Pear rot caused by Potebniamyces pyri, copyright Achour Amiri.

Belongs within: Ascomycota.
Contains: Laboulbeniomycetes, Sordariomycetes, Rhytismatales, Thelebolaceae, Dermateaceae, Sclerotiniaceae, Hyaloscyphaceae, Erysiphaceae.

Mystery fungus
Published 24 August 2018

For this week’s semi-random taxon, I drew the fungal genus Trichangium. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can say about this one. The single species of this genus, Trichangium vinosum was described by German mycologist Wilhelm Kirchstein in 1935 in a volume of the journal Annales Mycologici to which I don’t have access (there are other volumes of this journal available at but seemingly not this one). The original collection was found growing on bark of a pear tree. Since then, Kirchstein’s species seems to have gone largely unrecognised. I could find no further records under this name and recent synopses of ascomycete genera (e.g. Lumbsch & Huhndorf 2010) list it incertae sedis in the order Helotiales. Helotiales are mostly minute fungi with cup-shaped fruiting bodies that most commonly grow as saprobes on organic substrates such as fallen logs or humus.

Fruiting body of Unguiculella robergei, copyright Abel Flahaut.

However, in 1962 the British mycologist Richard Dennis noted that Kirchstein’s description of Trichangium vinosum bore a close resemblance to another bark-living fungus, Unguiculella robergei, and suggested that the two might be the same species. Unguiculella robergei is itself a very rare fungus, otherwise only known from a handful of records in France and Scotland, seemingly all in the month of April (see MycoDB). It has been recorded from bark and dead twigs of mistletoe and roses, producing dark red, disk- or cup-shaped fruiting bodies less than a millimetre in diameter. These fruiting bodies are covered with small glassy hairs; the hooked shape of these hairs was presumably the inspiration for the genus name meaning a small claw or nail. It is possible, of course, that this fungus is more common than realised: with something this small, you need to be looking for it.

