Strioturbonilla sigmoidea, copyright Natural History Museum Rotterdam.

Belongs within: Pyramidellidae.

Strioturbonilla is a genus of pyramidellid snails with a many-whorled shell bearing an ornament of well-developed axial ribs and very fine spiral striations, and a subquadrate aperture.

<==Strioturbonilla Sacco 1892 BC01
    |–*S. sigmoidea P61
    |–S. aresta (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) aresta] O27
    |–S. asser (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) asser] O27
    |–S. attrita (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) attrita] O27
    |–S. bakeri (Bartsch 1912) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) bakeri] O27
    |–S. barkleyensis (Bartsch 1917) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) barkleyensis] O27
    |–S. buttoni (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) buttoni] O27
    |–S. canadensis (Bartsch 1917) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) canadensis] O27
    |–S. carpenteri (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) carpenteri] O27
    |–S. dinora (Bartsch 1912) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) dinora] O27
    |–S. doredona (Bartsch 1917) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) doredona] O27
    |–S. dracona (Bartsch 1912) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) dracona] O27
    |–S. encella (Bartsch 1912) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) encella] O27
    |–S. galianoi (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) galianoi] O27
    |–S. humerosa (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) humerosa] O27
    |–S. kincaidi (Bartsch 1921) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) kincaidi] O27
    |–S. lillybeckae (Usticke 1969) [=Turbonilla lillybeckae] BC01
    |–S. profundicola (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) profundicola] O27
    |–S. serrae (Dall & Bartsch 1907) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) serrae] O27
    |–S. simpsoni (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) simpsoni] O27
    |–S. stylina (Carpenter 1865) [=Chemnitzia stylina, Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) stylina] O27
    |–S. taiaroa Laws 1937 P61
    |–S. torquata (Gould 1852) [=Chimnitzia torquata, Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) torquata] O27
    `–S. vancouverensis (Baird 1863) O27 [=Chemnitzia vancouverensis C64, Turbonilla (Strioturbonilla) vancouverensis O27]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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