Middle East blind mole rat Spalax ehrenbergi, photographed by Bassem18.

Belongs within: Rhizomyoidea.

The Spalacinae are the blind mole rats, burrowing rodents found in the Mediterranean region. Blind mole rats have small eyes that are covered with skin, and use their robust incisors rather than their feet for digging and their head, with the nose protected by a broad horny pad, for shifting soil (Vaughan et al. 2011).

Spalacidae [Spalacinae]
|--Pliospalax Kormos 1932P04
| |--P. compositidontusP04
| |--P. macoveii (Simionescu 1930) [incl. Spalax sotirisi De Bruijn, Dawson & Mein 1970]P04
| |--P. odessanus (Topacevsky 1969)P04
| `--P. tourkobounensis De Bruijn & Van der Meulen 1975P04
| i. s.: S. typhlusT66
|--+--S. ehrenbergiFS15
| `--+--S. leucodonFS15
| `--S. nehringiFS15
`--+--S. graecusFS15
`--+--S. microphthalmusFS15
| |--S. m. microphthalmusBP87
| `--S. m. arenariusBP87
`--+--S. zemniFS15
`--+--S. arenariusFS15
`--S. giganteusFS15

*Type species of generic name indicated


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