Stigmodera cancellata, copyright J. C. Sullivan.

Belongs within: Buprestinae.

Stigmodera is an Australian genus of large jewel beetles bearing large foveoles over the surface of the elytra.

<==Stigmodera Eschscholtz 1829 [incl. Polychroma Dejean 1836]B85
    |--S. abdominalis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. acuticeps Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. addenda Thoms. 1878M86
    |--S. adelpha Thoms. 1878M86
    |--S. aeneicornis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. affinis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. alcyoneM86
    |--S. alternataC91
    |--S. altezzona Thoms. 1878M86
    |--S. amabilisC91
    |--S. amphichroa [incl. S. sexspilota]M86
    |--S. amplipennis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. analis Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. anchoralisM86
    |--S. andersoniM86
    |--S. assimilis Hope 1846M86
    |--S. atalantaM86
    |--S. atricollis Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. atronotata Waterh. 1874M86
    |--S. audax Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. auricollisM86
    |--S. australasiaM86
    |--S. balteata Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. bella Saund. 1871M86
    |--S. bicincta [incl. S. bicingulata]M86
    |--S. bifasciata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. biguttata Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. bimaculata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. binotata Saund. 1871M86
    |--S. bremei Hope 1845M86
    |--S. bruckiM86
    |--S. burchelli [incl. S. lanuginosa Hope 1846, S. perplexa Hope 1846]M86
    |--S. cancellata (Donovan 1805)G06 [incl. S. dejeaniM86, S. dejeanianaM86]
    |--S. carinata Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. carminea Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. castelnaudi Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. caudata Carter 1908C08
    |--S. chalcoderaM86
    |--S. chevrolati Géhin 1855 [incl. S. imperatrix White 1859]M86
    |--S. cinnamomea Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. coccinata Hope 1845M86
    |--S. coelestisM86
    |--S. coeruleipes Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. coeruleiventris Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. colorata Hope 1847M86
    |--S. confusa Waterh. 1874M86
    |--S. congener Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. consanguinea Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. conspicillata White 1843 [incl. S. signaticollis Hope 1846]M86
    |--S. costalis Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. costata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. costipennis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. crenataM86
    |--S. crocicolorM86
    |--S. cruentaM86
    |--S. cruentataM86
    |--S. crux Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. cupreoflava Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. cupricauda Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. cupricollis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. cyanicollis [incl. S. media Hope 1847, S. rubrocincta Géhin 1855, S. subtrifasciata]M86
    |--S. cyanipes Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. cyanura Hope 1846M86
    |--S. cylindracea Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. decemguttataM86
    |--S. decemmaculataM86
    |--S. decipiens Westw. 1837 [incl. S. capucina Thoms. 1856, S. tricarinata Macleay 1862]M86
    |--S. delectabilis Hope 1847M86
    |--S. deliaM86
    |--S. deyrolleiM86
    |--S. dimidiata Carter 1908C08
    |--S. distincta Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. distinguenda Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. donovaniM86
    |--S. duboulayi Saund. 1872M86
    |--S. dupontiM86
    |--S. elegantulaM86
    |--S. elongata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. elongatula Macleay 1872M86
    |--S. erythromelasM86
    |--S. erythropteraM86
    |--S. excisicollis Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. flava Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. flavescens Masters 1886 [=S. flava Thoms. 1878 non Saund. 1869]M86
    |--S. flavicollis Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. flavocinctaM86
    |--S. flavomarginataM86
    |--S. flavopictaC08 [incl. S. bicolorM86]
    |--S. flavopurpurea Carter 1908C08
    |--S. flavosignata Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. flavovariaM86
    |--S. fortunumi Hope 1842M86
    |--S. fulviventris Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. fusca Saund. 1871 [incl. S. parryi]M86
    |--S. gibbicollis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. goryi [incl. S. curtisi]M86
    |--S. grandisM86
    |--S. grata Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. gratiosa Chevrolat 1843 [incl. S. smaragdina Hope 1847]M86
    |--S. gravis Harold 1869M86
    |--S. haroldi Saund. 1861M86
    |--S. heros Géhin 1855M86
    |--S. hilaris Hope 1846M86
    |--S. hoffmannseggi Hope 1846M86
    |--S. hopei Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. ignota Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. imperatorM86
    |--S. impressicollis Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. inconspicua Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. indistincta Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. interstitialisRD77
    |--S. jacquinotii (Boisduval 1835)G06
    |--S. jansoni Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. jekeli Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. jospilotaM86
    |--S. jucunda Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. kirbyi [incl. S. vivida]M86
    |--S. klugiM86
    |--S. kreffti Macleay 1872M86
    |--S. latithoraxM86
    |--S. lessoni [incl. S. acutithorax]M86
    |--S. liliputanaM86
    |--S. limbataM86
