Linoma Casey 1922]K83
    |--‘Linoma’ carinata Hustache 1951H51
    |--‘Linoma’ coelestis Hustache 1951H51
    |--‘Linoma’ cylindrica Hustache 1951H51
    |--‘Linoma’ cymba Hustache 1951H51
    |--S. dividuus (Champion 1909)D09
    |--‘Linoma’ egena Hustache 1951H51
    |--‘Linoma’ elongatula Hustache 1951H51
    |--‘Linoma’ foveifrons Hustache 1951H51
    |--‘Linoma’ lucens Hustache 1951 [=L. nigerrima ms]H51
    |--‘Linoma’ nigrocyanea Hustache 1951H51
    |--‘Linoma’ oblongula Hustache 1951H51
    |--‘Linoma’ persimilis Hustache 1951H51
    |--S. pullus [=Thanius pullus]K83
    |--‘Linoma’ subdentata Hustache 1951H51
    `--‘Linoma’ subpilosa Hustache 1951 [=L. pilosella ms]H51

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[H51] Hustache, A. 1951. Nouveaux Barinae Sud Américains. Deuxième partie—Barina. Boletim do Museu Nacional, nova serie, Zoologia 96: 1–78.

[K83] Kuschel, G. 1983. New synonymies and combinations of Baridinae from the Neotropic and Nearctic regions (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Coleopterists Bulletin 37 (1): 34–44.

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