Laemostenus complanatus, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Platynini.

The Sphodrina are a primarily Palaearctic group of ground beetles characterised by features of the female genitalia: the gonostyli lack a fringe of setae on the penultimate segment, have the dorsal seta on the apical segment moved to the inner lateral margin, and possess preapical sensory setae on the apical segment.

Sphodrina [Sphodrini]
    |–Pristonychus Dejean 1828 R-JC01, LM87 [=Prystonychus (l. c.) LM87]
    |    |–*P. tericola (Herbst 1783) [=Carabus tericola] LM87
    |    |–P. barbarus Lucas 1846 E12
    |    |–P. complanatus R-JC01
    |    `–P. sardous Lucas 1846 E12
    `–Laemostenus Bonelli 1810 E04, LM87 [=Laemosthenus (l. c.) LM87]
         |–*L. venustus (Dejean 1828) [=Carabus venustus] LM87
         |–L. cavicola [=Antisphodrus cavicola] PN02
         |    |–L. c. cavicola PN02
         |    `–L. c. aeacus (Miller 1861) PN02
         `–L. complanatus (Dejean 1828) [=Pristonychus complanatus; incl. P. australis Blackburn 1888] LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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