Stigonema sp., copyright Proyecto Agua.

Belongs within: Hormogoneae.

The Stigonematales are a group of blue-green algae in which the filamentous thalli exhibit cell reproduction by binary fission periodically or commonly in more than one plane, producing multiseriate and/or branched trichomes (Castenholz 2001).

    |--Chlorogloeopsis Mitra & Pandey 1966L02, C01
    |    `--C. fritschiiC01
         |--Langiella scourfieldi Croft & George 1959E93
         |--Kidstoniella fritschi Croft & George 1959E93
         |--Hapalosiphon Nägeli in Kützing 1849A90, C01
         |    `--H. welwitschiiL02
         |    |--S. ocellatumSG05
         |    `--S. sansibaricusSG05
         `--Stigonema Agardh 1824C01
              |--S. informeMS98
              |--S. minutumC01
              `--S. ocellatumC01
Stigonematales incertae sedis:
  Geitleria Friedmann 1955C01
    `--G. calcareaC01
  Loriella Borzi 1892C01
    `--L. osteophilaC01
  Mastigocoleus testarumC01
  Doliocatella Geitler 1935C01
  Mastigocladus Cohn 1862C01
    `--M. laminosus [=Hapalosiphon laminosus]C01
  Iyengariella Desikachary 1953C01
    `--I. endolithicaC01
  Nostochopsis Wood 1869C01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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