Systematics of Sordariomyceta
    |  |--SordariomycetesSS09
    |  `--Kirchsteiniothelia aethiopsLK04
    `--Leotiomycetes [Gelatinodiscaceae, Helotiaceae, Helotiales, Leotiales, Leotiomycetidae, Phacidiales]SS09
         |  i. s.: MyxotrichaceaeEB03O
         |           |--Gymnostellatospora Udagawa, Uchiy. & Kamiya 1993KC01
         |           |--Oidiodendron Robak 1932KC01
         |           |--Byssoascus Arx 1971KC01
         |           |    `--B. striatosporusGS02
         |           |--Myxotrichum Kunze 1823 (see below for synonymy)KC01
         |           |    `--M. defexumGS02
         |           `--Pseudogymnoascus Raillo 1929 [incl. Geomyces Traaen 1914]KC01
         |                |--‘Geomyces’ pannorumZU10
         |                `--P. roseusGS02
         |         Amylocarpus Currey 1859EB03, RS99 [incl. Plectolitus Kohlmeyer 1960RS99]
         |           `--*A. encephaloides Currey 1859 [incl. *Plectolitus acanthosporum Kohlmeyer 1960]RS99
         |         Adelodiscus Syd. 1931KC01
         |         Algincola Velen. 1939KC01
         |         Ambrodiscus Carp. 1988KC01
         |         Ascographa Velen. 1934KC01
         |         Atrocybe Velen. 1947KC01
         |         Benguetia Syd. & Syd. 1917KC01
         |         Capricola Velen. 1947KC01
         |         Chlorospleniella Karst. 1885KC01
         |         Chondroderris Maire 1937KC01
         |         Comesia Sacc. 1884KC01
         |         Cornuntum Velen. 1947KC01
         |         Criserosphaeria Speg. 1912KC01
         |         Cryptopezia Höhn. 1919KC01
         |         Dawsicola Döbbeler 1981KC01
         |         Didymocoryne Sacc. & Trotter 1913KC01
         |         Discomycella Höhn. 1912KC01
         |         Endoscypha Syd. 1924KC01
         |         Gloeotinia Wilson, Noble & Gray 1954 [incl. Endoconidium Prill. & Delacr. 1891]KC01
         |           `--G. granigera [incl. G. temulenta]KC01
         |         Helotiella Sacc. 1884KC01
         |         Hymenobolus Durieu & Mont. 1845KC01
         |         ‘Hyphoscypha’ Velen. 1934 non Bres. 1903KC01
         |         Iridinea Velen. 1934KC01
         |         Lahmiomyces Cif. & Tomas. 1953EB03O, KC01
         |         Laricina Velen. 1934KC01
         |         Lasseria Dennis 1960KC01
         |         Lemalis Fr. 1825KC01
         |         Llimoniella Hafellner & Nav.-Ros. 1993KC01
         |         Malotium Velen. 1934KC01
         |         Masseea Sacc. 1899KC01
         |         Melanopeziza Velen. 1939KC01
         |         Melanormia Körb. 1865KC01
         |         Merodontis Clem. 1909 [incl. Davinciella (Sacc. & Sacc.) Trotter 1928]KC01
         |         Tromeropsis Sherwood 1981EB03N, KC01 [incl. Microspora Velen. 1934 non Thuret 1850EB03N]
         |           `--*T. microtheca [incl. *Microspora dubia]EB03N
         |         Midotiopsis Henn. 1902KC01
         |         Muscia Gizhitsk. 1929KC01
         |         Mycomelanea Velen. 1947KC01
         |         MycosphaerangiumEB03O
         |         Myriodiscus Boedijn 1935 [incl. Ascotremellopsis Teng & Ou ex Ou 1936]KC01
         |         Obconicum Velen. 1939KC01
         |         Orbiliopsis (Sacc.) Syd. 1924KC01
         |         ‘Orbiliopsis’ Velen. 1934 nec (Sacc.) Syd. 1924 nec Höhn. 1926KC01
         |         Peltigeromyces Møller 1901 [=Peltophoromyces Clem. 1909]KC01
         |         Pezomela Syd. 1928KC01
         |         Phaeopyxis Rambold & Triebel 1990KC01
         |         Phragmiticola Sherwood 1987KC01
         |         Phyllopezis Petr. 1949KC01
         |         Pleiopatella Rehm 1908KC01
         |         Polydiscina Syd. 1930KC01
         |         Pseudolachnum Velen. 1934KC01
         |         Pseudopeltis Holm & Holm 1978KC01
         |         Pseudotapesia Velen. 1939KC01
         |         Pseudotryblidium Rehm 1890KC01
         |         Psilophana Syd. 1939KC01
