Cave salamander Eurycea lucifuga, copyright John P. Clare.

Belongs within: Plethodontidae.

The Spelerpinae are a clade of lungless salamanders found in eastern North America.

| i. s.: Spelerpes Rafinesque 1832FG06
|--+--+--Stereochilus Cope 1869PW11, FG06
| | | `--S. marginatus (Hallowell 1856)W08
| | `--Pseudotriton Taylor 1944PW11, FG06
| | |--P. montanus Baird 1849W08
| | `--P. ruber (Latreille 1801)W08
| `--Gyrinophilus Cope 1869PW11, FG06
| | i. s.: G. danielsiMH96
| | G. subterraneus Besharse & Holsinger 1977S86
| |--G. porphyriticus (Green 1827)PW11, W08
| `--+--G. gulolineatus Brandon 1965PW11, S86 [=G. palleucus gulolineatusS86]
| `--G. palleucus McCrady 1954PW11, S86
| |--G. p. palleucusS86
| `--G. p. necturoides Lazell & Brandon 1962S86
`--+--Urspelerpes bruceiPW11
`--Eurycea Rafinesque 1822PW11, FG06 (see below for synonymy)
| i. s.: ‘Typhlomolge’ robusta Longley 1978S86
|--+--E. multiplicata (Cope 1869)PW11, W08
| `--+--E. spelaea (Stejneger 1892)PW11, S86 [=Typhlotriton spelaeusS86]
| `--E. tynerensisPW11
`--+--+--+--E. wallacei (Carr 1939)FG06 [=Haideotriton wallaceiPW11]
| | `--+--E. longicauda (Green 1818)PW11, W08
| | `--E. lucifuga Rafinesque 1822PW11, W08
| `--+--E. cirrigera (Green 1831)PW11, W08
| `--+--E. wilderae Dunn 1920PW11, W08
| `--+--E. bislineataPW11
| `--+--E. aquaticaPW11
| `--E. junaluska Severet et al. 1976PW11, W08
`--+--E. quadridigitata (Holbrook 1842)PW11, W08
`--+--+--E. naufragiaPW11
| `--+--E. chisholemsisPW11
| `--E. tonkawaePW11
`--+--+--E. rathbuni (Stejneger 1896)PW11, S86 [=Typhlomolge rathbuniS86]
| `--E. waterlooensisPW11
`--+--E. troglodytes Baker 1957PW11, S86
`--+--E. nanaPW11
|--E. sosorumPW11
`--+--E. latitans Smith & Potter 1946PW11, S86
|--E. neotenes Bishop & Wright 1938PW11, S86
|--E. pterophilaPW11
`--E. tridentifera Mitchell & Reddell 1965PW11, S86

Eurycea Rafinesque 1822PW11, FG06 [incl. Haideotriton Carr 1939FG06, Typhlomolge Stejneger 1896FG06, Typhlotriton Stejneger 1892FG06; Typhlomolgidae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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