Pair of mounted skeletons of Dimetrodon, copyright D’Arcy Norman.

Belongs within: Synapsida.
Contains: Therapsida.

The Sphenacodontidae are a group of carnivorous ‘pelycosaurs’ known from the later Carboniferous to the Middle Permian, suggested by Kemp (1988) to be paraphyletic to the therapsids.

    |  i. s.: SecodontosaurusBH04
    |         Sphenacodon Marsh 1878D07
    |           |--S. ferociorD07
    |           `--S. ferox Marsh 1878C07
    |--Haptodus garnettensis Currie 1977K88, B93
       `--Dimetrodon Cope 1878K88, BH04
            |--*D. incisivus Cope 1878 (see below for synonymy)C07
            |--D. angelensis Olson 1962B93
            |--D. biradicatusC07
            |--D. dollovianus (Cope 1884) [=Embolophorus dollovianus]C07
            |--D. giganhomogenes Case 1907C07
            |--D. gigas (Cope 1878) [=Clepsydrops gigas]C07
            |--D. grandisN85
            |--D. limbatusBH04
            |--D. longiramus Case 1907C07
            |--D. macrospondylus (Cope 1884) [=Clepsydrops macrospondylus]C07
            |--D. milleriBH04
            |--D. natalisBH04
            |--D. navajovicus Case 1907C07
            |--D. obtusidens (Cope 1880) [=Theropleura obtusidens]C07
            |--D. occidentalisBH04
            |--D. platycentrus Case 1907C07
            `--D. teutonis Berman et al. 2001BH04

*Dimetrodon incisivus Cope 1878 [incl. Clepsydrops limbatus Cope 1877, C. (Embolophorus) limbatus; incl. Dimetrodon rectiformis Cope 1878, D. semiradicatus Cope 1881]C07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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