         |         ‘Psilothecium’ Clem. 1903 non Fuckel 1866KC01
         |         Pteromyces Bommer, Rousseau & Sacc. 1906KC01
         |         Rhymbocarpus Zopf 1896EB03O, KC01
         |         Riedera Fr. 1849 (n. d.)KC01
         |         Robincola Velen. 1947KC01
         |         Roburnia Velen. 1947KC01
         |         Sambucina Velen. 1947KC01
         |         Sarcomyces Massee 1891KC01
         |         Schnablia Sacc. & Syd. 1899KC01
         |         Scutulopsis Velen. 1934KC01
         |         Skyttea Sherwood, Hawksw. & Coppins 1981EB03O, KC01
         |         Skyttella Hawksw. & Sant. 1988KC01
         |         Solanella Vaňha 1910KC01
         |         Spirographa Zahlbr. 1903EB03O, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
         |         Starbaeckia Rehm ex Starbäck 1890KC01
         |         Stilbopeziza Speg. 1908KC01
         |         Tanglella Höhn. 1918KC01
         |         Themisia Velen. 1939KC01
         |         Tovariella Syd. 1930KC01
         |         Trichangium Kirschst. 1935KC01
         |         Trichohelotium Killerm. 1935KC01
         |         Tryblis Clem. 1931EB03O, KC01
         |         Tubolachnum Velen. 1934KC01
         |         Urceola Quél. 1886KC01
         |         Woodiella Sacc. & Syd. 1899KC01
         |         Zugazaea Korf, Iturriaga & Lizoñ 1998KC01
         |           `--*Z. agyrioides Korf, Iturriaga & Lizoñ in Iturriaga et al. 1998E99
         |         Phialocephala Kendr. 1961JC03, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
         |           |--*P. dimorphosporaJC03
         |           |--P. canadensisJC03
         |           |--P. fluminisJC03
         |           |--P. fortiniiJC03
         |           |--P. humicola [incl. P. gabalongii]JC03
         |           |--P. trigonosporaJC03
         |           `--P. virens [incl. Mycelium radicis-atrovirens]JC03
         |         Cystodendron Bubák 1914KC01
         |         Ascocorticium Bref. 1891 [Ascocorticiaceae]KC01
         |         HemiphacidiaceaeEB03O
         |           |--Hemiphacidium Korf 1962KC01
         |           |--Korfia Reid & Cain 1963KC01
         |           |--Sarcotrochila Höhn. 1917 [incl. Stegopezizella Syd. 1924]KC01
         |           |--Didymascella Maire & Sacc. 1903 [incl. Keithia Sacc. 1892 non Spreng. 1822]KC01
         |           |    `--D. thujinaKC01
         |           |--Fabrella Krschst. 1941 non Lacroix 1915 (ICZN)KC01
         |           |    `--F. tsugaML04
         |           `--Rhabdocline Syd. 1922EB03O, KC01 [incl. Rhabdogloeum Syd. 1922KC01]
         |                `--R. pseudotsugaeKC01
         |         Chaetomella Fuckel 1870LK04, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
         |           `--C. acutisetaLK04
         |         Microdiscus Sacc. 1916 [=Brachyascus Syd. 1917, Microascus Sacc. 1916 non Zukal 1885]KC01
         |         ‘Cenangiopsis’ Velen. 1947 non Rehm 1912KC01
         |         Ciliella Sacc. & Syd. 1902 non Mousson 1872 (ICZN)KC01
         |         Costantinella Matr. 1892KC01
         |         Cryptocline Petr. 1924 [incl. Gloeotrochila Petr. 1947]KC01
         |         Cystotricha Berk. & Broome 1850 [incl. Pseudopatella Sacc. 1884]KC01
         |         Didonia Velen. 1934KC01
         |         Dothiorina Höhn. 1911KC01
         |         Allophylaria (Karst.) Karst. 1870 [incl. Helotidium Sacc. 1884]KC01
         |         Aquadiscula Shearer & Crane 1985KC01
         |         Bothrodiscus Shear 1907 [incl. Ascocalyx Naumov 1926, Lagerbergia Reid 1971, Pycnocalyx Naumov 1916]KC01
         |         Ascoclavulina Otani 1974KC01
         |         Ascotremella Seaver 1930KC01
         |         Banksiamyces Beaton 1982KC01
         |         Belonioscyphella Höhn. 1918KC01
         |         Bioscypha Syd. 1927KC01
         |         Bryoscyphus Spooner 1984KC01
         |         Bulgariella Karst. 1885KC01
