Stenostephanus, possibly S. sanguineus, copyright Andreas Kay.

Belongs within: Justiciinae.

Stenostephanus is a genus of perennial herbs and shrubs found in tropical regions of the Americas.

Stenostephanus [incl. Cylindrosolenium, Galeottia, Gastranthus, Habracanthus, Hansteinia, Kalbreyeracanthus, Syringidium]W09
|--S. aglaus (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus aglaus Leonard 1958]W09
|--S. ampelinus (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus ampelinus Leonard 1958; incl. H. xantholeucas Leonard 1958]W09
|--S. atropurpureus (Lindau) Wood 2009 (see below for synonymy)W09
|--S. charien (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus charien Leonard 1958]W09
|--S. charitopes (Leonard) Wood 2009 (see below for synonymy)W09
|--S. cleefii (Wassh.) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus cleefii Wassh. 1977]W09
|--S. crenulatusSV00
|--S. cuatrecasasii (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus cuatrecasasii Leonard 1958]W09
|--S. cyaneus (Lindau) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus cyaneus Lindau 1897]W09
|--S. davidsonii Wassh. 1999W09
|--S. diversicolor (Lindau) Wood 2009 (see below for synonymy)W09
|--S. enarthrocomus (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus enarthrocoma Leonard 1953; incl. H. killipii Leonard 1958]W09
|--S. floriferus (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus floriferus Leonard 1958]W09
|--S. hispidulus (Leonard) Wood 2009 (see below for synonymy)W09
|--S. kirkbridei (Wassh.) Wood 2009 (see below for synonymy)W09
|--S. lamprus (Leonard) Wood 2009 (see below for synonymy)W09
|--S. lasiostachys Nees in DC. 1847 [incl. Gastranthus schlechtendalii Moritz ex Benth. 1873]W09
|--S. latifolius (Wassh.) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus latifolius Wassh. 1984]W09
|--S. leonardianus (Wood) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus leonardianus Wood 1988]W09
|--S. macrochilus (Lindau) Wood 2009 (see below for synonymy)W09
|--S. macrolobus (Lindau) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus macrolobus Lindau 1922]W09
|--S. magdalenensis (Wassh.) Wood 2009 (see below for synonymy)W09
|--S. maximus (Wood) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus maximus Wood 1988]W09
|--S. pilosus (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus pilosus Leonard 1958]W09
|--S. puberulus Lindau 1897 [=Habracanthus puberulus (Lindau) Wood 1988; incl. H. smithii Leonard 1958]W09
|--S. putumayensis (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus putumayensis Leonard 1958]W09
|--S. pycnostachys (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus pycnostachys Leonard 1958]W09
|--S. racemosus (Wood) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus racemosus Wood 1988]W09
|--S. reflexiflorus (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Glockeria reflexiflora Leonard 1941]W09
|--S. sanguineus (Nees) Wassh. 1999 (see below for synonymy)W09
|--S. scolnikae (Leonard) Wood 2009 (see below for synonymy)W09
|--S. syscius (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus syscius Leonard 1958; incl. H. trichotus Leonard 1958]W09
|--S. tachirensis (Wassh.) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus tachirensis Wassh. 1987]W09
|--S. thyrsoidesSV00
|--S. xanthothrix (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus xanthothrix Leonard 1958]W09
`--S. zuliensis (Wassh.) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus zuliensis Wassh. 1987]W09

Stenostephanus atropurpureus (Lindau) Wood 2009 [=Syringidium purpureum Lindau 1922, Habracanthus atropurpureus (Lindau) Wood 1988, Kalbreyeracanthus atropurpureus (Lindau) Wassh. 1981]W09

Stenostephanus charitopes (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Hansteinia charitopes Leonard 1958, Habracanthus charitopes (Leonard) Wood 1988]W09

Stenostephanus diversicolor (Lindau) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus diversicolor Lindau 1897; incl. H. antipharmacus Leonard 1958, H. malacus Wassh. 1984]W09

Stenostephanus hispidulus (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus hispidulus Leonard 1958; incl. H. erythranthus Leonard 1958, H. heliophilus Leonard 1958]W09

Stenostephanus kirkbridei (Wassh.) Wood 2009 [=Kalbreyeracanthus kirkbridei Wassh. 1985, Habracanthus kirkbridei (Wassh.) Wood 1988]W09

Stenostephanus lamprus (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus lamprus Leonard 1958; incl. H. congestus Leonard 1958, H. corei Leonard 1958]W09

Stenostephanus macrochilus (Lindau) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus macrochilus Lindau 1897; incl. H. puniceus Wassh. 1987, H. sanctae-martae Wassh. 1977]W09

Stenostephanus magdalenensis (Wassh.) Wood 2009 [=Hansteinia magdalenensis Wassh. 1985, Habracanthus magdalenensis (Wassh.) Wood 1988; incl. Han. magdalenensis var. pilosa Wassh. 1985]W09

Stenostephanus sanguineus (Nees) Wassh. 1999 [=Habracanthus sanguineus Nees 1847; incl. H. callianthus Leonard 1958, H. hylobius Leonard 1958, H. microcalyx Leonard 1958, H. oresbius Leonard 1958]W09

Stenostephanus scolnikae (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Habracanthus scolnikae Leonard 1958; incl. H. caucensis Leonard 1958, H. pennellii Leonard 1958]W09

*Type species of generic name indicated


[SV00] Scotland, R. W., & K. Vollesen. 2000. Classification of Acanthaceae. Kew Bulletin 55 (3): 513–589.

[W09] Wood, J. R. I. 2009. New names, combinations and synonyms in Justicia and Stenostephanus (Acanthaceae). Kew Bulletin 64 (1): 49–55.

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