Sphagnum subgenus Sphagnum

Prairie sphagnum Sphagnum palustre, copyright Bernd Haynold.

Belongs within: Sphagnales.

Sphagnum subgenus Cymbifolium is a group of robust sphagnum mosses with unbordered stem leaves and rough branch leaves (Dixon 1924).

<==Sphagnum Linnaeus 1753 subg. SphagnumS04 [incl. S. subg. CymbifoliaD24]
    |--S. affine Renauld & Cardot 1885 [=S. imbricatum ssp. affine]S04
    |--S. austinii Sull. ex Aust. 1870 [=S. imbricatum ssp. austinii]S04
    |--S. degeneransD24
    |--S. imbricatumS04 [=S. austinii var. imbricatumD24]
    |--S. magellanicum Brid. 1798 [incl. S. medium]SK02
    |    |--S. m. var. magellanicumD03
    |    |--S. ‘medium’ var. fusco-rubellumD03
    |    |    |--S. m. var. f. f. fusco-rubellumD03
    |    |    `--S. m. var. f. f. brachydasycladaD03
    |    `--S. ‘medium’ var. pallido-carneumD03
    |         |--S. m. var. p. f. pallido-carneumD03
    |         `--S. m. var. p. f. brachyorthocladaD03
    |--S. palustre Linnaeus 1753S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--S. p. var. palustre [incl. S. cymbifolium]S04
    |    |--S. p. var. centrale (Jensen) Eddy in Daniels & Eddy 1985S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--S. ‘cymbifolium’ var. condensatumD03
    |    |--S. ‘cymbifolium’ var. congestumD24
    |    |--S. ‘centrale’ var. flavoglaucescensSK02
    |    `--S. ‘cymbifolium’ var. squarrosulumD24
    |--S. papillosum Lindb. 1872S04 [=S. cymbifolium var. papillosumD24, S. palustre var. papillosumOZB-O03]
    |    |--S. p. var. papillosumD24
    |    |--S. p. var. laeveD24
    |    |--S. p. var. stenophyllumD24
    |    `--S. p. var. sublaeveD24
    `--S. turfaceumD24
Nomina nuda: Sphagnum centrale var. flavoglaucescens f. brachyclada Warnst. ex Paris 1900SK02
             Sphagnum centrale var. flavopallescens f. brachydasyclada Weymouth 1903 non S. medium var. fusco-rubellum f. brachydasyclada [=Sphagnum centrale var. fuscopallescens f. brachydasyclada Weymouth 1903]SK02

Sphagnum palustre Linnaeus 1753S04 [incl. S. cymbifolium var. glaucescensOZB-O03, S. klinggraeffiiOZB-O03, S. latifolium (nom. illeg.)SK02]

Sphagnum palustre var. centrale (Jensen) Eddy in Daniels & Eddy 1985S04 [=S. centrale Jensen 1896SK02, S. palustre var. subbicolorOZB-O03]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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