Triplesia insularis, copyright Mare Isakar.

Belongs within: Rhynchonelliformea.
Contains: Strophomenida, Productida, Clitambonitidina, Plectambonitoidea, Davidsonioidea.

The Orthotetida were a Palaeozoic lineage of strophomenate brachiopods that are first recorded from the Ordovician. The basal genus Tetraphalerella possesses uncored pseudopunctae composed of concentric shell folds and arranged in radial rows; such structures are absent in the Davidsoniacea and Triplesiidae (Dewing 2004).

    |  i. s.: Cyphomenoidea juliaD04
    |         Biparetis paucirugosusD04
    |         Nasutimena fluctuosa (Billings 1860)D04
    |  `--ProductidaD04
    |    |--+--ClitambonitidinaD04
    |    |  `--PlectambonitoideaD04
    |    `--Billingsellidae [Billingsellacea, Billingselloidea]D04
    |         |--Cymbithyris Cooper 1952WW65
    |         |    `--*C. hami Cooper 1952WW65
    |         |--Eosotrematorthis Wang 1955WW65
    |         |    `--*E. sinensis Wang 1955WW65
    |         |--Xenorthis Ulrich & Cooper 1936WW65
    |         |    `--*X. stosei (Bassler 1919) [=Strophomena stosei]WW65
    |         |--Billingsella Hall & Clarke 1892WW65
    |         |    |--*B. pepina (Hall 1863) [=Orthis pepina]WW65
    |         |    |--B. coloradoensisC52
    |         |    |--B. corrugataC52
    |         |    |--B. destombesi Mergl 1983HB93
    |         |    |--B. lindstroemiW97
    |         |    |--B. perfecta Ulrich & Cooper 1936D04
    |         |    |--B. plicatellaL97
    |         |    `--B. rectangulata Cooper 1952C52
    |         `--Kozhuchinella Severgina 1967 [=Kozuchinella (l. c.)]L97
    |              `--*K. mariinica Severgina 1967 [=Kozuchinella (l. c.) mariinica]L97
         |  i. s.: Apsocalymma shiellsiW97
         |--Tetraphalerella Wang 1949D04, M-WW65
         |    |--*T. cooperi Wang 1949M-WW65
         |    `--T. hecuba (Billings 1860)D04
            `--Triplesiidae [Tripleciinae, Triplesiacea, Triplesiida, Triplesiidina, Triplesiinae, Triplesioidea]D04
                 |--Brachymimulus Cockerell 1929 [=Mimulus Barrande 1879 nec Linnaeus 1753 (ICBN) nec Stimpson 1860]WW65
                 |    `--*B. perversus (Barrande 1879) [=*Mimulus perversus]WW65
                 |--Epacroplecia Williams 1962WW65
                 |    `--*E. grayiae (Davidson 1870) [=Triplesia grayiae]WW65
                 |--Onychotreta Ulrich & Cooper 1936WW65
                 |    `--*O. mesleri Ulrich & Cooper 1936WW65
                 |--Oxoplecia Wilson 1913 [incl. California Bassler 1915 (n. n.)]WW65
                 |    `--*O. calhouni Wilson 1913WW65
                 |--Plectotreta Ulrich & Cooper 1936WW65
                 |    `--*P. lindstroemi Ulrich & Cooper 1936WW65
                 |--Streptis Davidson 1881WW65
                 |    `--*S. grayi (Davidson 1848)WW65 [=Terebratula grayiWW65, Waldheimia grayiC64]
                 |--Onychoplecia Cooper 1956WW65
                 |    |--*O. brevirostris Cooper 1956WW65
                 |    `--O. kindlei Cooper 1956HB93
                 |--Bicuspina Havlíček 1950WW65
                 |    |--*B. cava (Barrande 1848) [=Orthis cava]WW65
                 |    `--B. spiriferoidesWW65
                 |--Cliftonia Foerste 1909 non Harvey 1859 (ICBN)WW65
                 |    |--*C. striata Foerste 1909WW65
                 |    `--C. bellulaWW65
                 `--Triplesia Hall 1859 [=Triplecia Hall & Clarke 1892; incl. Dicraniscus Meek 1872]WW65
                      |--*T. extans (Emmons 1842) [=Atrypa extans]WW65
                      |--T. anticostiensis Twenhofel 1928D04
                      |--T. insularisWW65
                      `--*Dicraniscus’ ortoni Meek 1872WW65

*Type species of generic name indicated


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