Pb elements of Ozarkodina remscheidensis eosteinhornensis, from Miller & Aldridge (1997).

Belongs within: Ozarkodinida.
Contains: Spathognathodus, Ancyrodella, Anchignathodontidae, Palmatolepididae, Polygnathidae, Elictognathidae, Sweetognathidae, Cavusgnathidae, Gnathodus, Idiognathodontidae.

The Spathognathodontidae are a long-ranging group of conodonts that represent the root stock of other families of the Ozarkodinida (Sweet 1988).

Characters (from Sweet 1988): Skeletal apparatus sexi- or septimembrate, basically simple, with blade-like carminate and angulate pectiniform elements in both P positions; a dolabrate or bipennate M element; and an undistinguished symmetry-transition series including alate, digyrate, and bipennate elements in Sa, Sb, and Sc positions, respectively.

<==Spathognathodontidae [Spathognathodontinae]
    |--Polygnathoides Branson & Mehl 1933S88
    |    `--*P. silurica Branson & Mehl 1933H62
    |--Ozarkodina Branson & Mehl 1933S88
    |    |--O. confluens (Branson & Mehl 1933) [incl. *O. typica Branson & Mehl 1933]M02
    |    |    |--O. c. confluensM02
    |    |    |--O. c. bucerus (Viira 1983) [=Spathognathodus primus bucerus]M02
    |    |    `--O. ‘typica’ denkmanniTC71
    |    |--O. abrupta (Aldridge 1972)S88
    |    |--O. aldridgei Uyeno & Barnes 1983M02
    |    |--O. bohemicaS88
    |    |--O. brevisNU83
    |    |--O. broenlundi (Aldridge 1979)M02
    |    |--O. crassaS88
    |    |--O. crispaS88
    |    |--O. eurekensisS88
    |    |--O. excavata (Branson & Mehl 1933)M02
    |    |--O. guiyangensis Zhou, Zhai & Xian 1981M02
    |    |--O. gulletensisS88
    |    |--O. hadraS88
    |    |--O. hassi [=Plectodina hassi]S88
    |    |--O. inclinataS88
    |    |--O. murchisoniS88
    |    |--O. oldhamensis (Rexroad 1967)M02 [=Plectodina oldhamensisS88]
    |    |--O. pirata Uyeno & Barnes 1983M02
    |    |--O. polinclinata (Nicoll & Rexroad 1968) [=Spathognathodus polinclinatus]M02
    |    |    |--O. p. polinclinataM02
    |    |    `--O. p. estonica Männik 1992M02
    |    |--O. pseudofissilisS88
    |    |--O. remscheidensisBWZ02
    |    |    |--O. r. remscheidensisS88
    |    |    `--O. r. eosteinhornensisS88
    |    |--O. sagittaS88
    |    |    |--O. s. sagittaS88
    |    |    `--O. s. rhenanaS88
    |    |--O. sannemanniS88
    |    |--O. selfi Lane & Ormiston 1979S88
    |    |--O. steinhornensisS88
    |    |--O. tortilisS88
    |    `--O. waugoolaensis Bischoff 1986M02
       |  |--+--AnchignathodontidaeSD01
       |  |  `--PalmatolepididaeSD01
       |  |--Ancyrodelloides Bischoff & Sannemann 1958S88
       |  |    |--*A. trigonica Bischoff & Sannemann 1958H62
       |  |    |--A. deltaS88
       |  |    `--A. transitansS88
       |  `--PolygnathaceaeBWZ02
       |       |--PolygnathidaeSD01
       |       `--Amydrotaxis Klapper & Murphy 1980BWZ02
       |            |--A. carinthiacusBWZ02
       |            |--A. eurekaensisBWZ02
       |            |--A. johnsoniS88
       |            |--A. linearis (Philip 1966) (see below for synonymy)BWZ02
       |            `--A. sexidentataS88
          |--Pandorinellina Müller & Müller 1957S88 [=Pandorina Stauffer 1940 nec Bory 1824 nec Scacchi 1833H62]
          |    |--*P. insita (Stauffer 1940) [=*Pandorina insita, Spathognathodus insitus]NU83
          |    |--P. exigua (Philip 1966)V03
          |    |--P. expansa (Uyeno & Mason 1975)V03
          |    `--P. plumulusS88
             |  `--+--CavusgnathidaeSD01
             |     `--MestognathidaeSD01
             |          |--Laterignathus Aristov & Alekseev 1976S88