         |         Bulgariopsis Henn. 1902KC01
         |         Calloriopsis Syd. & Syd. 1917 [incl. Diplothrix Vain. 1921]KC01
         |           `--C. gelatinosa (Ellis & Mart.) Sydow & Sydow 1917 [incl. Eriomycopsis minima Hansford 1942]E99
         |         Capillipes Sant. 1956KC01
         |         Carneopezizella Svrček 1987KC01
         |         Cenangiopsis Rehm 1912 [incl. Pyrenopezizopsis Höhn. 1917]KC01
         |         Chlorencoelia Dixon 1975KC01
         |           `--C. tortaHM17
         |         Claussenomyces Kirschst. 1923 (see below for synonymy)KC01
         |         Crumenella Karst. 1890KC01
         |         Crumenulopsis Groves 1969 [=Crumenula Rehm 1889 non De Not. 1864; incl. Digitosporium Gremmen 1953]KC01
         |         Dencoeliopsis Korf 1971KC01
         |         Dicephalospora Spooner 1987EB03O, KC01
         |         Dictyonia Syd. 1904 [incl. Rehmiomyces Henn. 1904]KC01
         |         Encoeliopsis Nannf. 1932 [incl. Neogodronia Schläpf.-Bernh. 1969]KC01
         |         Episclerotium Kohn 1984KC01
         |         Erikssonopsis Morelet 1971 [=Grovesiella Erikss. 1970 non Morelet 1969]KC01
         |         ‘Eubelonis’ Höhn. 1926 non Clem. 1909KC01
         |         Gelatinodiscus Kanouse & Sm. 1940KC01
         |         Gelatinopsis Rambold & Triebel 1990 [=Micropyxis Seeler 1943 non Duby 1930]KC01
         |         Gloeopeziza Zukal 1891KC01
         |         Godronia Moug. & Lév. 1846 (see below for synonymy)KC01
         |         Godroniopsis Diehl & Cash 1929KC01
         |         Gorgoniceps (Karst.) Karst. 1871KC01
         |         Grahamiella Spooner 1981KC01
         |         Gremmeniella Morelet 1969 [incl. Brunchorstia Erikss. 1891]KC01
         |           `--G. abietina [incl. Brunchorstia pinea]KC01
         |         Grimmicola Döbbeler & Hertel 1983KC01
         |         Grovesia Dennis 1960KC01
         |         Grovesiella Morelet 1969KC01
         |         Heterosphaeria Grev. 1824 (see below for synonymy)KC01
         |           `--‘Heteropatella’ antirrhiniKC01
         |         Heyderia Link 1833 [incl. Gymnomitrula Imai 1941, Mitrula Pers. 1794 non Fr. 1821]KC01
         |         Holmiodiscus Svrček 1992KC01
         |         Holwaya Sacc. 1889 [=Ditiola Schulzer 1860 nec Browne 1756 nec Fr. 1822, Jugglerandia Lloyd 1923]KC01
         |         Hymenoscyphus Gray 1821 (see below for synonymy)KC01
         |           |--‘Varicosporium’ delicatumDS79
         |           |--*Varicosporium’ elodeaeDS79
         |           |--H. ericaeSWW95
         |           `--H. monotropaeE99
         |         Jacobsonia Boedijn 1935 non Berlese 1910 (ICZN)KC01
         |         Metapezizella Petr. 1968KC01
         |         Micropodia Boud. 1885KC01
         |         Mniaecia Boud. 1885 [incl. Epiglia Boud. 1885]KC01
         |         Mollisinopsis Arendh. & Sharma 1984KC01
         |         Mytilodiscus Kropp & Carp. 1984KC01
         |         Neocudoniella Imai 1941KC01
         |         Pachydisca Boud. 1885KC01
         |         Parencoelia Petr. 1950KC01
         |         Parorbiliopsis Spooner & Dennis 1986 [incl. Orbiliopsis Höhn. 1926 non (Sacc.) Syd. 1924]KC01
         |         Patinellaria Karst. 1885KC01
         |         Pestalopezia Seaver 1942KC01
         |         Phaeangellina Dennis 1955 [incl. Diehlia Petr. 1951]KC01
         |         Phaeofabraea Rehm 1909 [incl. Perizomatium Syd. 1927]KC01
         |         Phaeohelotium Kanouse 1935KC01
         |         Physmatomyces Rehm 1900KC01
         |         Pocillum De Not. 1863 [incl. Orthoscypha Syd. 1927]KC01
         |         Poculopsis Kirschst. 1935KC01
         |         Polydiscidium Wakef. 1934KC01
         |         Pragmopora Massal. 1855 [incl. Pragmopycnis Sutton & Funk 1975, Ucographa Massal. 1860]KC01
         |         Pseudohelotium Fuckel 1870KC01
         |           `--P. pulchellum [=Mollisia pulchella, Peristomialis pulchella]RS99
