Brahminy starling Temenuchus pagodarum, copyright Mukerjee.

Belongs within: Muscicapida.
Contains: Aplonis, Onychognathus, Lamprotornis, Acridotheres.

The Sturnidae, starlings, are a family of medium-sized omnivorous birds native to the Old World, though the common starling Sturnus vulgaris has also been introduced to North America. Members of the family are often boldly coloured, often with glossy metallic plumage. However, the Philippine creepers of the genus Rhabdornis are brown dorsally with white underparts, and have thin down-curved bills and brush-tipped tongues. The hill mynas of the southern Asian genus Gracula are mostly black with white patches on the wings and yellow wattles around the sides and back of the head.

Characters (from Austin 1961): Medium-sized; bill straight or slightly downcurved; plumage generally dark-coloured, often with metallic sheen, moulted annually after breeding; wings with ten primaries, outermost primary greatly shortened; tail commonly short and square (occasionally rounded or long and pointed); legs stout and strong.

<==Sturnidae [Sturnidia, Sturninae]
    |  i. s.: LamprocoliusBF01
    |           |--L. chloropterusBF01
    |           |--L. ignitusD66
    |           |--L. purpureicepsPB27
    |           `--L. splendidusD66
    |         Necropsar rodericanusOF05
    |         Heteropsar acuticaudusRN72
    |--+--Rhabdornis Reichenbach 1853BKB15, B94 [Rhabdornithidae]
    |  |    |--R. grandisJT12
    |  |    |--R. inornatusBKB15
    |  |    `--R. mysticalisBKB15
    |  `--+--+--AplonisBKB15
    |     |  `--+--Scissirostrum dubiumBKB15
    |     |     `--Enodes erythrophrisBKB15
    |     `--+--+--BasilornisBKB15
    |        |  |    |--B. celebensisBKB15
    |        |  |    |--B. corythaixJT12
    |        |  |    `--B. galeatusJT12
    |        |  `--+--‘Basilornis’ mirandusBKB15
    |        |     `--+--Sarcops Walden 1877BKB15, B94 [incl. Gymnops Cuvier 1829B94; Gymnopinae]
    |        |        |    `--S. calvusBKB15
    |        |        `--StreptocittaBKB15
    |        |             |--S. albertinaeJT12
    |        |             `--S. albicollisBKB15
    |        `--+--MinoBKB15
    |           |    |  i. s.: M. coronatusA61
    |           |    |--M. anaisBKB15
    |           |    `--+--M. dumontiiBKB15
    |           |       `--M. krefftiBKB15
    |           `--+--Ampeliceps coronatusBKB15
    |              `--Gracula Linnaeus 1758BKB15, B94 (see below for synonymy)
    |                   |--G. barita Linnaeus 1758L58
    |                   |--G. cristatella Linnaeus 1758L58
    |                   |--G. intermedia Hay 1844 [=Mainatus intermedius]M01
    |                   |--G. ptilogenysBKB15
    |                   `--G. religiosa Linnaeus 1758L58
    `--+--+--+--Cinnyricinclus leucogasterBKB15
       |  |  `--Saroglossa aurataBKB15
       |  `--+--OnychognathusBKB15
       |     `--+--LamprotornisBKB15
       |        `--+--+--‘Lamprotornis’ cupreocaudaBKB15
       |           |  `--‘Lamprotornis’ purpureicepsBKB15
       |           `--+--+--Saroglossa spilopteraBKB15
       |              |  `--Neocichla gutturalisBKB15
       |              `--+--Grafisia torquataBKB15
       |                 `--+--Speculipastor bicolorBKB15
       |                    `--+--PholiaBKB15
       |                       |    |--P. femoralisBKB15 [=Cinnyricinclus femoralisJT12]
       |                       |    `--P. sharpiiBKB15 [=Cinnyricinclus sharpiiJT12]
       |                       `--PoeopteraBKB15
       |                            |--P. lugubrisBKB15
       |                            `--+--P. kenrickiBKB15
       |                               `--P. stuhlmanniBKB15
       `--+--Sturnus Linnaeus 1758BKB15, CC10 [=Sternus (l. c.)B94; incl. Thremmophilus Macgillivray 1837B94; Thremmophilinae]
          |    |--*S. vulgaris Linnaeus 1758CC10
          |    |--S. cinclus Linnaeus 1758L58
          |    |--S. ludovicianus [incl. S. torquatus]J23
          |    |--S. luteolus Linnaeus 1758L58
          |    |--S. predatoriusG42
          |    `--S. unicolorBKB15
          `--+--+--Creatophora cinereaBKB15
             |  `--Pastor Temminck 1815BKB15, B94 [Pastorinae]
             |       |--P. gallaE42
             |       `--P. roseusBKB15 [=Sturnus roseusJT12]
                |  |    |--G. contra (Linnaeus 1758)BKB15, L58 [=Sturnus contraJT12]
                |  |    `--G. nigricollisBKB15 [=Sturnus nigricollisJT12]
                |  `--+--‘Sturnia’ philippensisBKB15 [=Sturnus philippensisJT12]
                |     `--‘Sturnia’ sturninaBKB15 [=Sturnus sturninusJT12]
                   |  `--+--‘Sturnus’ cineraceusBKB15
                   |     `--‘Sturnus’ sericeusBKB15
                      |    |--F. rodericanusFP64
                      |    `--F. variusBKB15
                      `--+--Leucopsar rothschildiBKB15
                              |--S. albofrontataBKB15 [=Sturnus albofrontatusJT12]
                              `--+--S. sinensisBKB15 [=Sturnus sinensisJT12]
                                 `--+--Temenuchus pagodarumBKB15 [=Sturnus pagodarumJT12]
                                    `--+--S. erythropygiaBKB15 [=Sturnus erythropygiusJT12]
                                       `--S. malabaricaBKB15 [=Sturnus malabaricusJT12]
                                            |--S. m. malabaricaP02
                                            `--‘Sturnus malabaricus’ blythiiP02

Gracula Linnaeus 1758BKB15, B94 [incl. Eulabes Cuvier 1817B94, Mainatus Vieillot 1817B94; Eulabetinae, Graculinae, Mainatidae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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