Black and white tiger moth Spilosoma glatignyi, copyright Geoffrey Cox.

Belongs within: Arctiini.

Spilosoma is a genus of moths whose densely hairy larvae typically feed on herbaceous plants (Nielsen & Common 1991).

Characters (from Meyrick 1886): Tongue rudimentary. Antennae in male moderately bipectinated throughout, in female also shortly bipectinated or serrate. Palpi moderate, porrected, with appressed scales or hairy beneath, terminal joint rather short, somewhat pointed. Thorax and femora densely hairy beneath. Anterior tibiae with more or less developed spine beneath and apical hook. Fore wings with vein 2 from middle, 6 from near or rarely out of 9, 7 and 8 out of 9, 10 out of 9 below 7. Hind wings with veins 4 and 5 rarely short-stalked, 6 and 7 from a point or approximated at base, 8 from one-third.

Spilosoma Curtis 1825 [Spilosominae]FL05
|--S. brisbanensis Lucas 1890L90
|--S. canescensNC91 [=Ardices canescensM86]
|--‘Bombyx’ curvataM86
|--S. erythrastis Meyrick 1886M86
|--S. fuliginosaP01
|--S. fulvohirta [=Ardices fulvohirta; incl. S. conferta, S. subocellatum]M86
|--S. fuscinula (see below for synonymy)M86
|--S. glatignyiNC91
|--S. interfixa [=Phaos interfixa]M86
|--S. lubricipedaF92
|--S. mendicaR13
|--S. menthastriP01
|--S. obliqua [=Spilarctia obliqua]M86
|--S. quinquefascia Lucas 1890L90
`--S. urticae (Esper 1789)JP05

Spilosoma fuscinula [=Arctia fuscinula; incl. Phaos lacteatum Butl. 1878, P. nexum Butl. 1878, P. nigriceps Butl. 1878, P. notatum Butl. 1878, P. vigens Butl. 1878]M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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