         |         Pseudopezicula Korf 1986KC01
         |         Rhizocalyx Petr. 1928 [incl. Bactrexcipula Höhn. 1918, Rhizothyrium Naumov 1915]KC01
         |         Sageria Funk 1975 [incl. Ascoconidium Seaver 1942]KC01
         |         Septopezizella Svrček 1987KC01
         |         Skyathea Spooner & Dennis 1986KC01
         |         Stamnaria Fuckel 1870KC01
         |         Strossmayeria Schulzer 1881 [incl. Leptobelonium Höhn. 1924]KC01
         |         Symphyosirinia Ellis 1956 [incl. Symphyosira Preuss 1853]KC01
         |         Tatraea Svrček 1993KC01
         |         Thindiomyces Arendh. & Sharma 1983KC01
         |         Tympanis Tode 1790 [incl. Pleurophomella Höhn. 1914, Sirodothis Clem. 1909]KC01
         |         Unguiculariopsis Rehm 1909 (see below for synonymy)KC01
         |         Velutarina Korf 1971KC01
         |         Weinmannioscyphus Svrček 1977KC01
         |         Xeromedulla Korf & Zhuang 1987KC01
         |         Xylogramma Wallr. 1833 (see below for synonymy)KC01
         |         Crinula Fr. 1821 [=Crinium Fr. 1819]KC01
         |           `--C. caliciiformisLK04
         |         Crocicreas Fr. 1849 (see below for synonymy)KC01
         |           |--C. epifagicolaE99
         |           `--‘Belonioscypha’ hypnorumKC01
         |         Glarea Bills & Paláez 1999E99
         |           `--*G. lozoyensis Bills et al. 1999E99
         |         Bloxamia Berk. & Broome 1854 (see below for synonymy)KC01
         |         ‘Calycella’ (Sacc.) Sacc. 1899 nec (Fr.) Boud. 1885 nec Quél. 1886]KC01
         |         Discinella Boud. 1885 non Hall 1872 (ICZN)KC01
         |         Discorehmia Kirschst. 1936KC01
         |         Lagerheima Sacc. 1892KC01
         |         Libartania Nag Raj 1979KC01
         |         Livia Velen. 1947 nec Latreille 1802 (ICZN) nec Agassiz 1846 (ICZN)KC01
         |         Lobularia Velen. 1934 nec Lamarck 1816 (ICZN) nec Costa 1839 (ICZN)KC01
         |         Loricella Velen. 1934 non Pilsbry 1893 (ICZN)KC01
         |         Medeolaria Korf 1982 [Medeolariaceae, Medeolariales]KC01
         |         Mitrula Fr. 1821KC01
         |         Muscicola Velen. 1934KC01
         |         Rhodesia Grove 1937 [incl. Myxosporina Höhn. 1927]KC01
         |         Nipterella Starbäck ex Dennis 1962KC01
         |         Ombrophila Fr. 1849 [incl. Acleistia Bayl. Ell. 1917, Haplocybe Clem. 1909, Kubickia Svrček 1957]KC01
         |         Parthenope Velen. 1934KC01
         |         Rimula Velen. 1934 non Defrance 1827 (ICZN)KC01
         `--+--+--+--Naemacyclus Fuckel 1873SS09, KC01 [incl. Lasiostictis (Sacc. & Berl.) Sacc. 1889KC01]
            |  |  |    `--N. fimbriatusSS09
            |  |  `--Cyclaneusma DiCosma, Peredo & Minter 1983SS09, KC01
            |  |       `--C. minus [=Naemacyclus minor]SS09
            |  `--+--+--ThelebolaceaeSS09
            |     |  `--PseudeurotiaceaeEB03O
            |     |       |--Neelakesa Udaiyan & Hosag. 1992EB03O, KC01
            |     |       |--Leuconeurospora Malloch & Cain 1970KC01
            |     |       |    `--L. pulcherrimaSS09
            |     |       |--Pleuroascus Massee & Salmon 1901KC01
            |     |       |    `--P. nicholsoniiGS02
            |     |       `--Pseudeurotium Beyma 1937SS09, KC01 [incl. Levispora Routien 1957KC01]
            |     |            `--P. zonatumSS09
            |     `--+--Microglossum Gillet 1879SS09, KC01 [incl. Helote Hazsl. 1881KC01, Ochroglossum Imai 1955KC01]
            |        |    |--M. rufumSS09
            |        |    `--M. virideLH04
            |        `--LeotiaceaeEB03O
            |             |--Geocoryne Korf 1978KC01
            |             |--Gelatinipulvinella Hosoya & Otani 1995EB03O, KC01
            |             |--Pezoloma Clem. 1909 (see below for synonymy)KC01
            |             |    `--‘Peziza’ marchantiae [=Peristomialis marchantiae]RS99
