Marsh seedeater Sporophila palustris, copyright Cristian Andrei.

Belongs within: Thraupidae.

Sporophila, the seedeaters, is a genus of finch-like birds found in the Neotropical region. Members of this genus have a distinctly short and stubby bill with a strongly curved culmen.

<==Sporophila Cabanis 1844RJ11 [incl. Spermophila Swainson 1827B94; Spermophilinae, Sporophilinae]
    |--S. torqueola (Bonaparte 1850)BKB15, RJ11 [=Spermophila torqueolaRJ11]
    |    |--S. t. torqueolaRJ11
    |    |--S. t. atriceps (Lawrence 1867)RJ11
    |    |--S. t. morelleti (Bonaparte 1850)RJ11
    |    |--S. t. mutanda Griscom 1930RJ11 [=S. morelleti mutandaFS55]
    |    `--S. t. sharpei Lawrence 1889RJ11
    `--+--+--+--S. plumbea (Wied 1830)BKB15, RJ11 [=Fringilla plumbeaRJ11]
       |  |  |    |--S. p. plumbeaRJ11
       |  |  |    |--S. p. colombiana (Sharpe 1888)RJ11
       |  |  |    `--S. p. whiteleyana (Sharpe 1888)RJ11
       |  |  `--+--S. falcirostris (Temminck 1820)JT12, RJ11 [=Pyrrhula falcirostrisRJ11]
       |  |     `--S. schistacea (Lawrence 1862)BKB15, RJ11 [=Spermophila schistaceaRJ11, Spo. grisea schistaceaS18]
       |  |          |--S. s. schistacea [incl. S. schistacea subconcolor]RJ11
       |  |          |--S. s. incerta Riley 1914RJ11
       |  |          `--S. s. longipennis Chubb 1921RJ11
       |  `--+--Dolospingus Elliot 1871BKB15, RJ11
       |     |    `--D. fringilloides (Pelzeln 1870) [=Oryzoborus fringilloides]RJ11
       |     `--+--S. leucoptera (Vieillot 1817)BKB15, RJ11 [=Coccothraustes leucopteraRJ11]
       |        |    |--S. l. leucopteraRJ11
       |        |    |--S. l. bicolor (d’Orbigny & Lafresnaye 1837)RJ11
       |        |    |--S. l. cinereola (Temminck 1820)RJ11
       |        |    `--S. l. mexianae Hellmayr 1912RJ11
       |        `--+--S. collaris (Boddaert 1783)BKB15, RJ11 [=Loxia collarisRJ11]
       |           |    |--S. c. collarisRJ11
       |           |    |--S. c. melanocephala (Vieillot 1817)RJ11
       |           |    `--S. c. ochrascens Hellmayr 1904RJ11
       |           `--+--S. luctuosa (Lafresnaye 1843)BKB15, RJ11 [=Spermophila luctuosaRJ11]
       |              `--+--S. caerulescens (Vieillot 1823)JT12, RJ11 [=Pyrrhula caerulescensRJ11, Spermophila caerulescensSS66]
       |                 |    |--S. c. caerulescensRJ11
       |                 |    |--S. c. hellmayri Wolters 1939 [incl. S. ornata (preoc.)]RJ11
       |                 |    `--S. c. yungae Gyldenstolpe 1941RJ11
       |                 `--S. nigricollis (Vieillot 1823)JT12, RJ11 [=Pyrrhula nigricollisRJ11, Spermophila nigricollisSS66]
       |                      |--S. n. nigricollisRJ11
       |                      |--S. n. inconspicua Berlepsch & Stolzmann 1906RJ11
       |                      `--S. n. vivida Hellmayr 1938RJ11
       `--+--+--S. intermedia Cabanis 1851BKB15, RJ11
          |  |    |--S. i. intermediaRJ11
          |  |    |--S. i. bogotensis (Gilliard 1946) [incl. S. i. agustini]RJ11
          |  |    `--S. i. insularis (Gilliard 1946)RJ11