             |          `--Mestognathus Bischoff 1957S88
             |               |--*M. beckmanni Bischoff 1957H62
             |               |--M. bipluti Higgins 1961AS93
             |               |--M. groessensi Belka 1983AS93
             |               |--M. harmalaiS88
             |               `--M. praebeckmanniS88
             `--+--Protognathodus Ziegler 1969 [Gnathodidae, Gnathodontidae]S88
                |    |  i. s.: P. kuehniS88
                |    |--P. collinsoniS88
                |    |--P. meischneri Ziegler 1969S88, AS93
                |    `--+--P. kockeliS88
                |       `--+--P. cordiformisS88
                |          |--P. praedelicatusS88
                |          `--+--GnathodusSD01
                |             `--IdiognathodontidaeSD01
                `--+--Vogelgnathus Norby & Rexroad 1985S88
                   |    `--V. campbelliS88
                   |--Rhachistognathus Dunn 1966S88
                   |    |--R. minutusS88
                   |    |    |--R. m. minutusAS93
                   |    |    `--R. m. declinatus Baesemann & Lane 1985AS93
                   |    |--R. muricatusS88
                   |    |--R. primusS88
                   |    |--R. prolixusS88
                   |    `--R. websteriS88
                   |--Bispathodus Müller 1962S88
                   |    |--*B. spinulicostatusS88
                   |    |--B. aculeatusS88
                   |    |--B. bispathodusS88
                   |    |--B. costatusS88
                   |    |--B. stabilisS88
                   |    |--B. ultimusS88
                   |    `--B. utahensis Sandberg & Gutschick 1984S88
                   `--Lochriea Scott 1942S88
                        |--*L. montanaensis Scott 1942H62
                        |--L. bigsnowyensisR62
                        |--L. cracoviensisS88
                        |--L. commutatusS88
                        |--L. homopunctatusS88
                        |--L. mononodosusS88
                        `--L. nodosusS88
Spathognathodontidae incertae sedis:
  Aphelognathus Branson, Mehl & Branson 1951S88
    |--*A. grandis Branson, Mehl & Branson 1951H62
    |--A. divergensS88
    |--A. pyramidalisS88
    `--A. shatzeriS88
  Centrognathodus Branson & Mehl 1944 [=Centrognathus Branson & Mehl 1934 non Guérin-Menéville 1840]H62
    `--*C. sinuosus (Branson & Mehl 1934) [=*Centrognathus sinuosa]H62
  Nodognathus Cooper 1939H62
    `--*N. spicata Cooper 1939H62
  Oligodus Cooper 1939H62
    `--*O. curtus Cooper 1939H62
  Pinacognathus Branson & Mehl 1944 [=Pinacodus Branson & Mehl 1934 non Davis 1883]H62
    `--*P. profunda (Branson & Mehl 1934) [=*Pinacodus profundus]H62
  Yaoxianognathus An 1985S88
    |--Y. abruptus (Bergström & Sweet 1966)AS93 (see below for synonymy)
    |--Y. lijiapoensisNW04
    `--Y. tunguskaensisNW04
  ‘Bryantodina’ staufferi Bergström & Sweet 1966S88
  ‘Plectodina’ tenuis (Branson & Mehl 1933)AS93
  ‘Plectodina’ floridaS88
  ‘Plectodina’ bulhillensisS88
  Kimognathus Mashkova 1978AS93
  Homeognathodus Denkler & Harris 1988AS93
  Skeletognathus Sandberg et al. 1989AS93

Amydrotaxis linearis (Philip 1966) [=Eognathodus linearis, Ozarkodina linearis, Spathognathodus linearis; incl. O. pandora Murphy, Matti & Walliser 1981]BWZ02

Yaoxianognathus abruptus (Bergström & Sweet 1966)AS93 [=Bryantodina abruptaS88; incl. Plectodina posterocostata Bergström & Sweet 1966S88]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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