            |             `--Leotia Pers. 1794SS09, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
            |                  |--L. lubricaLS01
            |                  `--L. viscosaLH04
               |  |    |--Ascocoma Swart 1987 [incl. Coma Nag Raj & Kendr. 1972]KC01
               |  |    |--Lophophacidium Lagerb. 1949 [incl. Neonaumovia Schwarzman 1959]KC01
               |  |    `--Phacidium Fr. 1815 (nom. cons.)SS09, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
               |  |         |--P. infestansKC01
               |  |         `--P. lacerumSS09
               |  `--+--Bulgaria Fr. 1822SS09, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
               |     |    `--B. inquinansIL01
               |     `--Potebniamyces Smerlis 1962SS09, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
               |          |--P. discolorKC01
               |          |--‘Phacidiopycnis’ pseudotsugae [=Phomopsis pseudotsugae]KC01
               |          `--P. pyri [incl. Phacidiopycnis pyri]SS09
                  `--+--+--Meria Vuill. 1896SS09, KC01 [incl. Allescheria Hartig 1899KC01, Hartigiella Syd. 1900KC01]
                     |  |    `--M. laricisSS09
                     |  `--+--Lambertella Höhn. 1918SS09, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
                     |     |    `--L. subrenisporaSS09
                     |     `--+--SclerotiniaceaeSS09
                     |        `--RutstroemiaceaeEB03O
                     |             |--Lanzia Sacc. 1884KC01
                     |             |--Scleromitrula Imai 1941 (see below for synonymy)KC01
                     |             `--Rutstroemia Karst. 1871SS09, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
                     |                  `--R. firmaSS09
                     `--+--+--Bisporella Sacc. 1884SS09, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
                        |  |    `--B. citrinaSS09
                        |  `--+--Neobulgaria Petr. 1921SS09, KC01 [incl. Evulla Kavina 1939KC01]
                        |     |    `--N. puraSS09
                        |     `--+--Chloroscypha Seaver 1931SS09, KC01 [incl. Parksia Cash 1945KC01]
                        |        |    `--C. enterochromaSS09
                        |        `--Ascocoryne Groves & Wilson 1967SS09, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
                        |             `--A. sarcoidesSS09
                           |  `--+--Cudoniella Sacc. 1889SS09, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
                           |     |    `--C. clavusSS09
                           |     `--Connersia Malloch 1974SS09, KC01
                           |          `--C. rilstoniiSS09
                              |  `--+--Chlorociboria Seaver ex Ramamurthi, Korf & Batra 1958SS09, KC01
                              |     |    `--C. aeruginosaSS09
                              |     `--Cyttaria Berk. 1842SS09, KC01 [incl. Cyttariella Palm 1932KC01; Cyttariaceae, Cyttariales]
                              |          `--C. darwiniiLS01
                                 |    |--Chlorovibrissea Kohn 1989KC01
                                 |    |--Leucovibrissea (Sánchez) Korf 1990KC01
                                 |    `--Vibrissea Fr. 1822SS09, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
                                 |         `--V. truncorumSS09
                                 `--+--Loramyces Weston 1929SS09, RS99 [Loramycetaceae]
                                    |    |--*L. juncicola Weston 1929RS99
                                    |    `--L. macrosporusSS09
                                    `--Mollisia (Fr.) Karst. 1871 (nom. cons.)SS09, KC01 (see below for synonymy)
                                         |--‘Peristomialis’ aquilinaRS99
                                         `--M. cinereaSS09