          |  `--+--S. americana (Gmelin 1789)JT12, RJ11 [=Loxia americanaRJ11]
          |     |    |--S. a. americanaRJ11
          |     |    `--S. a. dispar Todd 1922RJ11
          |     `--S. corvina (Sclater 1860)JT12, RJ11 [=Spermophila corvinaRJ11; incl. Spo. auritaRJ11]
          |          |--S. c. corvinaRJ11
          |          |--S. c. hicksii (Lawrence 1865) [incl. S. c. chocoana]RJ11
          |          |--S. c. hoffmanni Cabanis 1861RJ11
          |          `--S. c. ophthalmica (Sclater 1860)RJ11
          `--+--+--S. castaneiventris Cabanis 1848BKB15, RJ11 [=Spermophila castaneiventrisSS66]
             |  `--S. telasco (Lesson 1828)JT12, RJ11 [=Pyrrhula telascoRJ11; incl. S. insulataRJ11]
             `--+--S. minuta (Linnaeus 1758)JT12, RJ11 [=Loxia minutaRJ11]
                |    |--S. m. minutaRJ11
                |    |--S. m. centralis Bangs & Penard 1918RJ11
                |    `--S. m. parva (Lawrence 1883)RJ11
                `--+--S. bouvreuil (Statius Müller 1776)BKB15, RJ11 [=Loxia bouvreuilRJ11]
                   |    |--S. b. bouvreuilRJ11
                   |    |--S. b. crypta Sick 1968RJ11
                   |    |--S. b. pileata (Sclater 1865)RJ11
                   |    `--S. b. saturata Hellmayr 1904RJ11
                   `--+--+--S. hypoxantha Cabanis 1851BKB15, RJ11
                      |  `--S. palustris (Barrows 1883)BKB15, RJ11 [=Spermophila palustrisRJ11; incl. Spo. zelichiRJ11]
                      `--+--+--S. cinnamomea (Lafresnaye 1838)BKB15, RJ11 [=Pyrrhula cinnamomeaRJ11]
                         |  `--S. melanogaster (Pelzeln 1870)JT12, RJ11 [=Spermophila melanogasterRJ11]
                         `--+--S. nigrorufa (d’Orbigny & Lafresnaye 1837)BKB15, RJ11 [=Pyrrhula nigrorufaRJ11]
                            `--+--S. hypochroma Todd 1915JT12, RJ11
                               `--S. ruficollis Cabanis 1851JT12, RJ11
Sporophila incertae sedis:
  S. albogularis (Spix 1825) [=Loxia albogularis]RJ11
  S. ardesiaca (Dubois 1894) [=Spermophila ardesiaca]RJ11
  S. bouvronides (Lesson 1831)JT12, RJ11 (see below for synonymy)
  S. frontalis (Verreaux 1869) [=Callirhynchus frontalis]RJ11
  S. gutturalisS18
  S. lineola (Linnaeus 1758)JT12, RJ11 [=Loxia lineolaRJ11, Spermophila lineolaSS66]
  S. melanopsJT12
  S. murallae Chapman 1915RJ11
  ‘Spermophila’ ocellata Sclater & Salvin 1866SS66
  S. peruviana (Lesson 1842) [=Callyrhynchus peruvianus, Neorhynchus peruvianus]RJ11
    |--S. p. peruvianaRJ11
    `--S. p. devronis (Verreaux 1852)RJ11
  ‘Spermophila’ semicollarisSS66
  S. simplex (Taczanowski 1874) [=Spermophila simplex]RJ11
Hybrid: Sporophila corvina anchicayae [S. corvina hicksii × S. intermedia bogotensis]RJ11
        Sporophila hypochroma rothi [S. castaneiventris × S. minuta]RJ11

Sporophila bouvronides (Lesson 1831)JT12, RJ11 [=Pyrrhula bouvronidesRJ11, Spermophila bouvronidesSS66; incl. Sporophila bouvronides restrictaRJ11]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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