Stichocapsa cf. robusta, from Babazadeh & Wever (2004). Scale bar = 25 µm.

Belongs within: Nassellaria.
Contains: Dictyomitra.

The Stichocapsoidea are a group of radiolarians known from the Triassic to the present with their highest diversity in the Mesozoic (Afanasieva et al. 2005).

Characters (from Afanasieva et al. 2005): 4–15 or more segments. Segmentation indistinct, especially in apical part of test. Cephalis variously constructed. Test lacking apertural skirt and compressed aperturally. External apophyses, corresponding to spines D and L, if developed, representing costae in test walls. Pores arranged in transverse rows or irregularly, thickened. Walls may be spongy.

    |    |--Monicasterix Kozur & Mostler 1994AA05
    |    `--Tubotriassocyrtis Kozur & Mostler 1994AA05
    |    |--Protunuma Ichikawa & Yao 1976AA05
    |    |--Turbocapsula O’Dogherty 1994AA05
    |    `--Unuma Ichikawa & Yao 1976AA05
    |    |--Bagotum Pessagno & Whalen 1982AA05
    |    |--Broctus Pessagno & Whalen 1982AA05
    |    |--‘Canutus’ Pessagno & Whalen 1982 non Brehm 1831AA05
    |    |--Droltus Pessagno & Whalen 1982AA05
    |    `--Noritus Pessagno & Whalen 1982AA05
    |    |--Combusta Yeh 1987AA05
    |    |--Fantus Yeh 1987AA05
    |    |--Hsuum Pessagno 1977AA05
    |    |--‘Linaresia’ El Kadiri 1992 non Zulueta 1908AA05
    |    |--Parahsuum Yao 1982AA05
    |    |--Pseudohsuum Zhang 1990AA05
    |    |--Semihsuum Pessagno, Blome & Hull 1993AA05
    |    `--Transhsuum Takemura 1986AA05
    |    |--DictyomitraAA05
    |    |--Diplosrobus Squinabol 1903AA05
    |    |--Mita Pessagno 1977AA05
    |    |--Polystichia Pantanelli 1880AA05
    |    |--Solenotryma Foreman 1868 AA05
    |    |--Zifonidium Pessagno 1977AA05
    |    |--Cyrtocapsa Haeckel 1881AA05
    |    |    `--C. houwiBL79
    |    |--Archaeodictyomitra Pessagno 1976BW04
    |    |    |--A. apiarium (Rüst 1885)BW04
    |    |    `--A. vulgaris Pessagno 1977BW04
    |    |--Stichomitra Cayeux 1897AA05
    |    |    |--S. cechenaBL79
    |    |    |--S. communis Squinabol 1903BW04
    |    |    `--S. japonica Nakaseko & Nishimura 1979BW04
    |    `--Thanarla Pessagno 1977AA05
    |         |--T. brouweri (Tan 1927)BW04
    |         |--T. pacifica Nakaseko & Nishimura 1981BW04
    |         |--T. pulchra (Squinabol 1904)BW04
    |         `--T. veneta (Squinabol 1903)BW04
         |    |--Acotripus Haeckel 1881AA05
         |    |--Cryptocapsa Haeckel 1881AA05
         |    |--Tetracapsa Haeckel 1881AA05
         |    |--Tripodiscus Haeckel 1881AA05
         |    |--Trisyringium Vinassa 1900AA05
         |    |--Urocyrtis Pantanelli 1880AA05
         |    `--Sethocapsa Haeckel 1881AA05
         |         `--S. trachyostracaBL79
              |--Amphipterius Foreman 1973AA05
              |--Conostrobus Haeckel 1881AA05
              |--Cornustrobus Haeckel 1881AA05
              |--Dictyomitrella Haeckel 1887AA05
              |--Dictyomitrissa Haeckel 1887AA05
              |--Kassinia Chabakov 1937AA05
              |--Lithocampium Haeckel 1887AA05
              |--Lithostrobus Buetschli 1882AA05
              |--Pseudocyrtis Pessagno 1977AA05
              |--Siphocampium Haeckel 1881AA05
              |--Spirocampe Haeckel 1881AA05
              |--Spirocapsa Ruest 1892AA05
              |--Stichophatna Haeckel 1881 [incl. Stichophaenidium Haeckel 1887; Stichophatnida, Stichophatninae]AA05
              |--Triassocyrtium Kozur & Mostler 1979AA05
              |--Tricolocampe Haeckel 1881AA05
              |--Anthocorys Haeckel 1881AA05
              |    `--A. (Cyrtocorys Haeckel 1887) [=Cyrtocoris Haeckel 1881 non White 1842]LT61
              |         `--A. (*C.) mitra (Haeckel 1887) [=Phormocampe mitra]LT61
              |--Eucyrtis Haeckel 1881AA05
              |    |--E. hanniBL79
              |    |--E. tenuisBL79
              |    `--E. zhamoidaiBL79
              `--Stichocapsa Haeckel 1881 [incl. Parvispingula Pessagno 1977]AA05
                   |--S. asymbatosBL79
                   |--S. communisBL79
                   |--S. robusta Matsuoka 1984BW04
                   `--S. tenuisK79

*Type species of generic name indicated


[AA05] Afanasieva, M. S., E. O. Amon, Y. V. Agarkov & D. S. Boltovskoy. 2005. Radiolarians in the geological record. Paleontological Journal 39 (Suppl. 3): S135–S392.

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