Ascocoryne Groves & Wilson 1967SS09, KC01 [incl. Coryne Nees 1816 non Gaertner 1774 (ICZN)KC01, Pirobasidium Höhn. 1902KC01, Pseudocenangium Knapp 1924 non Karst. 1886KC01]

Bisporella Sacc. 1884SS09, KC01 [=Bispora Fuckel 1870 non Corda 1837KC01; incl. Calycella Quél. 1886 non (Fr.) Boud. 1885KC01]

Bloxamia Berk. & Broome 1854 [incl. Endosporostilbe Subram. 1958, Thecostroma Clem. 1909, Trichotheca Karst. 1887]KC01

Bulgaria Fr. 1822SS09, KC01 [=Burcardia Schmidel 1797 non Burchardia Schreb. 1789KC01, Phaeobulgaria Seaver 1932KC01; incl. Voeltzkowiella Henn. 1908KC01; Bulgariaceae]

Chaetomella Fuckel 1870LK04, KC01 [incl. Harikrishnaella Singh & Sarbhoy 1972KC01, Volutellospora Thirum. & Mathur 1965KC01]

Claussenomyces Kirschst. 1923 [incl. Corynella Boud. 1885 non DC. 1825, Dendrostilbe Dearn. 1924 (n. d.), Dendrostilbella Höhn. 1905, Eustilbum Arnold 1885 (n. n.)]KC01

Crocicreas Fr. 1849 [incl. Ascoverticillata Karmat, Subhedar & Rao 1979, Belonioscypha Rehm 1892, Conchatium Velen. 1934, Cyathicula De Not. 1863, Davincia Penz. & Sacc. 1901, Exotrichum Syd. & Syd. 1914, Podobelonium (Sacc.) Sacc. & Sacc. 1906, Scelobelonium (Sacc.) Höhn. 1905]KC01

Cudoniella Sacc. 1889SS09, KC01 [incl. Helotium Pers. 1801KC01, Isosoma Svrček 1989 nec Billberg 1820 (ICZN) nec Walker 1832 (ICZN)KC01]

Godronia Moug. & Lév. 1846 [incl. Cenangiella Lambotte 1887, Chondropodiella Höhn. 1917, Clinterium Fr. 1849, Crumenula De Not. 1864, Fuckelia Bonord. 1864, Hypocenia Berk. & Curtis 1874, Mastomyces Mont. 1848, Scleroderris (Fr.) Rehm 1888, Sirexcipulina Petr. 1923, Sirodiplospora Naumov 1915, Sphaerocista Preuss 1852, Sporonema Desm. 1847, Topospora Fr. 1836]KC01

Heterosphaeria Grev. 1824 [incl. Darlucis Clem. 1931, Excipulella Höhn. 1915, Excipulina Sacc. 1884, Falcipatella Gucevič 1952, Falcipatellina Gucevič 1952, Heteropatella Fuckel 1873, Pseudodiscosia Hösterm. & Laubert 1921, Viennotiella Negru 1964]KC01

Hymenoscyphus Gray 1821 [=Belospora Clem. 1909, Hymenoscypha (Fr.) Phillips 1887; incl. Articulospora Ingold 1942, Bryophytomyces Cif. 1953, Chloridiella Arnaud 1953 (n. n.), Ciboriella Seaver 1951, Dimorphospora Tubaki 1958, Fluminispora Ingold 1958, Geniculospora Nilsson ex Marvanová & Nilsson 1971, Idriella Nelson & Wilh. 1956, Septatium Velen. 1934, Tricladium Ingold 1942, Varicosporium Kegel 1906; Hymenoscyphaceae]KC01