    |--S. lobicollis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. longicollis Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. luteipennisM86
    |--S. luteocincta Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. macularia (Donovan 1805)G06 [incl. S. cicatricosa Dalm. 1823M86]
    |--S. maculipennis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. maculiventris Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. marginicollis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. martini Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. mastersi Macleay 1872M86
    |--S. menalcasM86
    |--S. mimus Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. mitchelli Hope 1846 [incl. S. daphnis, S. stricklandi Hope 1846]M86
    |--S. mniszechi Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. moribunda Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. murrayiM86
    |--S. mustelamajor [incl. S. gibbosa Macleay 1862]M86
    |--S. nasuta Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. nigriventris Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. obscura Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. obscuripennis Mannerh. 1837M86
    |--S. ocelligeraM86
    |--S. ochreiventris Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. octomaculata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. octospilota [incl. S. adelaidae Hope 1846, S. femorata]M86
    |--S. ostentatrixM86
    |--S. pallidiventrisM86
    |--S. parallela Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. parva Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. pascoei Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. pertyiM86
    |--S. phaeorrheaM86
    |--S. picta [incl. S. purpurea Hope 1846]M86
    |--S. pictipennis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. piliventris Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. plagiata [incl. S. bicruciata, S. sexplagiata, S. similata Bohem. 1858]M86
    |--S. porosa Carter 1916G06
    |--S. producta Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. pubicollis Waterh. 1874M86
    |--S. pulchra Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. punctatissima Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. punctatostriata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. punctatosulcata Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. punctiventris Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. quadrifasciata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. quadriguttata Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. quadrispilota Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. quinquepunctata Waterh. 1874M86
    |--S. recta Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. rectifasciata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. reichei [incl. S. funerea White 1843]M86
    |--S. robusta Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. roei Saunders 1869G06
    |--S. rotundata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. rubricauda Saund. 1872M86
    |--S. rufipennis [incl. S. crocipennis]M86
    |--S. rufipes Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. rugosipennisM86
    |--S. sagittariaM86
    |--S. sanguinea Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. sanguineocincta Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. sanguinipennisM86
    |--S. sanguiniventris Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. sanguinolentaM86
    |--S. sanguinosa Hope 1846G06
    |--S. saundersiM86
    |--S. secularisM86
    |--S. semicinctaM86
    |--S. semisuturalis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. septemguttata Waterh. 1874M86
    |--S. sexguttata Macleay 1862 [incl. S. puella Saund. 1869]M86
    |--S. sexmaculata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. sieboldiM86
    |--S. similis Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. simulata [incl. S. helenae Hope 1846]M86
    |--S. spenceiM86
    |--S. spilota [incl. S. septemmaculata Mannerh. 1837]M86
    |--S. spinolaeM86
    |--S. splendida Géhin 1855M86
    |--S. sternoceroidesM86
    |--S. stevensi Géhin 1855M86
    |--S. straminea Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. strigata Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. subbifasciata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. subgrata [incl. S. campestris]C08
    |--S. testacea Saund. 1869M86
    |--S. thomsoni Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. thomsoniana Masters 1886 [=S. castelnaudi Thoms. 1878 non Saund. 1869]M86
    |--S. thoracica Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. tibialis Waterh. 1874M86
    |--S. tricolor [incl. S. curta Saund. 1868]M86
    |--S. tricolorata Waterh. 1874M86
    |--S. trifasciata [incl. S. apicalis]M86
    |--S. triguttata Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. trimaculata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. undulata [incl. S. laportei Bohem. 1858]M86
    |--S. unicincta Saund. 1872M86
    |--S. unimaculata Carter 1908C08
    |--S. variabilis Donov. 1805 [incl. S. kingi Macleay 1827, S. nigripennis, S. unifasciata]M86
    |--S. variopicta Thoms. 1878M86
    |--S. vegeta Hope 1847M86
    |--S. versicolorM86
    |--S. vertebralis [incl. S. suturalis]M86
    |--S. vescoei Géhin 1855M86
    |--S. vicina Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. violacea Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. virginea Erichs. 1842M86
    |--S. viridicincta Waterh. 1874M86
    |--S. viridisM86
    |--S. viridiventris Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. vittata Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. vitticollis Macleay 1862M86
    |--S. westwoodi Saund. 1868M86
    |--S. wilsoni Saund. 1868M86
    `--S. xanthopilosa Hope 1847M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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