Spalangia nigroaenea, photographed by Philippe Blanchot.

Belongs within: Chalcidoidea.

The Spalangiinae are a group of parasitoids of Diptera. Some species of Spalangia have been used in the biological control of synanthropic flies and sheep-maggot flies (Bouček 1988).

Characters (from Bouček 1988): Body black or slightly metallic; at least thorax with some distinct punctures or rugosity, often also head; frons with median punctured groove; antennal toruli situated on lower margin of head, overhanging the mouth; antenna 1171 i.e. with 7 funicular segments but no anellus; scutellum without sublateral lines but often with punctate frenal line; gaster on distinct petiole; forewing disc flat, pubescent, without a tuft of scales; marginal vein very long, stigmal and postmarginal veins short.

<==Spalangiinae [Spalangiae, Spalangiides, Spalangiina]
    `--Spalangia Latreille 1805B88 [incl. Prospalangia Brethes 1915G17, GM79]
         |  i. s.: *S. nigra Latreille 1805B88 [=Diplolepis (Spalangia) nigraG20]
         |         S. alyciaBM22
         |         S. australiensis Girault 1913B88
         |         S. cameroni Perkins 1910B88
         |         S. drosophilaeA71
         |         S. endius Walker 1839 [incl. S. orientalis Graham 1932]B88
         |         S. epos Girault 1933B88
         |         S. fuscaR26
         |         S. grotiusi Girault 1913B88
         |         S. kingstonensis Girault 1933B88
         |         S. marxi Girault 1933B88
         |         S. muscofaga Girault 1933B88
         |         S. nigripes [incl. S. muscarum]P73
         |         S. punctulaticeps Girault 1929B88
         |         S. shakespearei Girault 1933B88
         |         S. simplex Perkins 1910 [incl. S. parasitica Girault 1915]B88
         |         S. virginica Girault 1913B88
         |--S. erythromeraMH11
         `--+--S. haematobiaMH11
            `--S. nigroaenea Curtis 1839MH11, B88 (see below for synonymy)

Spalangia nigroaenea Curtis 1839MH11, B88 [incl. S. abenabooi Girault 1932B88, S. mors Girault 1933B88, S. muscidarum Richardson 1913B88, GM79, S. sundaica Graham 1932B88]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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