Horse guard wasp Stictia signata, copyright Francisco Farriols Sarabia.

Belongs within: Bembicina.

Stictia is a New World genus of sand wasps that commonly provision their nests with horse flies (Tabanidae; Bohart & Menke 1976).

Characters (from Bohart & Menke 1976): Flagellomere I about as long as scape or a little shorter; eyes with inner margins slightly wider below than above; ocelli completely reduced, midocellar scar with outline approaching a circle or somewhat more than a semicircle, not in a pit nor on an elevation; vertex depressed below top of eyes; clypeus usually rather evenly convex; labrum a little longer than broad, a little flattened above, cross section near base almost a smooth curve: palpal formula 6-4; mandible subapically dentate; area of scutum between admedian lines a distinct welt; male mid femur with a strong subapical notch and tooth; hind wing media diverging a little beyond cu-a; male tergum VII with large spiracular lobes, middle section acute to narrowly truncate laterally, rather narrowly produced and notched medially; male sternum VIII ending in a stout, down-curved spine.

Stictia Illiger 1807 [=Monedula Latreille 1802-1803 non Moehring 1758]BM76
|--*S. signata (Linnaeus 1758) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--S. s. signataBM76
| `--S. s. aricana Lohrmann 1948BM76
|--S. andrei (Handlirsch 1890) [=Monedula andrei]BM76
|--S. antiopa (Handlirsch 1890) [=Monedula antiopa]BM76
|--S. arcuata (Taschenberg 1870) [=Monedula arcuata]BM76
|--S. belizensis (Cameron 1907) [=Monedula belizensis]BM76
|--S. caribana Fritz 1972BM76
|--S. carolina (Fabricius 1793)BM76 [=Bembix carolinaBM76, Monedula carolinaL02]
|--S. continuaR26
|--S. croceata (Lepeletier 1845) [=Monedula croceata; incl. M. proserpina Handlirsch 1890]BM76
|--S. decemmaculata (Packard 1869) [=Monedula decemmaculata]BM76
|--S. decorata (Taschenberg 1870) [=Monedula decorata]BM76
|--S. dives (Handlirsch 1890) [=Monedula dives]BM76
|--S. flexuosa (Taschenberg 1870) [=Monedula flexuosa; incl. M. carbonaria Burmeister 1874]BM76
|--S. heros (Fabricius 1804) [=Bembex heros]BM76
|--S. infracta Parker 1929BM76
|--S. insulana Lohrmann 1942BM76
|--S. maccus (Handlirsch 1895) [=Monedula maccus]BM76
|--S. maculata (Fabricius 1804) [=Bembex maculata]BM76
|--S. maculitarsis Schrottky 1913BM76
|--S. medea (Handlirsch 1890) [=Monedula medea]BM76
|--S. mexicana (Handlirsch 1890) [=Monedula mexicana]BM76
|--S. pantherina (Handlirsch 1890) [=Monedula pantherina]BM76
|--S. punctata (Fabricius 1775)BM76 [=Bembyx punctataBM76, Monedula punctataR13; incl. M. pictithorax Strand 1910BM76]
|--S. sombrana Parker 1929BM76
|--‘Monedula’ surinamensisR13
|--S. trifasciata Parker 1929BM76
|--S. vivida (Handlirsch 1890) [=Monedula vivida]BM76
`--S. volucris (Handlirsch 1890) [=Monedula volucris]BM76

*Stictia signata (Linnaeus 1758) [=Vespa signata, Bembex signata, *Monedula signata; incl. M. insularis Dahlbom 1845, Apis vespiformis De Geer 1773]BM76

*Type species of generic name indicated


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