Stenopsocus stigmaticus, copyright Sanja565658.

Belongs within: Caeciliusetae.

The Stenopsocidae are a group of foliage-associated barklice that are most diverse in China. The genus Graphopsocus has a short pterostigma with a short crossvein from Cu1a to M whereas Stenopsocus has a long, shallow pterostigma and long crossvein between Cu1a and M (New & Lienhard 2007).

Characters (from New & Lienhard 2007): Fore wing length ca 3.5–4.5 mm. Mandibles usually elongate; lacinial apex narrow, incipiently bicuspid or with small rounded denticles. Tarsi two-segmented, claws without subapical tooth, pulvillus broad. Fore wing veins with short setae in one rank; hind wing margin bare or with few setae on radial fork region; fore wing with crossvein from pterostigma to Rs, crossvein from Cu1a to M. Two or three ventral abdominal vesicles present. Female with external gonapophysis valve strongly reduced, lacking seta; ventral and dorsal valves slender, elongage; apex of subgenital plate rounded or slightly bilobed; spermatheca with small basal pouch.

<==Stenopsocidae [Stenopsocinae]
    |--Malostenopsocus Li 1992L02
    |    |--*M. yunnanicus Li 1992L02
    |    |--M. cubitalis (Thornton 1984) [=Stenopsocus cubitalis]NL07
    |    |--M. expansus Li 1992L02
    |    |--M. immaculatus Li 1992L02
    |    |--M. intertextus Li 1992L02
    |    |--M. mucronatus Li 1992L02
    |    |--M. parallelinervius Li 1992L02
    |    |--M. plurifasciatus Li 1995L02
    |    `--M. sulphurepterus Li 1992L02
    |--Graphopsocus Kolbe 1880 [incl. Teratopsocus Reuter 1893]L02
    |    |--*G. cruciatus (Linnaeus 1768)L02 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--G. borealis Li 2002L02
    |    |--G. choui Li 1992L02
    |    |--G. epicharis Li 2002L02
    |    |--G. euneurus Li 2002L02
    |    |--G. evanidus Li 2002L02
    |    |--G. flavipunctatus Li 2002L02
    |    |--G. infirmus Banks 1920NL07
    |    |--G. intrans Li 2002L02
    |    |--G. leptostigmus Li 2002L02
    |    |--G. liaoningensis Li 2002L02
    |    |--G. luojiashanensis Li 2002 [=G. luojiashnensis]L03
    |    |--G. megistigmus Li 2002L02
    |    |--G. mexicanusM93
    |    |--G. obcuneatus Li 2002L02
    |    |--G. panduratus Li 1989L02
    |    |--G. platynotus Li 2002L02
    |    |--G. putuoshanensis Li 2002L03 [=G. patuoshanensisL02, G. prtuoshanensisL03]
    |    |--G. shaanxiensis Li 1989L02
    |    |--G. sinuolatus Li 2002L02
    |    |--G. subaequalis Banks 1920NL07
    |    `--G. urceolatus Li 1993L02
    `--Stenopsocus Hagen 1866 [incl. Cubipilis Li 1993]M03
         |--*S. immaculatus (Stephens 1836)L98 (see below for synonymy)
         |--S. adisoemartoi Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989NL07
         |--S. albipileus Smithers 1974NL07
         |--S. albus Li 1992L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ anchorocaulis Li 1993L02
         |--S. angustifurcus Li 2002L02
         |--S. angustistriatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. anthracinus Li 1989L03, L02 [=S. anthraeinus (l. c.)L03]
         |--S. aphidiformis Enderlein 1906L02
         |--S. aureus Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ baishanzuensis Li 1995L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ beijingensis Li 2002L02
         |--S. bellatulus Li 1989L02
         |--S. betulus Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ bicoloratus Li 2002L02
         |--S. bicoloripes Enderlein 1936L02
         |--S. biconicus Li 2002L02
         |--S. biconvexus Li 1997L02
         |--S. bimaculatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. bipunctatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. bombusus Li 2002L02
         |--S. brachychelus Li & Yang 1988L03, L02 [=S. brachychelurL03, S. brachychilus (l. c.)L03]
         |--S. brachycladus Li 1989L02
         |--S. brachyodicrus Li 2002L02
         |--S. brevicapitus Li 1997L02
         |--S. brevivalvaris Li 2002L02
         |--S. capacimacularus Li 1993L02
         |--S. cassideus Li 1992L02
         |--S. ceuthozibrinus Li 2002L02
         |--S. changbaishanicus Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ chebalingensis Li 1993L02
         |--S. chusanensis Navas 1933L02
         |--S. concisus Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ coronatus Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ cunnatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. dactylinus Li 1997L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ denivalvis Li 1993L02
         |--S. dichospilus Li 2002 [=S. dechospilus]L03
         |--S. dictyodromus Li 1993L02
         |--S. disphaeroides Li 2002L02
         |--S. dissimilis Banks 1937NL07
         |--S. emeishanicus Li 2002 [=S. emishanicus]L03
         |--S. eucallus Li & Yang 1988L02
         |--S. externus Banks 1937L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ falcatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. fanjingshanicus Li & Yang 1988L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ fastigiatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. faungi Li 1999L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ flavicapitus Li 2002L02
         |--S. flavicaudatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. flavifrons Li 1989L02
         |--S. flavinigrus Li 2002L02
         |--S. floralis Li 2002L02
         |--S. foliaceus Li 1997L02
         |--S. formosanus Banks 1937L02