Lambertella Höhn. 1918SS09, KC01 [incl. Coprotinia Whetzel 1944KC01, Phaeociboria Höhn. 1918KC01, Phaeodiscus Batra 1968KC01]

Leotia Pers. 1794SS09, KC01 [incl. Cucullaria Corda 1842KC01, Fungodaster Haller ex Kuntze 1891KC01, Hygromitra Nees 1816KC01]

Mollisia (Fr.) Karst. 1871 (nom. cons.)SS09, KC01 [incl. Aleuriella Karst. 1871KC01, Crustula Velen. 1934 non Allix in Lecointre & Allix 1913 (ICZN)KC01, Mollisiella Boud. 1885KC01, Syntexis Theiss. 1916KC01]

Myxotrichum Kunze 1823 [=Actinospira Corda 1854, Oncidium Nees 1823 non Sw. 1800; incl. Campsotrichum Ehrenb. 1819, Eidamella Matr. & Dassonv. 1901, Myxotrichella Sacc. 1892, Toxotrichum Orr & Kuehn 1964]KC01

Pezoloma Clem. 1909 [incl. Ciliatula Velen. 1922, Pseudodiscinella Dennis 1956, Sphagnicola Velen. 1934]KC01

Phacidium Fr. 1815 (nom. cons.)SS09, KC01 [incl. Allantophomopsis Petr. 1925KC01, Apostrasseria Nag Raj 1983KC01, Basilocula Bubák 1914KC01, Ceuthospora Grev. 1826 (nom. cons.)KC01, Coccobolus Wallr. 1833KC01, Gremmenia Korf 1962KC01, Melanostroma Corda 1829KC01, Phacidiostroma Höhn. 1917KC01, Siroplacodium Petr. 1922KC01]

Phialocephala Kendr. 1961JC03, KC01 [incl. Hantzschia Auersw. 1862 (nom. rej.) non Grunow 1880KC01, Myxocephala Weber, Spaaij & Oberw. 1989KC01]

Potebniamyces Smerlis 1962SS09, KC01 [=Phacidiella Potebnia 1912 non Karst. 1884KC01; incl. Chondrostroma Syd. 1940 non Gürich 1906KC01, Discosporiopsis Petr. 1921KC01, Leptoteichion Kleb. 1933KC01, Operculella Khesw. 1941KC01, Phacidiopycnis Potebnia 1912KC01]

Rutstroemia Karst. 1871SS09, KC01 [incl. Kriegeria Winter ex Höhn. 1914 non Bres. 1891KC01, Poculum Velen. 1934KC01]

Scleromitrula Imai 1941 [incl. Scleroglossum Hara 1948 non Pers. 1820, Verpatinia Whetzel & Drayton 1945]KC01

Spirographa Zahlbr. 1903EB03O, KC01 [=Spirographomyces Cif. & Tomas. 1953KC01; incl. Graphinella Zahlbr. 1923KC01, Pleospilis Clem. 1909KC01, Spilomela (Sacc.) Keissl. 1920KC01]

Unguiculariopsis Rehm 1909 [incl. Deltosperma Zhuang 1988, Encoeliella Höhn. 1910, Mollisiella (Phillips) Massee 1895 non Boud. 1885]KC01

Vibrissea Fr. 1822SS09, KC01 [incl. Anavirga Sutton 1975KC01, Apostemidium Karst. 1871KC01, Apostemium (Karst.) Karst 1870KC01, Leptosporium Bonord. 1857KC01, Ophiogloea Clem. 1903KC01]

Xylogramma Wallr. 1833 [incl. Durella Tul. & Tul. 1865, Globuligera (Sacc.) Höhn. 1918, Patellea (Fr.) Sacc. 1884, Plasia Sherwood 1981, Scutularia Karst. 1885, Sphaeropeziella Karst. 1885]KC01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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