Male Schizodactylus hesperus, from Gorochov (2001).

Beongs within: Ensifera.
Contains: Gryllacridinae, Stenopelmatinae.

The Stenopelmatidae is a family of mostly large orthopterans found around the world, with most of its range occupied by the subfamily Gryllacridinae while the other subfamilies have more restricted ranges. Many authors have referred to this family by the junior name Gryllacrididae; others have treated Gryllacrididae and Stenopelmatidae as separate families. Gorochov (2001) proposed a phylogeny for the family, but gave few explicit explanations for his proposals; in particular, the family lacks clear autapomorphies.

Characters (from Gorochov 2001): Tarsi with four segments, and with varied pulvilli at sole (distal segment with two pulvilli, of which distal pulvillus sometimes paired, or without pulvilli); tympana absent; hind femora without chevron ridges; femoro-abdominal stridulatory apparatus developed (in which case abdominal stridulatory areas with rows of large denticles) or absent; cerci with or without bulb-like sensilla at inner proximal part; ovipositor well-developed (with lower parts of its upper valvae completely covering lower valvae on outside) or reduced.

    |  i. s.: EugryllacrisG01
    |         DictyogryllacrisG01
    |         Diaphanogryllacris laetaG01
    |         BorneogryllacrisG01
    |  `--Schizodactylinae [Schizodactylidae]G01
    |       |--ComiciniG01
    |       `--Schizodactylus [Schizodactylini]G01
    |            `--S. hesperusG01
       |    |--SiaG01
       |    `--Maxentius pinguisG01
               |--Oryctopus [Oryctopini]G01
               |    `--O. prodigiosusG01
               `--Oryctopterus [Oryctopterini]G01
                    `--O. lagenipesG01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G01] Gorochov, A. V. 2001. The higher classification, phylogeny and evolution of the superfamily Stenopelmatoidea. In: Field, L. H. (ed.) The Biology of Wetas, King Crickets and Their Allies pp. 3–33. CABI Publishing: Wallingford (UK).

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