         |--S. frontalis Li 1989L02
         |--S. frontimaculatus Li 1992L02
         |--S. fulivertex Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ furcimaculatus Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ gannanensis Li 2002L02
         |--S. gansuensis Li 2002L02
         |--S. genostictus Li 2002L02
         |--S. gibbulosus Li 1995L02
         |--S. gracilimaculatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. gracillimus Li & Yang 1988L02
         |--S. guizhouiensis Li 2002L02
         |--*Cubipilis’ hamaocaulis Li 1993L02
         |--S. hemiostictus Li 2002L02
         |--S. hexagonus Li 2002L02
         |--S. huangshanicus Li 2002L02
         |--S. hunanicus Li 1992L02
         |--S. isotomus Li 2002L02
         |--S. jocosus Banks 1939NL07
         |--S. kunmingiensis Li 2002 [=S. kuanmingiensis]L03
         |--S. lachlani Kolbe 1880L98 [=S. immaculatus var. lachlaniG74]
         |--S. lacteus Li 1997L02
         |--S. laterimaculatus Li 2002 [=S. latermaculatus]L03
         |--‘Cubipilis’ leucoresbius Li 2002 [=C. leucorsbicus]L03
         |--S. lifashengi Mockford 2003M03
         |--S. liuae Li 2002L02
         |--S. liupanshanensis Li 2002 [=S. liupanshanicus]L03
         |--‘Cubipilis’ locularis Li 2002L02
         |--S. longicuspis Li 1997L02
         |--S. longitudinalis Li 2002L02
         |--S. macrocheirus Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ macrostigmis Li 1995L02
         |--S. maculosus Li & Yang 1988L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ majusculus Li 2002L02
         |--S. makii Takahasi 1938L02
         |--S. maximalis Li 1997L02
         |--S. melanocephalus Li 1997L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ mesozonalis Li 2002L02
         |--S. metasticus Li 2002 [=S. metostictus]L03
         |--S. naevicapitatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. niger Enderlein 1906M03
         |--S. nigricellus Okamoto 1907M03
         |--S. obscurus Li 1997L02
         |--S. oculimaculatus Li 1992L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ orbiculatus Li 1995L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ ovalimacularis Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ palmatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. parviforficatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. pavonicus Li 2002L02
         |--S. paxillivalvaris Li 2002 [=S. pasillivalvaris]L03
         |--‘Cubipilis’ pellucidus Li 2002L02
         |--S. percussus Li 1995L02
         |--S. periostictus Li 2002L02
         |--S. perspicuus Li 1997L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ phaeostigmis Li 1995L02
         |--S. phaeostigmus Li 1992L02
         |--S. phaneostriatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. pilosus Enderlein 1926NL07
         |--S. platynotus Li 1995L02
         |--S. platyocephalus Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ platytaenius Li 2002L02
         |--S. podorphus Li 1997L02
         |--S. polyceratus Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ pyriformis Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ quaternatus Li 2002L02
         |--S. radimaculatus Li 1989L02
         |--S. revolutus Li 1993L03, L02 [=S. revolatus (l. c.)L03]
         |--S. rubellus Thornton 1984NL07
         |--S. shennongjiaensis Li 2002L02
         |--S. sichuanicus Li 2002L02
         |--S. silvaticus Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ spilipsocius Li 1997L02
         |--S. spongiosus Li 2002L02
         |--S. stigmaticus (Imhoff & Labram 1845) [=Psocus stigmaticus; incl. S. lineolatus Navás 1916]L98
         |--S. striolatus Li 1992L02
         |--S. symipsarous Li 2002L02
         |--S. thermophilus Li 2002L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ tianmushanensis Li 2002L02
         |--S. tibialis Banks 1937L02
         |--S. tonkinensis Enderlein 1903NL07
         |--S. tribulbus Li 1993L02
         |--‘Cubipilis’ trinotatus Li 1995L02
         |--S. tripartibilis Li 2002L02
         |--S. trisetus Li 2002L02
         |--S. turgidus Li 1997L02
         |--S. uniformis (Hagen 1859) [=Graphopsocus uniformis]NL07
         |--S. wuxiaensis Li 1997L02
         |--S. xanthophaeus Li 2002L02
         |--S. xanthostigmus Li 2002L02
         |--S. xiangxiensis Li 1992L02
         |--S. xilingxianicus Li 1997L03, L02 [=S. xilingxianus (l. c.)L03]
         |--‘Cubipilis’ yuensis Li 1993L02
         `--S. zonatus Li 1989L02
Nomen nudum: Stenopsocus psyllipennis Costa 1886L98

*Graphopsocus cruciatus (Linnaeus 1768)L02 [=Hemerobius cruciatusL02, Psocus cruciatusM93, Stenopsocus cruciatusM93; incl. Graphopsocus cruciatus var. brevipennis Enderlein 1903L98, Psocus costalis Stephens 1836L98, *Teratopsocus maculipennis Reuter 1893NL07, L98, P. nervosus Stephens 1836L98, Stenopsocus cruciatus var. nervosusM93, Hemerobius quadrifasciatus Fabricius 1787M93, H. quadripunctatus Fabricius 1787L98, Psocus quatuorpunctatusL95, P. subocellatus Stephens 1836L98]

*Stenopsocus immaculatus (Stephens 1836)L98 [=Psocus immaculatusNL07; incl. P. flavescens Stephens 1836L98, P. flavicans Zetterstedt 1840 nec Hemerobius flavicans Linnaeus 1758 nec P. flavicans Stephens 1836L98, P. rufescens Stephens 1836L98, P. strigosus Burmeister 1839L98, P. subfumipennis Zetterstedt 1840L98, P. venosus Stephens 1836L98]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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