Streptostele musaecola, from D. G. Robinson et al.

Belongs within: Achatinina.
Contains: Gulella, Ptychotrema.

The Streptaxidae are a nearly pantropical family of carnivorous snails (though absent from the native fauna of Australia).

Characters (from Tillier 1989): Buccal mass very long. Gastric crop cylindrical; gastric pouch may be dedifferentiated; intestine short. Kidney very short, internally homogeneous in morphology. Ureteric tube closed as far as pneumostome. Cerebral commissure short. Cerebropedal connectives medium and subequal in length. Pleural ganglia close to pedal ganglia. Visceral ganglion median, in contact with both parietal ganglia, from which it is, however, distinct. Pleuro-parietal connectives longer than in any other family of Stylommatophora.

<==Streptaxidae [Streptaxacea]
    |--Odontartemon Pfeiffer 1856 [Odontartemoninae]BR05
    |    `--*O. dejecta (Petit de la Saussaye 1842) [=Helix dejecta]BR17
    |--Orthogibbinae [Orthogibbidae]BR05
    |    |--Orthogibbus Germain 1919BR05
    |    |    `--*O. modiolus (Férussac 1821) [=Helix modiolus]BR17
    |    |--Gibbus Montfort 1810 [Gibbinae]BR05
    |    |    `--*G. lyonneti Montfort 1810BR17
    |    `--Gonidomus Swainson 1840 [Gonidominae]BR05
    |         `--*G. pagoda (Lesson 1831) [=Pupa pagoda]BR17
    |    |--Artemon Beck 1837 [Artemonidae]BR05
    |    |    `--*A. candidum (Spix 1827) [=Solarium candidum]BR17
    |    `--Streptaxis Gray 1837BR05
    |         |--*S. contusus (Férussac 1821) [=Helix contusa]BR17
    |         |--S. deformisG79
    |         |--S. hanleyanusTC89
    |         |--S. obtususTC89
    |         `--S. sankeyanusTC89
    |--Enneinae [Enneidae, Ptychotrematinae]BR17
    |    |--PtychotremaBR05
    |    `--Streptostele Dohrn 1866 [Streptostelidae]BR05
    |         |--*S. (Streptostele) fastigiata (Morelet 1848) [=Bulimus fastigiatus]BR17
    |         |--S. alluaudiPB27
    |         |--S. bacillumPB27
    |         |--S. bequaertiPB27
    |         |--S. centralisPB27
    |         |    |--S. c. centralisPB27
    |         |    `--S. c. colobaPB27
    |         |--S. congorisPB27
    |         |--S. dautzenbergiPB27
    |         |--S. elegansPB27
    |         |--S. (Tomostele) musaecola (Morelet 1860) [=Achatina musaecola]S88
    |         |--s. streptosteloidesPB27
    |         |--S. teresPB27
    |         `--S. zambiensisPB27
    `--GonaxisV07 [MarconiinaeBR05]
         |  i. s.: G. burungaensisPB27
         |         G. cavalliiPB27
         |           |--G. c. cavalliiPB27
         |           `--G. c. ituriensisPB27
         |         G. craveni (Smith 1880)V07
         |         G. iridescensPB27
         |           |--G. i. iridescensPB27
         |           `--G. i. curtaPB27
         |         G. kibweziensisH91
         |         G. micansPB27
         |         G. mikenoensisPB27
         |         G. montisnimbae Binder 1960TMT96
         |         G. quadrilateralisH91
         |         G. vulcaniPB27
         `--G. (Marconia Bourguignat 1889)V07, BR05
              |--*Marconia’ lata (Smith 1880) [=Ennea lata]BR17
              |    |--M. l. lataPB27
              |    `--M. l. ruwenzoriensisPB27
              |--‘Marconia’ gaudioniPB27
              |--G. (M.) gravieri (Germain 1907)V07
              |--G. (M.) kivuensis (Preston 1913)V07
              |--‘Marconia’ latulaPB27
              `--G. (M.) vitrea (Morelet 1868) [=Ennea vitrea]V07
Streptaxidae incertae sedis:
  Natalina caffra (Férussac 1821)V07
    |--E. affinisK64
    `--E. obesa [incl. E. obesa var. bulimiformis]K64
    |--V. bequaertianaPB27
    |--V. rutshuruensisPB27
    `--V. subvaricosaPB27
         |--V. s. subvaricosaPB27
         `--V. s. majorPB27
  Eoplicadomus austriaca Hrubesch 1965TTE93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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