Stigmacros aemula, copyright Will Ericson/

Belongs within: Melophorini.

Stigmacros is an Australian genus of small, generalist predatory ants found in leaf litter or arboreally. The genus has been divided into subgenera based on spination of the propodeum and petiole, and distinctiveness of the mesonotum, but the significance of these features requires re-evaluation (Heterick 2009).

Characters (from Heterick 2009): Antenna with 10 segments; palps long (palpal formula 6, 4); propodeum with one or more pairs of spines, teeth or protuberances, often including pair over propodeal spiracle; petiolar node often with pair of spines or lateral processes.

Stigmacros Forel 1905 (see below for synonymy)TB85
|--S. (Stigmacros)H09
| |--*S. (S.) froggatti (Forel 1902) (see below for synonymy)TB85
| `--S. (S.) pusilla McAreavey 1957H09, TB85
|--S. (Campostigmacros McAreavey 1957)H09, TB85
| |--S. (*C.) aemula (Forel 1907) [=Acantholepis (Stigmacros) aemula]TB85
| |--S. (C.) anthracina McAreavey 1957H09, TB85
| |--S. (C.) brachytera McAreavey 1957H09, TB85
| |--S. (C.) elegans McAreavey 1949H09, TB85
| |--S. (C.) epinotalis McAreavey 1957H09, TB85
| |--S. (C.) flavinodis Clark 1938H09, TB85
| |--S. (C.) pilosella (Viehmeyer 1925)H09, TB85 [=Acantholepis (Stigmacros) pilosellaTB85]
| `--S. (C.) stanleyi McAreavey 1957H09, TB85
|--S. (Hagiostigmacros McAreavey 1957)H09, TB85
| |--S. (*H.) barretti Santschi 1928TB85
| `--S. (H.) spinosa McAreavey 1957H09, TB85
`--S. (Pseudostigmacros McAreavey 1957)H09, TB85
`--S. (*P.) inermis McAreavey 1957TB85

Stigmacros incertae sedis:
S. aciculata McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) aciculata]TB85
S. acuta McAreavey 1957TB85
S. armstrongi McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) armstrongi]TB85
S. australis (Forel 1902) [=Acantholepis (Acrostigma) australis, S. (*Cyrtostigmacros) australis]TB85
S. bosii (Forel 1902) [=Acantholepis (Acrostigma) bosii]TB85
S. brevispina McAreavey 1957TB85
S. brooksi McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) brooksi]TB85
S. castanea McAreavey 1957 [=S (Cyrtostigmacros) castanea]TB85
S. clarki McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) clarki]TB85
S. clivispina (Forel 1902) [=Acantholepis (Acrostigma) clivispina]TB85
S. extreminigra McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) extreminigra]TB85
S. ferruginea McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) ferruginea]TB85
S. flava McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) flava]TB85
S. glauerti McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) glauerti]TB85
S. hirsuta McAreavey 1957 [=S. (*Chariostigmacros) hirsuta]TB85
S. impressa McAreavey 1957TB85
S. intacta (Viehmeyer 1925) [=Acantholepis (Stigmacros) aemula intacta]TB85
S. lanaris McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) lanaris]TB85
S. major McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) major]TB85
S. marginata McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Campostigmacros) marginata]TB85
S. medioreticulata (Viehmeyer 1925) [=Acantholepis (Stigmacros) medioreticulata]TB85
S. minor McAreavey 1957TB85
S. nitida McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Campostigmacros) nitida]TB85
S. occidentalis (Crawley 1922) [=Acantholepis (Stigmacros) occidentalis]TB85
S. proxima McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) proxima]TB85
S. punctatissima McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Hagiostigmacros) punctatissima]TB85
S. rectangularis McAreavey 1957TB85
S. reticulata Clark 1930TB85
S. rufa McAreavey 1957TB85
S. sordida McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) sordida]TB85
S. striata McAreavey 1957 [=S. (Cyrtostigmacros) striata]TB85
S. termitoxenus Wheeler 1936TB85
S. wilsoni McAreavey 1957TB85

Stigmacros Forel 1905 [=Acrostigma Forel 1902 non Emery 1890; incl. Chariostigmacros McAreavey 1957, Cyrtostigmacros McAreavey 1957]TB85

*Stigmacros (Stigmacros) froggatti (Forel 1902) [=Acantholepis (*Acrostigma) froggatti; incl. A. (S.) foreli Viehmeyer 1925, A. (S.) fossulata Viehmeyer 1925]TB85

*Type species of generic name indicated


[H09] Heterick, B. E. 2009. A guide to the ants of south-western Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 76: 1–206.

[TB85] Taylor, R. W., & D. R. Brown. 1985. Formicoidea. In: Walton, D. W. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 2. Hymenoptera: Formicoidea, Vespoidea and Sphecoidea pp. 1–149. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

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